Air hockey rules

Air hockey was invented in the late 1960s in Michigan by three engineers who designed an experimental table for the air circulation system. Initially, it was intended for other projects and had absolutely no relationship to the current air hockey. In their spare time, they played at this table using a flat disc and square bits. In the end, they realized that such a game can easily become interesting among young people and not only. Called her an Air Hockey and came up with rules for fair play.

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Air hockey: equipment for the game

To play in the air hockey you need a special table, with an exceptionally smooth surface, through which small air holes enter the air circulation. Due to this, the friction of the washer against the surface is reduced, which greatly increases the speed of movement.

But, some manufacturers began to produce more budget options for the tables, saving on the air circulation system. This significantly reduces the cost of the table and simplifies the repair process. In this case, the playing surface is replaced by a smooth plastic. Such a table cannot be called “air”, nevertheless, it is classified as the Air hockey category.

The playing surface of the air hockey has a rectangular shape, which is surrounded by a low rim. At the edges of the short sides, there are slots, which are the gate, for scoring goals. Also, the table is equipped with electronics to control air circulation, and head counting is done by optical sensors. In entertainment centers, puck blockers and musical accompaniment are installed on the tables, which increases the excitement between rivals.

Flat round washers (according to the standard it’s green, red or yellow) are attached to the air hockey table, as well as bits made of durable plastic. It is round with a strong handle; it looks like a small hat.

Rules of the Air Hockey game

The choice of the player who will start the game is determined by drawing lots. Scoring is carried out due to goals scored (goals). One point is one goal. Who is the quickest of the rivals to score seven scores, he is considered the winner. A goal is to hit the washer in the hole of the gate. Sometimes the light sensor does not work when the puck hangs in the slot and does not fix the hit, however, the score is counted.

The player discards the puck when it is on his side of the table, it is given to him seven seconds if, during this time, he does not have time to make a punch, the puck is transferred to the opponent.

During the game it is forbidden:

  1. Press the washer against the playing surface (the move is passed to the opponent.)
  2. Touch the puck with your hand or other objects except for the bit (the move is passed to the opponent.)
  3. Stop the puck with other items (free kick.)
  4. Touch the puck when it is on the opponent’s side (free kick.)
  5. Cross the central line of the playing surface (the move is passed to the enemy.)
  6. If the puck flew over the side of the table (the move is passed to the defender, even if it has flown from his side.)

Secrets of the game in air hockey

The game is easy and dynamic, attractive for players of any age. Success requires a high reaction speed and concentration. Watching the trajectory of the puck can cause an unexpected sharp blow or vice versa, confuse the adversary, striking gently when he counts on strength. In addition, the most irresistible blows are considered to be master strikes through the edge.

Tactically you can choose a defensive or offensive game, and skillfully combining both styles you can achieve excellent results. Air hockey is an excellent developing game, generating a lot of positive emotions, if, of course, avoiding excitement and dishonesty.

What else is important to know for an air hockey game?

Undoubtedly, it is best to purchase your own personal air hockey. This will allow you to train at any convenient time, as well as have fun with the company for the game. However, to begin with, you can try your hand at any entertaining establishments where this game is. Your opponent in the match can be a regular visitor of such an institution, your good friend, just a familiar or professional player who will help you expand your experience and develop your playing skills.

But if your goal is just gambling, you can play with any opponent, the main thing that would be interesting. Be it a defeat, or a victory of an air hockey will bring you great pleasure and a charge of positive emotions. Elementary rules of the Air Hockey game, which are understandable even the smallest, will allow you to quickly figure it out.

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This game is active and helps not only to burn extra calories but also to train concentration of attention. It’s fun to play not only 1 on 1 but 2 on 2, which makes the game more fun.