Air hockey vs foosball game table

Air hockey and foosball table are the most popular table games to date. The army of their fans is simply huge, and every year its number will only increase. The hobby for these games has long developed into a professional sport. In many cities, there are specialized sports clubs in which anyone can practice and complete a course of training, and, having reached a certain level of skill, go to local or even to world competitions.

There are unique games in which many advantages are combined. These include air hockey and foosball tables. They can have different sizes, the number of players on the field and other parameters. Therefore, for specific requests will certainly be able to pick the perfect option. But in any case, these games can bring a lot of positive emotions. You can play them together with a friend or with a whole company of comrades. For example, you can organize an exciting tournament, to establish some symbolic prizes. Such an event will give joy to all participants, will help to have a great time.

Naturally, both foosball table and air hockey have their shortcomings and dignities. In fact, they are a moving game. If you evaluate the complexity, then for a professional kicker, more experience is required, because players have to control a greater number of objects than in the air hockey. Certainly playing air hockey is much easier and even a three-year-old child will cope with such a game. The main difference between air hockey and football is that for playing in the first kind, you will need electricity to power the table. Accordingly, setting up such a table will take more time.

As for foosball table, the management here is much easier, but this does not mean that it’s simple to play in it. As mentioned above, playing a kicker requires special skill. Tables for football were even upgraded to play more than 2 people.

Another difference between table football and air hockey is the unpretentiousness of the football table for weather conditions. If you place the football table outdoors and it rains, then it will not damage any details of the table and you can safely continue the game. However, this does not pass with the air hockey table. Drops on the table just will not let the puck move and your game will be over, alas.

Thanks to football and hockey of desktop type it is possible to train the fingers and even to move a little. After all, the game involves the need to make decisions quickly. If the player thinks for too long a time interval, his opponent is able to get a clear advantage. Therefore it is extremely important to do everything quickly. This is the basic feature of these table games. They have a lot of advantages over computer analogs. The most important of these is the need for a good society. From these games, you really get fun because they almost do not get bored.

However, the fact that foosball table and air hockey will be your hobby is exactly and undeniable! Because these games have a lot of advantages, and the disadvantages are very difficult to find. So why is it worth buying such a thing as foosball table?

Pros of foosball table

  1. It is worth saying that table football will fit not only as a game but also as an excellent way to develop logical thinking. After all, like in real football, you also need to stick to the strategy to win, and this has a very beneficial effect on the brain of any person.
  2. In addition to logical thinking, playing table football, you will actively develop the motor skills of fingers, as well as mindfulness, which is very useful in everyday life.
  3. As already mentioned above – football table can interest any person, and therefore it is a game that will always be used without taking up space for nothing.
  4. When a game like table football only appeared on sale – its price was really sky-high, but today, you can easily find an inexpensive and high-quality game for your home.
  5. Table football will not only be a home game but also take a worthy place at any party. Men and boys like to play football, but it’s not always possible to run out on the field with the ball. But playing football at home is easy and affordable!

Why air hockey?

  1. This game brings a solid benefit to all its participants. First, it is very dynamic. Each participant in just a minute can do a hundred movements of different muscle groups, which in life he develops extremely rarely. Some adults say that after a couple of days of such an intense game, the muscles seem to start to come to life and make themselves felt with a slight tingling sensation. Is this not a positive sign that air hockey gives health?
  2. It is also important that the player does not seem to notice the exercises that he does during the game. Attending a sports club, he would have to force himself to perform certain monotonous exercises. Here he produces them on a good field and almost imperceptibly for himself. Such deception of the body, in the end, will have a positive effect on health.
  3. Finally, air hockey awakens a reaction in a person. He must carefully follow the movements of the puck in order to coordinate his actions as soon as possible. The ability to make a decision quickly and correctly later useful in life, so air hockey is also a simulator for the brain.

As for the disadvantages, we can only note the cost of the tables. Sturdy, high-quality tables for professional football and air hockey games cost a lot of money. However, if you plan to purchase a table as a home entertainment, you can find models at affordable prices in good game qualities.

The modern variety of board games is simply amazing. But there are classic options that are traditionally in demand. Hockey and football desktop format have become extremely popular for a very long time. Therefore, many people still try to play them more often. You can begin to teach children to such games as soon as possible. It’s much more useful and interesting than sitting at a computer for a long time, spoiling your health, etc. Table football with hockey suggests the need for movement, reflection. Therefore, a person simultaneously trains his hands, brains and has a wonderful time. The number of benefits is very vivid in favor of these unique board games.