11 Best air hockey pucks of 2018

Air hockey creators Robert Kenrick, Bradford Baldwin, and Philip Crossman came up with the idea of air circulation. The first games were played with square beats and round pucks. Half a century later, the bits changed, and the pucks remained round and flat, but there are exceptions.

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Like any sports equipment, equipment for air hockey wears out. Especially puck is lost fast because air hockey is a dynamic game, the blows in it are strong enough, the plastic from which the pucks are made is cracked. Now, most of the pucks are made of quality durable plastic. During the acquisition of the air hockey apparatus, 2/4/6 washers are included. So in case, the puck does break, it can be replaced.

The Association of Air Hockey took the standard colors of washers: red, green, yellow. Although now you can buy even white or with logos. Diameters can also vary. Color and diameter are not as important as the weight of these accessories. If the puck is not heavy enough, it will start jumping.

Let’s look at the list of 11 Best air hockey pucks of 2018.

Truscope Sports Air Hockey Pucks

A Truscope Sports washer for air hockey is required for an exciting and full game.

It has well-designed dimensions, which ensures the comfort of daily operation. It is made of blue shining color, so it is clearly visible on the playing field during the dynamic game. Provides good glide and develops excellent speed.

The product is simple and convenient in use. The diameter of the washer is 3.25 inches. This washer is made of durable plastic, resistant to damage and not emitting harmful substances.

Dynamo Hockey Air Pucks

An important accessory for air hockey, on which the result of the game often depends, is the washer Valley-Dynamo.

It is suitable for any gaming table. Performed in bright green color so it is clearly visible on the playing field in the process of an exciting game. The special shape of the product provides excellent sliding on the table top.

The diameter of this model is 3.25 “. The manufacturer uses high-quality plastic that ensures the durability of service. The puck will not crack and break if it accidentally falls to the floor or hits the sides of the table.

Air Hockey Arcade Pucks

The saturated black color of the puck will make it noticeable on the gaming table. In addition, such a puck perfectly contrasts with the bright surface of the table.

The set includes 4 washers. The pucks are made of good thermoplastic material. The price is small.

EastPoint Sports Hover Hockey Pucks

If you are looking for new pucks for your air hockey, pay attention to the washers from the EastPoint company. In the kit, you will find 3 pucks of different shapes. This is to ensure that players have a variety in the gameplay and have more impressions.

Smooth design promotes better sliding of the puck on the playing surface, bright coloring in orange colors make the accessory more noticeable during the game. The set includes 2 round washers and one octagonal puck.

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Black Triangle Air Hockey Pucks

If you want to bring something new to the game in air hockey, then you definitely need to purchase the Black Triangle Air Hockey Pucks.

Triangular pucks behave very differently in the game, giving it a special excitement. The set includes 4 washers. The scope of such pucks – home air hockey.

Valley-Dynamo Air Table Quiet White Pucks

Manufacturers of these pucks took care of the noise level when playing air hockey and made rubber accessories. So when striking against the side rubber pucks produce much less noise. This is a very high-quality product. The set includes 2 washers.

SODIAL Mini Air Pucks

This product is ideal for playing hockey on mini-tables for your children. The set includes 5 pucks. So you can rest assured that in case of loss or breakage of the washer, you will have what to replace it with. Of course, such pucks are not suitable for playing in a large air hockey.

Gamecraft Air Powered Hockey Pucks

These are great pucks for people who prefer a tough game. Strict design, standard weight, high durability of the product guarantees you an impeccable game. The set includes 3 washers.

The only drawback is that because of the soft color, such a puck will not be too noticeable on the dark surfaces of the gaming tables.

Billiard Evolution Large Green Round Air Hockey Pucks

For lovers of a bright and memorable game, Green Round pucks are perfect. Such pucks are easily visible on the table with any coating and any color scheme. Washers are made of strong materials.

Such a product can be used on commercial air hockey tables. The set includes 4 round washers.

Vebere Large Air Table Hockey Pucks

If you are the owner of a standard table for air hockey, then do not forget to purchase an additional set of pucks. Multicolored washers satisfy the taste needs of any player. This product has a standard weight, diameter is 3.25 “. The set includes 6 items.

Yellow Air Hockey Puck

Before you – a quality accessory. The bright yellow puck will be easy to follow during the game, a strong plastic with improved slip characteristics and a classic shape of the puck will make the game more dynamic. The diameter of the washer is 3-1/4 “.

Pucks of good quality will make the game more dynamic and exciting, keep the surface of the table from damage and help to avoid unnecessary costs. Knowingly for the professional competitions in air hockey, only the best accessories from manufacturers with a good reputation are chosen.