12 Benefits of board games in front of online gaming

With the current development of technology, when computer games are not embedded except in an iron and refrigerator, table games seem to be something archaic. After all, computer games and online gaming are brighter, more colorful, and “there is everything alive.” Why table games?

First, the variety of board games is not inferior to the variety of computer. There are some analogs of casual computer games. There are “hardcore” games, which can last for hours and can – for decades. There are expensive games that you must buy in the store and they are not cheap. And there are games for which only a leaf in a cage and a pen are enough. There are “multiplayer”¬†games, there are games of mass duels with each other and with all. And there are games that are easy and fun to play alone. There are games in which the main thing is to outplay the opponent, and there are games with big, deep plots and even numerous stories. There are games that make you jump, run and move no less than dance games on consoles. There are games with two dice and there are games with hundreds of figures.

Whichever genre you take in computer games, you will always find that it either came from a board game, or, on the contrary, spawned a whole family of them. So – not a genre variety distinguishes desktop games from the computer. So what? Let’s gather the benefits of board games.

  1. The vast majority of board games are designed in order that several friends are able to play in it – this is the main advantage of board games. Computer games pull people away at their corners. Dad is keen on ”The World of Tanks” on a large computer, Mom grows corn on a laptop in the contact farm, the son kills demons on the console, the daughter tries on a dress on the phone doll – only a chaotic crackle of buttons was heard in the dead room. Table games, on the contrary, are created in order to unite the family, bring people together. Unpacking the game, reading the rules aloud, the distribution of the game material, the gameplay itself – everything is created for peaceful, quiet communication, not excluding, however, excitement and interest in what is happening. Board games are a symbol of appeasement and a cheerful friendly atmosphere.
  2. Low cost. On average, a board game is cheaper than a licensed game. In most cases, board games are more than available. Buying Uno or any other board game, you do not spend a lot of money but the benefit will be enormous.
  3. The most important plus of table games is FREEDOM. Playing a computer game, you are slaving the mechanics, which was put into it by the developer. Board games – this is the patch of freedom. Any company can change the rules in any direction, can invent their own, add and subtract elements. At the same time, you do not need to program anything, do not bother with purely technical problems. From thought to its implementation – a matter of seconds. You can easily come up and develop your game on the basis of the existing one. You can change the composition of the game, you can even make it from scratch.
  4. Despite the fact that the mechanics of the game completely depends on the players, this approach teaches people to think, develop strategies and tactics. This is a good exercise for the mind. Board games provide useful skills and often give children useful knowledge.
  5. Board games do not “kill” the eyesight.
  6. Board games are not addictive and have no narcotic effect.
  7. Such games are mostly cooperative, not competitive.
  8. There is less violence in table games than in computer games.
  9. In the board games from the category “18+” – only playing cards with naked girls. And in the stores of board games, they are not sold. You can always be sure that the unexpected turn of the plot of the game will not cause unexpected questions about what the uncle and his aunt are doing.
  10. Preparation for table games (especially to role-playing or strategic with miniatures) is no less useful and exciting than the game itself.
  11. Compactness. You can take the game on the road and play even on the train, plane, hike, at the cottage, without being afraid that the battery will sit down, you can play even if there is no electricity on the network.
  12. Nostalgia for table games is stronger than for computer games.

Board games are an eternal hobby. At least until people remain social beings.