Air hockey table dimensions

Everyone rests and has fun as he can and the air hockey is perfect for this! This is a game that received a large number of fans on the planet. The sea of excitement, dynamics, and positive emotions! In addition, it develops coordination of movements, dexterity, speed of reaction. Now there is a wide variety of air hockey: mini-air hockey,¬†children’s, table-top, and other kinds.

If you are going to buy air hockey, you probably already paid attention to the variety of models. One of the criteria to which it is desirable to pay attention is the size of the table, especially if you need a model for commercial use. First, visitors need to provide a comfortable game. Secondly, a table with large dimensions will take up a lot of space, and for small entertainment rooms, this is critical. In short, this is exactly the case when size matters.

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As for the dimensions of the tables for air hockey, there are certain standards. The air hockey table has the following dimensions: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 or more feet. This air hockey is more suitable for playing with children at home or in the office of the office. There are even larger variants that are most often used in large entertainment centers or on special sites where office workers rest.

A table for air hockey having a size of 1.5, 2, 2.5 feet is called a mini air hockey. This is due to the small dimensions of the table, bits, washers. Tables for professional air hockey are only 8-foot.

You can also order an air hockey table for the individual design, you can specify the desired figure, shape, size. It must be remembered that there is a large number of air hockey tables that are designed for both children and adults. For example, mini-air hockey is ideal for children over 5 years old and can be installed at home.

When choosing an air hockey for an entertainment center or a game room, remember that there should be enough free space around the device for the convenience of playing and moving of visitors. In the rest, the practice shows that even an attraction with modest dimensions will not be a hindrance to profit. Moreover, often such models pay off even faster, and due to their smaller size, they are more mobile and suitable for outbound activities.