Beginners guide for table tennis

Table tennis (or ping-pong) is one of the most popular sports games in the world. Its rules are simple to understand, and the process of the game is very exciting. Table tennis is played everywhere – in parks, squares, courtyards, educational institutions, office buildings, rest homes, beaches, gyms … The list of places where you can put a tennis table and play a party or two on it, you can continue indefinitely. But if you have never held a racket in your life or your level leaves much to be desired, then a natural question arises – how can you learn to play table tennis?

First, a little about the rules of the game. Before the start of the game, players draw lots to determine the order of the innings. Do this as follows: one of the players throws the ball on the table so that it hits one at a time on each of its halves. Another player, in turn, must defeat it. The drawing is continued until one of the players loses (hits past the table, cannot take the ball, hits the grid or halfway). In this case, the one who won gets the right of the first serve.

There are two types of parties in table tennis: short and long. The first of them is played until the moment when one of the players gets 11 points, and the second one – up to 21 points. For each win, a player receives one point each. In this case, when a score is 10:10 or 20:20, a tiebreak is assigned, which is played until the gap between rivals is equal to two points. In a short game, each of the opponents plays two consecutive pitches, then this right passes to the other player. In the long, respectively, the length of this series is five innings.

The serve itself also has one simple rule: the ball after you enter it into the game must touch both your half of the field and the opponent. Table tennis is always served from the corner of the table, moreover, the flight path of the ball must be such that it hits the opposite square of the opponent’s side. In case of hitting a grid, re-feeding is assigned. If the second attempt also ends with the same outcome, then the score goes to the opponent, and you become one less serve.

After filing the most interesting part of the game begins – the fight for a point. Each player tries to strike in such a way that the opponent can not repel the blow. Points are awarded if, after your strike, the ball, flying over the net, touched half of the opponent’s field and he could not repel it, or if he parried it into the net or past the table.

Now, let’s go over the technique of playing table tennis. First of all, to master the technique of playing the game, you need to master your technique. It’s about honing the interaction of your thoughts, your hand, your racket, and the ball. There are several exercises that can help you in this. There are also several types of ball hits (a punch with rotation, a smash (gas), and a punch with a pruning), as well as ball serve.

Well, this is about recommendations for those who start playing table tennis. It only remains to add that this game requires hours of training. Only, in this case, you will be able to master the art of ping-pong. Play and win!