Best air hockey paddles

Paddles for air hockey are an essential accessory for playing in such an exciting and dynamic board game like air hockey. At first glance, the bits for air hockey are the same and look alike, almost like two drops of water. But this is only at first glance, not all of their differences are noticeable and immediately evident. Therefore, before you buy a paddle for air hockey, make a balanced and correct choice, you need to find out their common qualities and understand their differences. However, this applies to all equipment and accessories for playing in the air hockey. Let’s look at representatives of the Best air hockey paddles.

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Best Air hockey tables

Brybelly Air hockey Paddles

The Brybelly air hockey paddle is optimally suited for commercial use. This means that its strength is increased, endurance and, accordingly, the service life is guaranteed higher for its analogs.

Pay special attention to felt pads at the bottom of the paddle. Many entrepreneurs ignore them or do not know anything about the importance of their use. This coating does not leave scratches on the table and allows you to move the stick faster. Change the lining at least once a month, this will save your air hockey table from damage and the appearance of non-aesthetic scratches.

GLD Products Air Hockey Game Table Pushers

While short-sighted and “economical” competitors will go to spend money on the tenth paddle, your accessories of excellent quality will remain attractive!

The strongest blue bit has a stylish design. It is ideally combined with air hockey of any style, from the restrained classics to the most creative novelties. The form of the attribute is thought out in such a way as to keep the pusher comfortable for children with a tiny palm and older players. The balanced weight of the accessory does not allow the hand to become tired, the bit is not felt at all.

The GLD Products paddle glides superbly over the playing surface. For commercial use, competition dynamics are very important, only this way the attraction will be able to attract users. Due to the use of the softest felt pads on the working surface of the bits, the table is not damaged or scratched. Just do not forget to replace the felt disk after about a month of use, your air hockey table will still be profitable for a long time and look like new!

WinnerEco Set of Air Hockey Pusher and Air Hockey Puck 

Without a hockey paddle it is impossible to play in an air hockey but with qualitative accessories, the competition is much more comfortable and dynamic! The WinnareEco paddle looks stylish this is a real godsend for air hockey. A convenient handle for fixing in the palm of your hand, professional size, and improved durability – this accessory will not let you down.

The developers of WinnerEco know perfectly well that a quality bit can be a guarantee of a good payback of an attraction if the air hockey table is used for commercial purposes. If playing is inconvenient, the paddle falls out of the hand or slows down during the heat of passion, hardly anyone will want to return and pay for such entertainment next time. By purchasing this accessory, you get a bit from one of the best manufacturers.

Pay attention, the working surface of the WinnerEco stick is covered with a soft felt lining. This part will help protect the table from scratches, which look ugly and prevent slipping. Felt discs are inexpensive, about once a month they need to be replaced. A little attention to the accessories will prolong the life of the air hockey and increase its profitability!

Dynamo Air Hockey Paddle

The most popular model is the paddle with a comfortable handle for the palm rest. Made of durable plastic, designed for playing in air hockey on tables designed for both home and commercial use. The paddle is easy to use, the quality is high.

SODIAL Mini Air Hockey Pusher

Plastic paddle (pusher) for air hockey. Diameter is 2.7 inch. From the bottom, there is a soft gluing which easily slides on the table and does not leave scratches on the surface of the playing field. Scope – for home entertainment.

EastPoint Sports Hover Hockey Pushers

The paddle of red color, made in the form of a sombrero, is recommended for use together with commercial tables for playing hockey and for domestic use. The price of an accessory to an air hockey completely corresponds to the declared high qualities and reliability of operation. In the game of air hockey, every detail is important.

Do not forget to change felts under the pusher once a month. The advantage is tangible – the preservation of the dynamics of the game, plus it is guaranteed to extend the life of the paddle itself. Careful attitude to such accessories as a bit will significantly reduce the number of scratches on the table.

Paddles for air hockey differ in their size, shape, grip, the presence or absence of protection for the hand and the quality of the material from which they are made. The most common form of an air hockey stick is like a hat, in particular, a sombrero. Such paddles are equipped with almost all amateur tables for playing in the air hockey, they can be called “classical”, they are made of plastic, and differ in their diameter, which in turn is dictated by differences in the size of the tables for air hockey. Better and more expensive paddles differ not only in the shape and quality of the plastic from which they are made but also in other nuances. For example, the presence of protection, which protects the hand from getting into it washer during the game.

Another difference is the fundamentally different grips of the pusher, which can be more or less convenient for players in air hockey. It is necessary to understand that all these differences do not divide the paddles into good and bad, to professional and amateur ones, rather they make them different.

Conceptually, the hockey paddles are identical, their destination is identical, the shape of their base is also always round. All amateur and professional pushers for air hockey have a special fabric backing that is glued to the base. The presence on the stick of such a substrate is not accidental, it is designed to ensure a qualitative and easy glide of the stick on the surface of the playing table during the game.