17 Best Air Hockey Tables Reviews

Air hockey is a modern board game. To play it not only children but also adults will delight. Today, the Air Hockey Table is installed in all kinds of children’s playrooms and entertainment venues in shopping centers. This attraction attracts attention and interest of children and teenagers. A fun game can quickly and easily cheer up. In addition to joyful emotions, the game also performs practical functions – the development of motor skills, mindfulness, reaction, and speed. Air hockey game supports the excitement and spirit of competition, which is very attractive for kids and adults. And having bought this game for your own use, you will spend a lot of time with fun and excitement. Let us consider 17 Best Air Hockey Tables and their reviews.

Hathaway Warrior Air Hockey Table

The Hathaway Warrior air hockey table is a well-known model on the market. Table hockey is an excellent entertainment in your cafe, bar, club, at home or at the cottage. The gaming table will not only be an excellent purchase for yourself, but also a great gift for people of any age. The game at a hockey table is very emotional, exciting and passes at great speeds. Feel the sounds and atmosphere of the famous and popular game!

The table is equipped with an electronic scoreboard for scoring. It is completed with a set of accessories.

The body is made of specially processed MDF, the top is coated with a durable melamine material. A powerful compressor supplies air through the openings. Enhanced frame construction due to cross-paneling. Each leg has an individual customizable level. The Hathaway Warrior is equipped with an advanced electronic scoreboard for scoring goals. Due to sensors installed in the gate with photocells, the scoreboard automatically displays the current account. The game is played up to 9 goals scored. The table has a bright design, manufacturers carefully treated each detail, playing on such a table is a pleasure. Power supply 110V.

Harvil Foot Air Hockey Table

Harvil air hockey is perfect for a home, a summer residence, and an office, as well as for installation in small playrooms for preschool, school facilities: the lightness and compactness of the design allows you to install it anywhere! Whether it’s a shady gazebo or any room of medium size.

Advantages of this model:

  1. The optimal size – fit even in a small room. Despite the small size of playing it will be interesting for both children and adults.
  2. The presence of levels (jacks) on the legs – for installation on uneven surfaces.
  3. Optimally balanced design – the table does not loosen when playing.
  4. The corners of the table are rounded and additionally protected by plastic overlays – a safe game for children.
  5. The case and the playing field are made of laminated chipboard resistant to minor mechanical damage and scratches.
  6. Equipped with an electronic head counter. The scoreboard works on AAA batteries (2 pcs.), not included.

The table is completed with a set of necessary accessories and works from the mains.

Sport Squad Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

This model of air hockey table by Sport Squad is an inexpensive model of good quality. Air hockey is small in size and weight, there are small legs with a special rubber coating, which allows you to install it on any surface without fear of scratching the coating. The air hockey kit Sport Squad includes 2 bits, 2 washers.

The model has a compressor and operates from the electricity to maintain a continuous and even flow of the air. Also, this model of hockey has a manual score counter and, that allows you to quickly get a clogged puck and enter it into the game. Table air hockey for children and adults. Sport Squad table – an excellent solution for children’s playrooms. Ideal for installation in rooms of any size. Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to transport.

ZAAP Electric Ice Air Hockey Table

The ZAAP air hockey table for its relatively small overall dimensions and folding design is great for playing in the limited space of an ordinary city apartment. The table is equipped with a powerful air compressor, electronic and mechanical counterpoints and is designed for use in conditions of room temperature and humidity.

The hull of the model and the air hockey playing field are made of beech-wood and covered with a special wrap, which protects the air hockey surface from scratches. The table supports are made of strong material and adjustable in height, which allows you to set the table on the floor, having irregularities, while ensuring a strictly horizontal position of the playing field.

The set includes bits and washers made of impact-resistant plastic. Bits have a convenient grip for holding, and a bit of soft cloth is installed on the bit base, ensuring smooth slide of bits on the surface of the playing field.

Hammered into the goal pucks roll into special compartments, from which they are easily and quickly extracted for use in the game. You do not need to keep a game score in your head or write it down on paper. The air hockey is equipped with electronic automatic and mechanical counters. The set comes with an illustrated instruction on the assembly and rules of the game, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the installation.

Supplied accessory kit: 2 bits, 2 washers, adapter.

Best Choice Products Sport Air Hockey Table

The Best Choice Products air hockey is a board game that you can take with you to the cottage, in guests or even to work, after all, this air hockey table weighs very little. Simple ergonomics and small dimensions ensure the popularity of this model.

The ice field is made of the high-quality material – MDF and has a maple finished exterior. The model has a compressor. Pay attention, that all electronics is inside the case, so you can, without worrying, let your children play air hockey.

In the kit, you will find 2 washers, one of which by the rules of the game, just need to try and throw in the opponent’s gate, as well as 2 special bits.

EA Sports Air Hockey Game Table

The newest air hockey EA Sports Air Powered 6-foot bright and fully ready for the game. Air Hockey Table EA Sports 84 has two turbo-fans that deliver airflow through the perforated cells and provide an ideal air cushion for the speed of the washer! The table is made of the high-tech material, and the EA body is protected from scratches. This increases the service life and preserves the appearance.

For the first time, bits and washers with backlight are used. With the electronic scoreboard, you will always be aware of the goals scored. Sturdy legs with a system of jacks will help to set the design extremely smoothly. On each side, there is a convenient storage for the puck and a cup holder. All corners are covered with a special rounded material for safety.

Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table

The Atomic Blazer table model is equipped with everything necessary for the game and does not require the purchase of additional accessories. The table is equipped with a powerful compressor, which pumps air through the holes on the playing field, which significantly increases the speed of the flight of the washer!

Made of high-strength materials, the Atomic Blazer hatch is not afraid of damage and minor scratches, which adds the durability and retains its beautiful appearance for a long time. The playing field is made of laminated chipboard. Clear lines and strict tones do not distract from the game and allow you to concentrate on it fully and completely!

Included in the table:

  • 4 bits black D 95 (mm);
  • 4 washers of black color D 72 (mm).

The reinforced design of the table will ensure high reliability even at high loads. Equipped with an electronic score counter with sound and programming of the match time. The table is powered by a 120 V power supply.

Atomic Blazer will not only be your favorite entertainment but also an original addition to your interior.
Invite your friends and make exciting matches two-on-two!

Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table

A spectacular air hockey table with a powerful compressor that delivers air through the perforated holes on the playing field, creating an ideal air cushion for a quick flight of the washer.

The playing field is reliably protected by PVC wrap for exciting non-stop games. The multicolor diode illumination Lumen-X gives a special drive to the game is. The electronic scoreboard with sound helps to monitor the progress of the game. Dimensions of tables allow you to arrange matches two-on-two.

An interesting feature of air hockey table – is beats and washers with illumination. Charge from the USB cable that comes with the kit.

The kit includes:

2 bits for air hockey with LED backlighting (keep the charge without interruption until 7 o’clock for an hour. To fully charge the LED battery it takes about 4 hours. Set the switch to the “OFF” position when the bit is not used);
2 washers for air hockey with LED backlight (keep the charge without interruption for about 7 hours, work from a lithium battery CR2016 3B);
1 washer for air hockey without LED backlight;
1 USB charging cable for bits and washers with LED backlight.

Power consumption: 99 watts. Operates from 120 V network.

Atomic Avenger Hockey Table

A table for air hockey from Atomic Avenger is in the style of hi-tech. Ideal for both home and small entertainment.

Reliability, speed, and impeccable style – these are the three components of the success of the Atomic Avenger air hockey!

Advantages of Atomic Avenger Air Hockey:

  1. The playing field with the necessary marking for the game is made of a strong laminated chipboard.
  2. During the game through the perforated holes of the playing field, a powerful compressor is supplied with air, which helps the puck literally fly.
  3. The reinforced design of the table will provide high reliability even at high loads.
  4. The table legs are equipped with jacks. It is possible to set the table perfectly smoothly on any surfaces.
  5. The electronic score counter will help to monitor the progress of the game.
  6. The game time is programmed using the touch control panel.
  7. The size of the table allows you to make the game as dynamic as possible.
  8. AirHockey Atomic Avenger is equipped with a set of necessary accessories and operates on a 120V power supply.

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey table – an interesting and exciting game for fans of active and mobile entertainment. A novelty that won the love of buyers with speed. The dynamic game will leave positive impressions and will allow spending an unforgettable holiday in a circle of native and close people.


  1. Lumen-X Lazer table has a stylish and ergonomic design.
  2. The rounded corners of the table prevent injuries during the match.
  3. The electronic scoreboard will allow tracking the account to all participants.
  4. The original illumination of washers and table will give the opportunity to hold competitions even in low light.
  5. Special airfield construction will enable the game to be even more exciting.
  6. The area of the whole field is equipped with PVC wrap, which has high strength.
  7. Adjustable feet are designed for installation on uneven surfaces.
  8. It occupies a small area, so it can be installed in any gaming facilities, shopping centers, offices and residential buildings.

American Legend Electra Hockey Table

We present to your attention an unusual model – the air hockey American Legend Electra. Design in the style of hi-tech and the original lighting will leave indifferent neither you nor your guests.

Advantages of air hockey American Legend Electra:

  1. Equipped with innovative lighting, which operates as follows – when any team leads in the account, the backlight on the boards is painted either blue or red.
  2. A special design of the legs allows you to set the table even on a non-ideal flat surface
  3. The reinforced frame makes this table almost eternal.
  4. Equipped with an electronic scoreboard with sound.
  5. Dimensions of the table allow you to arrange matches two-on-two.
  6. It is equipped with a set of necessary accessories and operates from a 120 V power supply.

Possessing excellent game characteristics and actual design, this table will bring many joyful moments for you, your family, and friends.

American Legend Phazer Hockey Table 

American Legend is an authoritative company in the American market. This model differs strict design in the form of classic lines, as well as the original backlight. Its innovation is that, depending on which team leads in the account, that half of the table is painted in the appropriate color – red or blue. The legs of the table have a special design, namely, each leg has its own independent jack, which allows you to set the table on any floor with any surface and unevenness.

The table frame is also reinforced, which gives strength and durability to the product. This model of the table is made in the style of “old school”. Your friends will be pleasantly impressed by playing at this beautiful table.

Playcraft Derby Air Hockey Table

The table is suitable for home and commercial use.

The main advantages of PlayCraft air hockey are:

A powerful compressor ensures maximum washer speed and no “dead zones” on the entire surface of the table. The high gloss scratch resistant PVC playing field has increased wear resistance and is reliably protected from scratches and chips. The legs are equipped with jacks for setting the table on a non-ideal flat surface. The account control panel is simple and easy to use, has several settings for the variety of the game.

Chromed inserts on the sides of the table give the table not only a solid appearance but also provide a quick rebound of the washer and durability. Ergonomic bits guarantee a confident grip and better control of the puck.

Installed at home or in an institution, this beautiful table will bring many joyful moments to you and your guests. It is equipped with a set of necessary accessories and operates from a 110 V power supply.

ESPN Air Hockey Table

The playing field of the game layout of this model is made of sturdy laminated chipboard. During the game, powerful compressor blows air, this provides the opportunity for the puck to fly with good speed.

Reinforced construction of the table will provide high reliability even under heavy loads. This is achieved by lateral cross braces and a reinforced playfield top rail. The legs of the table are equipped with jacks. which allow you to set the table perfectly smoothly on all surfaces.

The electronic score counter will help you to watch over the course of the game. Game time is programmable using the touch control panel. Dimensions of the table make the game dynamic.

The table comes with a set of necessary accessories and works from the mains.

Reliability, speed, and impeccable style – here are 3 components of the success of hockey at  ESPN table!

MD SPORTS Air Powered Hockey Table

This is a high-end model that will amaze your guests not only with its design but also with usability. Having installed an air hockey table from the MD Sports company at home, you will spend many hours competing in an exciting game.

Especially for a large company in the kit, there are 4 washers and 4 pushers. Electronic timer with a digital panel will allow you not to keep an account in your head, and authentic arcade sounds will afford you to plunge into the atmosphere of excitement.

The 1110-volt compressor provides a continuous flow of air for a better sliding of the washer. The surface of the playing field has an anti-scratch coating that will keep your table in perfect condition for a long time.

The legs of the structure are made of steel, guaranteeing maximum balance and stability.

Valley-Dynamo Fire Storm Air Hockey Table

From the manufacturer of the “hit” air hockey Hot Flash II. A new model of commercial air hockey was created taking into account the analysis of consumers’ demand.

  1. Stunning design with a bright flashing LED backlight.
  2. Shock-resistant playing field with an ultraviolet coating, on which there are no scratches.
  3. Luminescent linings give air hockey a fantastic look.
  4. The soundtrack deserves special attention: every time the puck bounces off the sides with a sonorous sound (the exclusive “token” of the air hockey from Valley Dinamo), at the time of the goal the sound of roaring tribunes of the sports arena is heard. Digital sound.
  5. In the demonstration mode, the air hockey flashes and glows like a space object, which is why it is an ornament of any game zone.
  6. Safety: during the game, the puck does not injure the opponent, thanks to a transparent polycarbonate protective screen in the middle of the playing field. The presence of the same screens on the sides of the field prevents the puck from flying out beyond it. Now to place air hockey in the game zone, there is no need to take into account the location of other gaming machines nearby – the puck will not fly under them and will not get into the screen of the next machine.
  7. Dyna-Blast – a system of air supply, allowing the puck to fly swiftly across the field, making the game even more dynamic.

Gold Standard Games Air Hockey Table

This model is famous for its unrivaled quality at an affordable price. Such air hockey stars as Danny Hynes, Tim Weissman, and others appreciated this model. The upper rail of the table is a strong, low-profile aluminum, which guarantees stability and an excellent rebound. The playing field is made of wear-resistant laminate, this material will last long without spoiling. The legs of the table are sturdy with a polymer core and level control.

This table model from the Gold Standard Games company is a table not only for professionals but also for beginners who want to feel all the fun and excitement of playing air hockey.

Still not convinced? Check more air hockey tables.

We reviewed the best models of air hockey tables! From a small desktop to just an all-weather giant! Air hockey table is both a recreation and a sport! And as an alternative source of stable financial income!