3 Best Atomic foosball tables

Table football, also known as a kicker, is one of the oldest and most famous board games. On sale, there are many options of different price category, ranging from simple and inexpensive children’s options for home use, and ending with professional options for installation in gaming halls and holding Olympiads.

The Atomic brand is not the most famous in the production of tables for table foosball but the models that this company has released are characterized by only positive feedback from buyers. In addition, Atomic brand tables have an affordable price, which also adds positive qualities. Let’s look at 3 Best Atomic foosball tables available on Amazon.


Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

The game table Atomic Pro Force comes with standard, sixteen-millimeter steel bars, coated with chrome, characterized by durability and reliability, which makes the equipment ideal for adults.

The intended purpose of the table involves its use at home, in restrooms at the workplace or in a sports club. The Atomic Pro Force has a stunning modern and stylish look.


  1. Strong chrome-plated control rods slide in metal sleeves, which positively affects the lifetime of the friction pair.
  2. The base of the case is made of MDF and covered with high-strength bamboo laminate.
  3. The legs have the ability to adjust the extension of the thrust bearing, in order to level the unevenness of the floor.
  4. The control rods are pleasant to the touch and exclude the slipping of the hand.
  5. Shock-absorbing stops on the rods to eliminate knocking and protect the figures from damage.
  6. A manual scoring system, built-in ball return.


Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

Atomic Gladiator football table of a classical kind is intended for sports, gamblers who choose only the best for themselves! Play table football, organize tournaments and feel like real football players.

All elements of the table resemble a stadium and create a football entourage. The playing field is made of the impact-resistant material, resistant to minor scratches and external damages, the corners of the body are rounded. Legs are enlarged in thickness – this is additional protection against heavy loads, and they are equipped with convenient jacks for installation on uneven surfaces.

Smooth running of the bar, comfortable wooden holders, stable and sturdy construction – all this makes the game as comfortable and dynamic as possible. The table is equipped with two mechanical glasses counters, the set includes spare balls and 11 players in each team. In addition, the table is equipped with holders for glasses, so you cannot worry about that you may accidentally pour a glass with a drink.

The Atomic Gladiator is capable of withstanding heavy loads, which makes it an attractive model in the mid-price segment for commercial use.


Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table

Table football Atomic Eurostar – the gaming table is suitable for children and adults, which allows you to train and organize tournaments and feel like real professionals without leaving home. Playing table football develops motor skills, mindfulness, the speed of reaction.

Features of Atomic Eurostar table football:

  1. An interesting bright design executed in the style of fantasy. Unusual shape, rounded corners makes the game table stylish, such a table will be an excellent decoration for your home.
  2. During the game, you can follow the mechanical scores of the Abacus-Style located on both sides.
  3. All players are made in 3D.
  4. The table is made of laminated wood with a special coating.
  5. Ergonomic rubber handles are provided f the r comfortable grip.
  6. The safety of the game is provided by chromed telescopic rods.
  7. This model provides a tray for rolling the ball.
  8. Convenient cup holders.
  9. The table is easy to assemble.

How to choose football table

If you require the purchase of a sample for family games, then an inexpensive compact model will be enough because the pace of the game and the resulting loads on the table are moderate enough.

For commercial use, it is desirable that the table is sufficiently massive and strong, possessed anti-vandal properties. These qualities are realized in special models for gaming clubs.

Important points

The price for similar products is determined by the size, the maximum loads, and the presence of additional functions. It is clear that the larger the table, the more interesting the game will be but you should also consider the size of the room where it will be installed. Compact options are suitable for apartment conditions or if frequent travel from place to place is required.

Also, the material from which this table is made plays a role. Wooden products are preferable for stationary conditions since they possess greater massiveness and stability. Such tables practically do not move and do not stagger during an intense game. In addition to wood, MDF  sheets, as well as plywood or plastic materials, are often used for their manufacture.

Much attention should be paid to a number of important points:

  • covering the playing field, there should be no unevenness;
  • sliding bushings, this is the most loaded part, usually made of strong plastic;
  • the rods must also be strong enough and exclude bends and other deformations;
  • the handles are made of plastic, rubber, and wood, they should also be comfortable enough;
  • it is necessary to have a shock absorber that clings to the rods between the rim and the extreme figure and is usually made of rubber or a spring.