11 Best classic poker tables

Why would anyone want to buy a poker table? Well, there are lots of reasons. First of all, if you own some kind of business, you might want to spice things up a bit by adding a new choice of entertainment for your customers. Then, you can be an avid player who hosts guests once in a while and would like to make a favorite game feel more professional. The third reason is that you’re just an eccentric human being who likes unusual interiors… Well, whatever your reasons are, this is the right article for finding a classic poker table of your dreams! All of the tables down below can be ordered at Amazon. Let’s start!

1. Barrington Texas Holdem Poker Table for 10 Players with Padded Rails and Cup Holders

barrington poker table

Barrington Texas Holdem poker table is one of the best poker tables at the moment. It looks super good – blue and black surface, padded tails for comfort and cup-holders for drinks.

Despite the fact that it is made for poker, you can use it for any card or board game. There are 10 positions – enough for everyone. And one more advantage is that this table is portable, meaning you can fold it in half and take it with you. This is very convenient in case you and your friends gather not at your place.

All in all, this is a great portable piece of furniture. A great gift for gamblers!


2. Professional Solid Wood Poker Table 10 Players Dining Top with ONE Steel Toke Drop Box

poker dining

If you are not fond of blue surfaces, you can choose a more classical option, which is green. This table is also designed for 10 players, so big companies won’t have to have anyone left out. In addition to the cup holders, which are stainless by the way, the table has money drop box, so make your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

For the price that is not too high, you get a perfect casino-style surface specially made for speed dealing. All in all, this is a very good choice! The table will help you to create a little Las Vegas at your home. So, check it out now!



3. Trademark Poker Table Top

trademark poker tableIf you think that buying a poker table is too much for you, but at the same time you really want to have something that helps you play, you can buy a poker table top! Yeah, it is just a surface with no legs, but what’s the difference really? Plus, you won’t have to overpay – it is a lot cheaper than actual poker tables.

The top has places for 8 players. Each one is equipped with chip trays and a drink holder. The surface itself is made of wood. It is 48 x 48 inches. In sum, what else would a one need for a good game?




4. Fat Cat Folding Texas Hold ’em Poker/Casino Game Table with Cushioned Rail, 10 Players

fat cat poker table

This poker table is very convenient! And not so expensive, too. First of all, it is portable – in order to make it look like a poker table, all you have to do is to unfold the table and unfold its legs (sounds strange, but what are you’re gonna do). There you go – a game can be started. Despite being portable, the table has a very steady construction, so no breaks or sudden fall downs.

The surface is, as you can see, green, very nice. The rails are cushioned which adds up to the comfort of players. There can be 10 players with cupholders, so no fluid is going to ruin anything. So, one more great option for you!



5. BBO Poker Helmsley Poker Table for 8 Players

hemsley poker dining table

Hemsley Poker Table is made for 8 players. Well, at least there are 8 cup holders. Just look at how amazing it is looking! This one is really chiс. If you don’t like the surface to be black, you can choose another color – the table also comes in green, red, and blue.

The coolest thing about this table is that it is actually a table! Not just a poker one, but also a dining one. If you want to play, you can put on a special top. If you don’t play, use it in whatever way you like. This is very convenient. So, if you want your pieces of furniture to be multifunctional, this is a nice choice that’ll serve you at least two goals at one time!



6. Gaintex Folding Poker Table Top Four Fold 8 Player Poker Table Top & Carrying Case Portable, Green

gaintex poker table

If you liked the idea of not buying the whole poker table, this is another top option for you. This top is for up to 8 players. It is portable. Of course, it is portable – it is a poker top. But, more than that. In fact, you can fold it in four, which would make it really small and comfortable to take with you. By the way, the top comes with a special bag, so no worries about how to carry or whether to carry.

The surface consists of 8 player positions with chip trays and cup holders. One more detail that makes this table stand out from the crowd so far is a card position for each player. This is a nice detail – makes your playing less messy. So, if you need to cut corners at the moment, this might become a good deal for you!


7. Tenive Deluxe 8-player Position Foldable Poker Tabletop Blackjack Card Game Table Top Build-in Cup Holders w/Carrying Bag

tenive poker top

More tops! This one is not so different from the previous one. It is also designed for 8 players. The top is covered with special material both on top and on the bottom for protection. It can be taken anywhere you go. Take it with you while camping or take it to any other place – nothing will happen to this high-quality top. The storage back is included by the way.

As you can see in the picture, this top is kind of round and has sharp angles – maybe you’ll like this shape more, so compare it to other options and decide what you need. All in all, just another good portable top that can be ordered right now (if you are living in the US, of course)!



world outdoor poker table

This table is super cool. It is done by World Outdoor Products, which is quite a famous producer of such goods. The table has a brand-new design. It is covered by pearl black fabric that looks like leather. The fabric is very nice to play on – it feels like you are in a professional game. It is removable, by the way. And, upon the whole, the table is portable. You can easily deconstruct it and put it in a special bag to carry with you. The table is made of aluminum, so it is lightweight, which is very convenient.

This one can be used for playing a number of games. Poker is included, of course. There are 8 cup holders, so, presumably, the table will be used by up to 8 players. In sum, this is an excellent choice – go check it out!


9. BBO Poker Rockwell Poker Table for 10 Players with Speed Cloth Playing Surface 93×45-Inch Oval, Includes Matching Dining Top with 6 Dining Chairs

rockwell poker table

This one is a fancy choice! Not only it will serve you as a poker table, it will also be a nice piece of furniture for your dining room (or kitchen). There are two surfaces – a green one specially made for playing card games (with a nice touch) and a wooden one for having a lovely dinner with all of the members of your family (if somebody still does it).

The poker table is made for up to 10 players. As for the dining one, well, there are 6 chairs that come with the table. This is extremely convenient, because some people are trying too hard, while choosing chairs that will match a table. If you order this set, you won’t have to worry! So, if you are a fan of classics and can afford to order this luxury table, go ahead!


10. Texas Holdem Poker Table with Stainless Cup Holders, Suited Speed Cloth, Folding Table Legs 48″x48″x30″ high – Platinum

texas holdem table

All the qualities of this product can actually be seen in its name. But let’s go deeper into the details anyway. The table is designed for 8 players. It has a great speed cloth that, first of all, looks good and, secondly, is very durable. Like in any other poker table, there are cup holders, cool cushioned rails – everything is how it should be.

The table is portable – it has folding legs. Upon the whole, this is quite a nice choice. For a price that is not soaring high, you get an amazing poker table. If you prefer this surface, get this one! It is all a matter of choice.



11. BBO Poker Luna Compact Game Table for 4 Players, 40-Inch Round, Includes 4 Dining Chairs

4 players poker table

Earlier we overviewed tables that can be used by 8 people, 10 people. But what if you don’t really need this much space? Well, then you consider buying this table! It is quite small – just for 4 people, but very nice. This one is not just a game table, it is also a dining table, which, by the way, comes with dining chairs. The dining surface is sold separately, so if you don’t need it, just don’t buy it!

You can choose between two kinds of surface – felt playing one and speed cloth playing ones. As you can see, there are lots of variations of how you can order this set. Go to Amazon, explore the details and decide what you prefer!



So, these were some of the best poker tables. We hope this article helped you. Check out our website for more cool playing equipment. May luck be with you!

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