5 Best Air Hockey tables under $1000

A popular and exciting air hockey game is great for spending time with friends. Such a game can be purchased, either for placement in a club, bar or game center or simply for personal use. Depending on financial possibilities, everyone chooses a game table for themselves. Today we will talk about air hockey tables under $1000.

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Atomic Top Shelf

Air Hockey Atomic Top Shelf is a unique interactive table, equipped with a number of technical features. The design provides an advanced air compressor, which pumped air to the plane of the table through a special perforation, thus creating an optimal air cushion for the game.

The newest air hockey Atomic Top Shelf seven and a half feet beautifully glows and is completely ready for the game. Air Hockey Table Atomic Top Shelf has two turbo-fans, delivering air through the perforated cells and provide an ideal air cushion for the speed of the washer! The table is made of a high-tech material, and the Atomic Top Shelf case is protected from scratches. This increases the service life and preserves the appearance. For the first time, bits and washers with backlight are used. With the electronic scoreboard, you will always be aware of the goals scored. The large size of the playing field allows you to boldly arrange a match two against two.

Key features:

  1. Washers and cords with LED-backlight, recharging via a USB cable.
  2. Polyvinyl chloride film reliably protects the game area from damage and scratches even in the hottest and most active battles.
  3. An electronic screen with voice acting will allow players to follow the game without being distracted from the process.
  4. Optimum dimensions of the table will allow arranging matches, including two-on-two.
  5. Bright LED lighting in red and blue colors adds a futuristic table and gives a special drive to the gameplay.

Atomic Contour

Air hockey Atomic Contour is a game that can captivate everyone with its dynamics and excitement. The game promotes dexterity development, hones the coordination of movements and improves the reaction speed. This model is made of strong and reliable materials, which guarantees the durability of its use.


  1. Atomic Contour is made in a stylish and bright design.
  2. The design is thought out to the smallest detail for the comfort of the players.
  3. A large playing field is installed on specially curved legs.
  4. The structure is strong and stable, made of high-quality MDF.
  5. The game process starts immediately by pressing the Start button.
  6. The device has a built-in timer to adjust the duration of one game.
  7. It is possible to set the avatars of the team to display the results of the game. And also set voice commands.
  8. The field for the game is made of high-quality polycarbonate.
  9. A powerful compressor is built up, creating the airflow to increase the speed of feeds.

Triumph Blue-Line 

The Triumph Blue-Line air hockey table will help you to have fun and enjoy your time with children or friends, at home or at the cottage. The exciting game will allow adults to throw out accumulated emotions, and children — to develop accuracy and coordination of movements, learn to quickly make situational decisions. Air hockey can be a pleasant purchase for yourself or an excellent gift.


  1. The case made of MDF with PVC film is protected from small damages and is designed for home use.
  2. Supports are adjusted in height, which allows you to install it on a not very flat surface.
  3. Smooth and even movement of the washer is due to a powerful compressor, which through special holes supplies air to the playing field.
  4. Flat electronic scorer display
  5. The product is completed with two bits.
  6. The stylish design will allow the Triumph Blue-Line to be a worthy part of any interior.

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6 feet Air hockey  — a novelty with a speed that won the love of buyers.

The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer air hockey table is decorated in a bright, futuristic style. The model has quite large dimensions and a convenient height of the countertop from the floor. A special feature of this table is the multicolor diode illumination built into the sides of the playing field, as well as the presence of luminous pushers and washers.

Two powerful fans, combined with a perfectly smooth perforated field, ensure perfect glide of the discs. The playing field is covered with PVC film, which protects the surface and increases the sliding of the washer.
Monolithic legs, with reliable jacks, exclude the loosening of the structure, even in the active course of the competition.

The boards, gates, washers, and bits have multi-colored diode lighting, which creates a special drive during the game. Bits and washers are recharged using the USB cable that comes with the kit. The electronic scoreboard with sound helps to track the course of the game.


The air-hockey table MD SPORTS will become a favorite entertainment for the whole family, as it will allow both adults and children to have fun. A significant difference of this product is the presence of Inlaid LED electronic scorer, as well as sound and light effects that cause association with a large game of hockey. This allows you to play in the dark, which greatly enhances the received emotions. Such a game table can be installed at home, at the dacha, which will give you the opportunity to have fun while away from home, or give it to your friends.

The case is made of specially treated MDF, on top covered with a strong PVC film. A powerful compressor supplies air through the openings.

5 intricacies of the game of air hockey

Tables for air hockey can now be found in cinemas, clubs and private homes. The number of supporters of this game is growing because you can buy inexpensive air hockey today even in an online store, as it is easy to deliver it. The equipment developed in the sixties of the last century by Brunswick has its own design features, and the game has its own established rules. The main condition that a player must perform to win is to score more points than the opponent.

So, to be guaranteed to win, use some tricks:

  1. Seven seconds to beat off the puck. Is the opponent delaying the game and waiting when you make a mistake? Remind him of the seven-second rule. In this short time, he must transfer the puck to your half or get a penalty.
  2. The jammed washer in the gate — in favor of the attacker. If the puck is stuck in the goal, the point is awarded to the one who threw it.
  3. Combine soft and strong blows. Decide whether to go into defense or attack, try to take unexpectedly for the opponent. To do this, you can, for example, vary the strength of the blows.
  4. “The sides of the table are your assistants.” Let the board play along! As in the present hockey, and in its air version bounces from the sides — a very unpleasant thing for the goalkeeper. Use not one, but two or more sides to confuse the opponent.
  5. Use the trajectory of the washer movement. A sharp blow to the puck at a time when it seems to be moving safely through the middle of the field discourages the opponent and makes him miss the goal.

The game in the air hockey promotes the development of reaction and accuracy of movements. Children and young people are especially fond of playing it, while air hockey will be of interest to representatives of the older generation who can even fight on equal terms.