7 Best Air hockey & Ping Pong tables combo

Board games are the favorite entertainment of children and adults. And not only entertainment. It is no secret that chess, checkers or backgammon develop us intellectually. More mobile fun – like air hockey or ping-pong – improve the response and muscle tone, and the party in billiards or kicker, among other things, can remove the accumulated stress or become a kind of psychological bridge between people. But which of the games to choose from, if space allows you to install only one thing?

In such cases, transformers gaming tables come to the rescue – equipment that has made a real revolution in the world of sports goods. Designs and sets of games in such models are different, but the essence is the same: one playing field with maximum simplicity is transformed into another. As for the number of games – it is not always limited to two or three.

In this article, we will discuss the best air hockey ping pong tables combo.

Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-in-1

The Fat Cat Pockey multipurpose game table 3 in 1 is the table model allowing to spend free time with interest, at the same time, saving space. On this table, you can play billiards, ping-pong or air hockey. Such a table can be put at home, and in a club or office.

The model is made in noble black color, which makes its design versatile and suitable for any interior. The basis of the playing field is made of laminated chipboard, which is resistant to mechanical stress and scratches. The design of the table (to enhance the stability of the side panels) is made of MF, and the legs are reinforced with metal straps. There are jacks to compensate for floor irregularities.

The highlight of the Fat Cat Pockey multipurpose gaming table is weighted ping pong balls to reduce sharpness and rebound strength. For ping-pong balls storage on the side panels, special strips are attached. The convenience of this model is also in the fact that there is a special storage shelf for storing removable play surfaces.

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Cirocco Multi Game Table

This multifunctional game table contains three games – air hockey, table tennis, and billiards. Thanks to the design, a variety of games, small size, and small weight, the table can be installed in any room: apartment, country house, bar, club, office.


  • air hockey: 2 bits, 2 washers;
  • table tennis: 2 rackets, ball, grid;
  • billiards: a set of billiard balls, chalk, 2 cues.

This model is intended for those people who know how to appreciate the true practicality in everything. By purchasing such a game, you thereby save your space, providing a wonderful leisure for the game. The design of all fields is traditional, the compact size and high-quality finish make it possible to make such a set for the game universal. Now you can give your child immediately 3 different game sets at the price of one, which is especially advantageous.

AIPINQI 4 in 1 Multifunction Combo Game Table

The design of the AIPINQI table is unique and provides functionality for several games at once.

These are billiards, air hockey, tennis, and football. To select the desired game, you must install a new playing surface on top of the main one. The set has everything you need for games, so you can immediately invite friends and have fun after purchase.

The body is made of specially treated MDF, covered with PVC film on top. This ensures the strength and stability of the structure to any negative factors, including exposure to high humidity. The table does not take up much space and can be installed both at home and in various entertainment establishments, cafes, shopping centers and so on.

The legs are equipped with wide struts for maximum fixation. The set contains the necessary accompanying elements for holding full-fledged competitions: rackets, balls, a net with a holder, a cue, balls, a triangle, bits, and pucks. The transforming table has the optimum sizes and height from a floor, suitable both for children and for adults. Supplied unassembled, complete with detailed instructions for assembly and operation.

EastPoint Sports NHL

The two most popular games in one place – the two most active and emotional games will delight all households and entice into the world of real excitement and taste of victory. The table will serve as an excellent gift for any occasion. The EastPoint Sports game table is made of high-quality and durable materials, so you can count on long-term operation and preservation of a presentable appearance and of course on many years of enjoyment of the game.

The table is equipped with an electronic scoreboard with height adjustment.To play table tennis you need to install an additional panel on the air hockey field.

Voit Playmaker

If you are looking for a universal model that would allow you to organize a pastime, then pay attention to the presented game table. It combines air hockey and table tennis, the owners will be able to have fun and get a lot of positive emotions.

The construction has a reinforced design and will withstand severe loads. The table is easily converted for a specific game, the preparation process takes a minimum of time. The table-top is made of MDF, thick PVC film is applied to it to give an attractive appearance and protection from external influences. Power is supplied from the normal network, the model has optimal dimensions and does not take up much space.

Additionally, there is a playing field for playing table tennis, complete with a net and a set of 2 rackets and balls.

Hathaway Sherwood Table

The Hathaway Sherwood model is a table for the whole family. It will be equally loved by both children and adults, becoming the center of the home game room.

Installed in a bar or club, this table will certainly attract new visitors. Indeed, in addition to the unusual design and excellent gaming qualities, it has one more important advantage – a constant choice.

You will be able to play ping pong or air hockey, and when you want to have a snack, simply install the table top and cover the table … Such high-quality gaming surfaces in one bottle have not yet seen the entertainment equipment market! Each game includes a full range of accessories.

Lancaster Table

Lancaster gaming table-transformer (pool + air hockey + tennis)  – an excellent universal assistant in the organizing of family leisure! The turning mechanism of the tabletop gives you the opportunity to instantly switch from playing air hockey to playing table tennis and, at the same time, you save space in your room!

The air hockey playing field is made of laminated chipboard and stylized for a real hockey field, and the playing surface for the pool is covered with high-quality cloth. All necessary accessories for air hockey and table tennis are included.

Lancaster game table will be a great entertainment for the whole family. Both children and adults will find a game to their liking in it. The table will fit perfectly for installation not only at home but also in the play zone of holiday homes, sanatoriums. Black color and classic strict lines allow you to place the table in any interior. Constant choice and ease of changing the game – the main advantage of this model.


Transformers gaming tables are an innovative way to combine several desktop disciplines in one gaming table.

Now you do not need to think about what to buy – table football, air hockey, tennis or billiards. You can buy one multi-functional table, which combines several types of games at once.

All transforming tables are completed with a complete set of necessary accessories for the games provided for in it. You do not have to buy anything separately.

Game transformers are of several types:

  1. Mini tables without legs.
  2. Multi-platform tables.
  3. Tables with a drum structure.
  4. Tables with the overturning field.
  5. Multi-platform tables with the overturning field.

Mini tables without legs. These are mainly children’s models. Due to the compact size, they do not take up much space. The change of games is made by overlaying playing surfaces on the main body. The principle of construction is very simple even for a small child.

Multiplatform transformers. This category of multi-functional games includes stationary tables on high supports. The change of games is also carried out by overlaying playing surfaces on the main body. Such models of transformers are designed for both adults and children from 5 years.

Tables with a drum structure. This category includes 3in1 game tables (foosball + billiards + air hockey). In order to make a change of the game, simply rotate the case 120 degrees and fix. These tables are suitable for children and adults.

Tables with the overturning field. This category is represented by 2in1 models (“air hockey + billiards”). The change of games is made by turning the playing field 180 degrees. In the upper part of the game table top, there is a billiard field, in the lower part there is a field for air hockey.

Multi-platform tables with the overturning field. This type of transformer is the most functional, durable and durable. The basis of the playing surface is a 180-degree rolling field (air hockey at the bottom, billiards at the top). The rest of the games are established by overlaying gaming platforms on the billiard surface.