Best 4 person Air hockey tables

Many people know what a board game like Air Hockey is. Usually, two people play it, trying to score a puck with special bits in the opponent’s goal. However, there is such an air hockey, which is designed for four players at once. Such tables can have a slightly wider design and include 4 bits and 4 washers in the set. Let’s take a look at the Best 4 person air hockey tables.

Atomic Full Strength

The table is made of very durable materials and can be used not only in your own home for personal play but also as an entertainment center. You can invite a large number of friends and organize real hockey fights with prizes. The use of a powerful compressor guarantees a very high speed of the puck and an improvement in the overall gaming dynamics.

The table is covered with melamine, which has a high rate of resistance to wear, the appearance of minor scratches and chips. The sides are aluminum, which contributes to an instant rebound of the puck. Led washer gives the game a special charm. To control – use the touch panel. The display for the account and the gate have LED backlighting. The design of the bits provides the most comfortable grip and protects against slipping.

Features of the model:

  • air hockey for 4 players;
  • the frame made of moisture resistant plywood;
  • the playing field is made of methacrylate (plastic);
  • the game is accompanied by light effects;
  • unique table design with 4 gates and 4 points counters.

Atomic 7.5’ Contour

Atomic Contour is a stylish air hockey table, designed in the style of hi-tech. This model has a solid, stable construction, combined with a high-quality laminated coating of the playing surface. This table will provide long and most importantly comfortable hours while playing air hockey.

Air hockey Atomic Contour has an unusual appearance and outstanding gaming characteristics. The inside of the sides is reinforced with aluminum. This improves the rebound of the washer and increases wear resistance. For better sliding washers, the table is equipped with two fans. The supports are equipped with jacks, allowing you to set the table, even on a not quite flat surface. 4 bits and 4 washers are included, so you can play air hockey in four.

The main feature of this table is the ability to record your voice commands, as well as install your own avatar using the ScoreLinx mobile app. The electronic score counter helps to monitor the progress of the game.

The unusual design of the legs will not leave indifferent lovers of new forms, and game characteristics will make this table the most favorite entertainment for your friends, guests, and colleagues.

Atomic Blazer

Bring a competitive touch to your life with the acquisition of an air hockey table. This model of a table is equipped with the protective rails reducing blows of a washer about boards. In addition, the presence of special adjustable legs makes it easy to set the ideal level, as well as, if necessary, change the height of the table, depending on the growth of players.

The side is equipped with a counter of goals scored, which guarantees fair game management, which is especially important when the game is played in tournament mode.  4 washers and 4 bits are included, so you can diversify the game by arranging a championship in 2×2 format or a game using 2 washers at the same time.

The playing field of air hockey is made of laminated chipboard. Clear lines and strict tone do not distract from the game and allow you to concentrate on it entirely! Reinforced table design ensures high reliability even under heavy loads.

Such a table will give an element of fun to a boring home evening and allow you to keep your body in good physical shape, develop a reaction and speed of thinking.

 FamilyPoolFun Air Hockey Chrome Table 

Premium Black air hockey game table is a wonderful, exciting game, with elements of sport, in which it will be interesting to participate for people of any age, suitable for both large rooms, gyms and for home use. The body is made of high-quality MDF coated with durable PVC film. On the rounded corners of the boards, the table has chrome lining.

Premium Black Air hockey has a strict appearance and sporty character. The powerful compressor allows the puck to move with maximum speed. For ease of scoring, there is an electronic scoreboard and a counter. Specially reinforced frame capable of withstanding heavy loads.

By purchasing a game table produced by FamilyPoolFun, you can diversify your leisure time, contribute to the development of motor skills, train coordination, as well as the speed of decision making and give a lot of fun to yourself and your loved ones.

Viper Vancouver

The electronic Viper Vancouver air hockey is ideal for home entertainment. Deliver a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. In addition, air hockey develops reaction and coordination.

The surface is made of laminated MDF, which provides the necessary slip of the washer. An electric motor, blowing air through the holes on the surface of the table, reduces the friction of the washer. Equipped with a triangular professional electronic scorer and timer.

The very surface of the table is painted in the color of the real ice field. So playing at such a table is a pleasure. The presence of 4 bits and 4 pucks in the kit allows you to immediately 4 players to fight in the air hockey.

 Toytexx 6 Foot Air Hockey

Did you know that there are real professional air hockey competitions in the world? Now you can try yourself in this field, which is enough to buy your own game table. For work the table does not require additional manipulations – just install and start playing. The table is suitable for both adults and the younger generation due to its optimal height.

Ideally smooth surface and competent design allow the washer to move very quickly so that it becomes much more interesting to play. The table is made in a strict black and white version, so it can be installed not only in a specially designated room, but also in an ordinary living room. The presence of 4 bits allows you to play a couple of a couple, which increases interest and increases excitement.

Electronic scorer allows you to keep track of the score and not be distracted from the game. A powerful compressor gives the puck sufficient speed for an exciting game of air hockey.

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