7 Best Coffee game tables

A stylish, interesting coffee table perfectly complements the interior of the living room. And if such a table is supplemented by some built-in board game, then such a design in your home is just a find! What is so remarkable about such tables and what are the best models of the coffee game tables? Let’s consider this issue in this article.

Happy Chairs and More Coffee Table

This interesting model will give a lot of positive emotions, not only for a cup of coffee but also for a game of backgammon or checkers. The small size of the table allows you to arrange it even in a small room. Game boards for playing backgammon/checkers are painted by hand.

Together with the table, there are strong, wooden figures that lie perfectly in your hands and can serve you for many years. Chalk, a felt pad for the Chalkboard and 4 burlap bags for storage are also included.

If you remove the game panels, then beneath them you will find a convenient place for storage. Several tables with different colors are available for sale.

Barrington Foosball Coffee Game Table

This elegant coffee table is made of wood and will be a wonderful addition to your interior.

The glass hardened surface has a thickness of 3/8-inch, so on such a surface you can drink tea without fear, and if you lift the lid – then play table football. The table is characterized by a solid stainless steel construction, the football itself has chrome rods, a wooden scoreboard, comfortable ergonomic handles, the players’ figures are hand-painted, and the table has an additional storage space.

As you already understood this model – it’s not just a table for the game but also beautiful interior furniture around which you can receive guests.

EastPoint Sports Coffee Table

Diversify your tea break with a game of table football. Toughened glass and beautiful facing trim will make your coffee table a center of gravity views.

Telescopic rods are designed for a good game and do not take up much space. Ergonomic wooden handles, side return of the ball, stylish figures of players will force you to tear yourself away from the phone and fight in an exciting game.

The modern design of the table is able to complement any interior. And its wide functionality will become the pride of its owners.

Formica Writable Surface SketchTable

The Formica company has established itself as a manufacturer of practical, durable tables that give inspiration.

This model comes in two sizes. 16″ is the perfect fit for your couch, 24″ suits you if you want to pull up children’s sized seats. Also, to your taste, you can choose one of two variations of the game on this table. Formica Writable Surface with the ColorBook design on the front and black ChalkAble design on the rear panel. The second version of the Formica Writable Surface is the LoveWords design on the front and the design of the Black ChalkAble at the rear.


  1. Conveniently removable surfaces of different designs.
  2. 2 different table sizes, which are ideal for games and cocktail parties.
  3. Double-sided flip top.
  4. Durable and easy to clean surface.

Authentic Models Game Table

Imagine the situation – friends came to visit you, you arranged a tea party and suddenly got bored, how to entertain yourself and the guests. Great news – right behind the table where you drank tea, you can play a game of backgammon, checkers, chess, especially since all accessories are attached.

If you are tired of some games, you can easily change the board and play poker, dominoes, monopoly. No mood to play? Set on a cozy table made in the style of a cherry wood with a solid leather insert.

The table is made of hardwoods. Available in 2 versions of the top panel. This model is a great combination of a play area and a resting place for classic drinks.

Stylla London Handmade Coffee Game Table

Stylla London is a brand you can trust. And buying their coffee table will be a profitable purchase for your family! A good price makes this product popular among many buyers. The game coffee table from Stylla London is a great value for money, quality, and functionality.

Cross-shaped legs make the design of the table stable. In addition, this design will complement the interior of your house. A convenient small box under the table holds all the chess pieces. This saves your space in the house. The foldable structure will allow you to remove the table if you do not want it and put it in an invisible place.

If you want to profitably buy a table where you will not only be comfortable playing chess but also have tea, then certainly pay attention to the table from the Stylla London company.

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

This coffee table fits perfectly into your living room or game room. The table is made of a noble tree of hardwood, so this elegant design is suitable for any conditions. Fine details of the table, hand carving, fine work of the master will become the center of attracting the sights of your guests.

Football players are controlled by 3 microscopic rods located on each side of the table. Comfortable wooden handles lie well in the hand and do not allow the palms to get tired after a long game. Also on each side, there are grooves for the return of the ball. Each player has his own score counter, made of wood.

Table football has a strong glass cover, on which you can safely place mugs with drinks. A comfortable shelf at the bottom of the table is perfect for storing books or other things. And the jacks on the legs allow you to level the table on the floor with any slope.

The Chicago company has a huge experience in the production of wood tables, so you can fully trust your choice in favor of their models.