5 Best Harvard foosball tables

Harward is an American company that is famous for producing excellent gaming tables and is headed by the Escalade Sports company. Being in business for more than 80 years, this company makes tables for foosball of high quality, although not the best. It is worth mentioning the fact that Escalade Sports also produces items under the Atomic Foosball brand.

The game tables of Harvard, made of good materials, are designed mainly for beginners and amateurs and have an affordable price, which forces buyers to pay attention to the products of this brand. Why are these tables suitable not for the pros? The fact is that lovers of table football buy this game with a view to having fun and a good time, they do not aspire to take part in competitions. Professional tables for football have very different characteristics, they are heavier and bulky, respectively, the prices of such tables are much higher.

Harvard’s tables are very competitive and their prices are much lower in the entire market. The gaming tables of this brand also have a number of advantages, namely high-quality rods, as well as soccer players have ribbed legs. Such characteristics will ensure the game at a decent level.


Harvard Midfielder Foosball Table

This model of the table is slightly more expensive than the others. At the base of the table is a massive laminated wood, the surface of the playing field is made of laminated PVC, which protects the field surface from moisture, scratches, and other damages. Rods made of metal are chrome plated to prevent rust, and smooth bearings guarantee a soft and neat play. The size of this model is 4 feet. Handles on the ends of the rods are made of wood, and even if your palms are sweated during play, such material will provide good grip. The appearance of the table is universal, which allows you to install it in any interior.


  • Good design.
  • Chromed legs with crossbar for stability.
  • The octagon-shaped wooden handles.
  • Coasters.
  • Three goalie¬†setup.
  • Return the ball from the side of the table.
  • There are 4 balls in the set.
  • Lifting jacks.


  • Heavy construction.
  • Do not step up for a tough game.

Harvard 4-Foot Foosball Table

Light model of the table, perfect for home use. Legs are made of MDF. The surface is made of an impact-resistant material, which gives the game field additional resistance to scratches. This model was created in the spirit of the traditions of real football – strict discipline, filigree technique, and a spirit of victory only.

Additional stiffness of the structure is attached to reinforcing bars made of MDF, made in the form of L. Handles are made of rubber, which ensures excellent contact with the palms. The set includes spare balls for the game.

The design, painted in 3 colors (black, white, and red) will be to the liking of any fan of table football. The progress of the game is helped to follow by the mechanical scores.

Affordable price and original appearance make this kicker an excellent and original gift, both for adults and for children! Do not miss the opportunity to become the owner of this vivid example of table football! And give emotions to family and friends!


  • Price availability.
  • Bright design.
  • Sturdy and compact construction.
  • Chromed rods.
  • Ergonomic rubber grips.


  • Not suitable for a tough game.
  • With a long and tough game, rubber handles can be bend.

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Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

Atomic Gladiator is an impeccable kicker at the highest level.

The main advantage of this model is its reliability and the highest gaming characteristics. The reinforced frame, thickened legs, the body made of the high-strength material (MDF) – all this guarantees maximum wear resistance to the Atomic Gladiator table. Sturdy, through bars made of steel easily rotate and have a smooth stroke, able to withstand heavy loads.

Convenient handles made of wood provide a comfortable and strong grip and complete control over your team. The paws on the figures of the players have a special design for performing complex and beautiful strokes. The mechanical scores allows you to follow the progress of the game.

The table is able to withstand heavy loads and is equipped with quality fittings. Strong bolts securely fix all parts of the kicker. Due to its design and impressive weight, the table is very stable.

Compact, neat, Atomic Gladiator table football will give lots of positive emotions to everyone who wants to play it! Included balls for the game.


  • Resistant and durable.
  • Thickened legs.
  • Coasters.
  • Internal ball return system.


  • Long table assembly.
  • Very heavy construction.

Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

For all fans of board games, this model will be an excellent option. It is specially designed for home use, has a relatively small size. The table can be easily installed in any room, just find a little free space.

For manufacturing, MDF was used. It is quite strong material, it withstands all operating conditions and will last for many years. The surface is applied with a special coating of bamboo, it gives an attractive design. Strong chrome-plated rods withstand any external influences and will not break with time. In order to ensure the safety of the participants in the game, the bars are equipped with a system specially designed for Atomic gaming tables that reduce the risk of injury to safety fuses.

The table is equipped with a mechanical scoreboard for scoring points for each player. Goals scored into the goal roll into special compartments, from which they are easily and quickly removed to be used again in the game.

A stylish model of the game table for football Atomic Pro Force will become an ornament and focus of attention of any family holiday and a friendly party.


  • Height level adjustment on each support.
  • Heavy and sturdy legs.
  • Comfortable handles made of rubber.
  • Figures of players are made in the style of robots.
  • Compact size.


  • Perhaps someone will not like the design of the players.

Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table

If you are looking for a synonym for the word “durability” then the first of these will be the Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table! The basis of the playing field is high-impact laminated wood, resistant to scratches. Stainless steel legs are equipped with comfortable jacks for setting the table on uneven surfaces.

Experienced players note this model has an amazingly smooth rod stroke and excellent rotation, which gives the game more dynamics. Strict colors and restrained design with the addition of blue and white make this model universal and fit into any interior, whether it’s a summer house, a country house, or a cozy bar.

The rugged design easily withstands heavy loads, so the Atomic Eurostar kicker can be considered immortal! Additional stability of the table gives its impressive weight. The set includes spare balls for the game.

Compact, durable and with excellent gaming characteristics, this table is able to satisfy the wishes of both beginners and advanced players in the kicker. Atomic Eurostar Table Foosball – another great reason for a fun pastime in a pleasent company.


  • Soft, rubber, octagonal handles.
  • Chromed rods, gates, and scoring system.
  • Coasters.
  • The ball return system.


  • Considerable weight of the table.