11 Best Beer pong table reviews

Beer Pong is a game for beer lovers, in which beer takes a direct part. It’s amazing that obviously “beer” game does not push a person to the excessive use of beer. Why? Because this is a game primarily for coordination and dexterity, which in no way can be combined with alcohol intoxication. Beer Pong – this is both recreation and sport! Beer pong is a unique game. Simplicity in the organization and conduct of the game, as well as the peculiarities of the love of beer, firmly established the position of the game among the youth. Previously, beer pong was considered fun, now in America, annual National Championships are held, gathering about a hundred pairs from all over the country.

An integral attribute of this game (except for the beer itself) is a good and high-quality table. Of course, in addition to official competitions on Beer Pong, tables for this game will surely please all fans of outdoor recreation. So, closer to the case, let’s consider 11 Best Beer pong table.

Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Table

The official table for beer pong means that the famous international tournament on beer pong in Las Vegas is held on tables of this size and height. A strong table with an aluminum frame and a wood-fiber table top.

If you are hosting a party with a lot of guests, you should take care of the entertainment for the evening. Having bought such a table for beer pong, you solve the problem of people’s employment for parties. Beer pong table can last for many years, and all your friends will know in whose house the most carbonic parties take place.

You need a bit of free space for the table and the party can be started. The Red Cup Pong table is very convenient to carry thanks to the folding mechanism. There is a bottle opener made of stainless steel. Under the table, there is a holder for balls. The surface of the table is made of materials that resist scratches and various damages.

The Red Cup Pong table – the present professional dimensions of the table for beer pong used in the world series of BEER PONG.

GoPong Beer Pong Table

Do you like sports and you like to relax? Why spend so much energy, first engage in sports, and then also rest. Compatible with business and pleasure! The coolest game, the heroine of American TV series and films. Now it is even closer to its fans.

Become a New Champion

You have a unique opportunity to get your pass for absolutely any party. With such a suitcase you will be admitted anywhere and everywhere you will be in the spotlight. It would seem, the simplest set: a table with markings, balls for ping-pong. A simple set weighing 25 pounds. It will help you to clearly decide who is the hardest, strongest, steepest and most persistent here. In this game, the most important masculine qualities are brought up. Willpower, unshakable spirit, endurance, power.

The table is made of water-repellent materials (melamine) and can withstand any games of any intensity. The complete set includes a tournament table, 6 balls, a suitcase.

Can’t Stop Party Supplies Beer Pong Table

A table for beer pong is an indispensable attribute of any party. Easily carried in the folded state. Can be used both on the street and at home. The surface is not afraid of rain and moisture. The table is made of MDV (medium density fibreboard) with aluminum legs, which can be adjusted in height for easy playing. The table is very light and compact, use special handles for carrying.

Such a table in the basketball style guarantees you excitement and emotional play. If you organize a party at home, then Can’t Stop Party Beer Pong Table – will become an indispensable attribute!

GoPong Pool Beer Pong Inflatable

In hot summer days thoughts come to mind that we should rest. It is desirable with friends, near water and with a certain amount of cold drinks. And to not get bored you can take with you GoPong Pool Beer Pong Inflatable.

GoPong Pool Inflatable is an inflatable for playing beer-pong. What is it? On both sides of the table, special grooves are made for glasses with beer. Players are given ping-pong balls. The task is to hit the opponent’s glass with a ball. The “knocked out” glass should immediately be emptied. Such a floating table is quickly pumped with a pump (not included). The set includes 3 balls for the game.

However, the rules are by no means mandatory. You can use this table simply as a convenient platform for beer. It can be placed on water, on a stand, or even hanging from the ceiling on four ropes.

PartyPongTables Beer Pong Table with LED Glow Lights

If you decide to play a popular alcohol game, beer pong, pay attention to the table of the company PartyPongTables. Lightweight, portable, having an aluminum frame – this table is able to withstand any loads. Covering the table prevents the absorption of liquid, and also withstands any temperatures. When not needed, the table is folded into a convenient case.

As a supplement, you can embed a fluorescent ribbon with lamps in the table, so your table will shine in different colors. In the set you will find multi-colored pen-markers, so you can decorate your table at will. Under the table, there is is a holder for balls (6 pieces in the set).

Can’t Stop Party Supplies Portable Tailgating Beer Pong Table

Do you have a party? Think about what to do and entertain your friends? Play a popular alcohol game beer pong, and a special table from the company Can’t Stop Party Supplies will help you in this matter. From you only need to prepare beer and glasses. Then you will not be stopped!

The table from the Can’t Stop Party Supplies company is not only strong and durable but also of the original design that your friends will discuss for a long time. The table folds three times and has handles for transportation. Your party can take place anywhere and anytime because you do not need to assemble a table, and beer pong balls are included.

“Evil” Jared’s Folding Beer Pong Table

Beer pong is a very common game among the youth of America. Today, this is not just a game. Beer pong is considered a sport, which hosts tournaments and official championships.

This model is a table of professional quality. Qualitative but at the same time light, such a table you can take anywhere. Aluminium frame makes the table stable, the table top is made of stainless steel, which perfectly repels the liquid. The table is well cleaned. Painted in the form of a green football field perfectly highlights and highlights red glasses with beer on its background. Such a table will give you a crazy battle in the beer tournament.

Drinking Game Zone Portable LED Beer Pong Table

According to the manufacturers, the Drinking Game Zone table is the most high-quality table for beer pong at the best price. Only the most durable materials were used to make the table, so this model is able to withstand any stresses and is also able to withstand any liquid spilled on the table top.

The table is easily assembled into a small form and has a convenient carrying handle. Such a table will be an excellent gift for those who have already reached the age of majority and who like to play alcohol games. To play a beer pong on this table you will succeed and in poor lighting – activate the LED lights located along the perimeter of the structure. Also, in the table, there are holes for glasses that they do not turn over if you suddenly strongly touch and shake the table.