5 Best bubble hockey tables 2018

Hockey is one of the most popular sports all around the world. Watching hockey games is a favorite pastime of millions. But little these millions know of fun if they did not play bubble hockey! There are lots of various tables for playing hockey without having to put on the skates. The main ones are bubble hockey and air hockey tables. So, what is the difference between a bubble hockey table and an air hockey table?
bubble hockey vs air hockey

It seems quite obvious: the first game involves rods and because of it in some way reminds of foosball, while the second one deals with stickers. Each option is great in its own way. If you’d like to learn more of or to buy an air hockey table, check out this article: 17 Best Air Hockey Tables. If you prefer bubble hockey (rod hockey, stick hockey, table hockey – there are so many names!), then scroll down to the list to choose from the very best items out there. Let’s start!

Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table

carrom bubble hockey

Carrom Super Stick hockey table is an excellent choice in case you want to buy a hockey table for home use. It is quite compact and doesn’t cost lots of money. Besides, its design is very moderate – it doesn’t include any screaming colors or funny frills. That is good because you won’t get sick of it too quickly (we suppose you won’t get sick of it at all!)

The construction of the table is stable and durable. The cabinet and the legs are covered with special vinyl that resists wear and tear. Upon the whole, the materials used to create this table all are of a high quality. If you want to know for sure what you are going to buy, you can check the Amazon link down below to learn exactly what they are.

The doom which is one of the most important details is practically shatterproof. It can be easily removed if you want to clean the table or change the players, for example, to the hand-painted ones (you can buy them separately). By the way, the players come in red and blue colors. Also, there are two pucks in the packages. All in all, you get everything you need. Even electronic scoring and sounds system. As we see, Carrom Super Stick is a great option! Definitely check it out.

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ICE Super Chexx Non-Coin Deluxe Home Bubble Hockey Table

ice chexx hockey table

This table is currently unavailable on Amazon, but maybe you will find other sources where to buy it from. Chexx is a very famous factory and it is especially good at producing items such as this one.

The table is an amazing purchase for your rec room or just for your home. It fits practically anywhere, takes little space and at the same time represents one of the best forms of entertainment.

ICE Super Chexx works practically as any other bubble hockey table would work – two players are holding robs that can manipulate hockey men (there are 5 of them). Besides, each player has a goalie. The game, if played on this table, is provided with sounds. However, if you don’t want sounds or want them at a lower volume, you can easily fix it by using an external volume knob. One more detail is light – you can turn it on and off too, which is very convenient. In fact, practically all the bubble hockey tables allow you to play with the light and the sounds.

Needless to say, that this table has a steady construction. It can be even seen in the picture. The cabinet of the table is made of aluminum. The dome is said to be easy to clean and to maintain. Upon the whole, this is one of the best if not the best bubble hockey table! Even the players are hand-painted and the attention to such small details can tell a lot about the overall quality. So, if you read this article a little bit later than it is written and published, check Amazon! If not, look for other shops to learn about the price, read the reviews, etc.

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Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table

shelti bubble table

Shelti Breakout bubble hockey table is different from the two tables described above in that it has a low profile dome. Whether this one is better than others or not is a matter of taste, so if it is not important to you, it is better to pay attention to the quality of the glass.

The table has high-quality rods that may seem a little bit longer than the usual size, but that’s alright – they allow a more dynamic game. In fact, there are many small details in this table that allow a more dynamic game. Every movement of your wrist counts, so be cautious! (if you choose to acquire this table). That said, Shelti is not too costly. It is absolutely possible to buy it for home.

Like other rod hockey tables (let’s use the other name of the game this time), this one has sounds system, so that you could know right away of whether the puck got into the net or not. Among other small details, it is worth mentioning infrared scoring. It clearly shows who leads and who loses and, upon the whole, the scoring system is precise, so all the disputes are canceled automatically! All in all, this is one more solid good table for playing bubble hockey. If you like the doom to be flat and don’t really need light, then this option may suit you best!

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Game Room Guys Dome Bubble Hockey Game

game room guys table

Game Room Guys is a famous American producer of games equipment. It generally produces more expensive items, but in a very creative way and of a really high quality.

This table, for example, has quite a steady construction. It comes in black color which is probably the most frequently chosen option. Besides, the playfield is laminated so that all the small and subtle details remained where they are as long as possible.

The table also has an electronic and manual scoring system. If you want to start the game all over again, you can use ‘reset’. Plus, there are sounds; you can regulate the volume of the sounds – there are three options: high, low and no sounds at all. Upon the whole, this is a great bubble hockey table! It is in many ways American – it is big and boxy and at the same time quite functional and done in a very high quality.

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CarromSignature Stick Hockey Pedestal Base

carromsignature table

CarromSignature Stick Hockey pedestal base is one more bubble hockey table produced in the USA. It is funny there are no big manufacturers of such items that come from Canada – after all, hockey is practically a national sport there, but anyway. Carrom Signature a bit differs from Carrom table that was the first on our list. It has some special features, such as drink holders or pedestal. The first table on our list, in case you don’t remember it, comes with the legs and without drink holders, but in most of the other details, it is no different from this one.

Both tables come in three colors – at least you can find them in three colors – black, red, and blue. There is a scoring system and there is light – everything as it should be. The glass that was used to create the doom of this table is shatterproof which means that it is unlikely that there will be any accidents. The surface is styrene.

So, this is just one more amazing option for you to diversify your choice. Drink holders are certainly a cool detail! Who wouldn’t like that? But, if you don’t want to spend additional money on a bubble hockey table and want just the essentials, it is better to look at the first item on this list.

All in all, we’ve reviewed the most popular bubble hockey tables that can be easily found on Amazon. All of them have their advantages and drawbacks, but there is no option that is ‘not recommended’ to buy. It is all a matter of choice! After all, the main thing is having fun while playing. Technical details are taken care of everywhere. We wish you to always have somebody to share a round or two with and, as always, stay tuned for new articles!