7 Best Jump Cues reviews

American pool is an original game, as it allows the use of two cues. In this game, along with a game cue, a jump cue can be used. Extra cue is characterized by increased rigidity, in addition, it is shorter than the game cue. Our catalog includes the best jump cues of different manufacturers:

Predator Air 2 Jump Cue

Predator Air 2 Jump CueThe world leader in the production of billiard cues and accessories, the American company Predator Group presents the Predator Air 2 Jump Cue to the players. Made in black matte color stylish innovative model Air 2 is designed to help players successfully solve the most difficult game situations. Predator Air 2 – is the flexibility in decision-making and accuracy in their implementation.

  • more stiffness

Rigid construction technologies and components are used in the manufacture of Predator Air 2 to reduce the weight of the cue. Including a ring of high-strength carbon fiber reinforced plastic, which was developed for the cue for breaking the BK3 pyramid, and the joint of the Uni-Loc® Ultralight Mini-Radial, which connects the shaft and the upper part of the cue.

  • more flexibility in decision-making

The Air 2 model uses a three-part design that allows the player to select the optimal length of the cue when performing both long and short jumps. At the same time, in order to select the required length, it is enough just to turn the Uni-Loc® Quick Release ™ system twist once.

  • fine-tune your game

Cue Predator Air 2 contains a cartridge weight adjustment system Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge System, which allows you to adjust the weight of the cue, providing the best comfort in the game, the optimal trajectory, and control of the lateral rotation of the ball.

Tony Robles, one of the most authoritative pool players in the world, the winner of almost three dozen international and American competitions is among the many players who use the cue Predator Air 2 in tournaments and during training.

Predator Group products are used by leading professional players from Europe and the United States of America who have won at such major world competitions as world championships, World Games, USA Open, Derby Classic City, International Challenge of Champions and others. It is the best confirmation of Predator’s leadership in developing and manufacturing the most modern and high-quality billiard cues and accessories.


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Cuetec 3-Piece Jump/Break Fiberglass Billiard/Pool Cue

Cuetec 3-Piece Jump Fiberglass BilliardThe best finds of engineers Cuetec are collected in a series of Cuetec Jump/Break cues. Impeccable design and accurate game.

Cuetec 3-Piece Jump/Break Fiberglass Billiard/Pool Cue is made from the most suitable tree for the production of cue – North American maple. The top is covered with a layer of fiberglass, which protects the cue from the effects of temperature and humidity.

The original braid of special synthetic material provides the player with a tight and confident grip. An excellent option for home and commercial use.

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McDermott NG01 Stinger Jump Break Pool Cue

McDermott NG01 Stinger Jump Break Pool CueThis jump cue is made from the best North American hardrock maple. The tree was selected by hand for the smoothness of the fibers, the optimum moisture content and white color.

McDermott NG01 Stinger Jump Break Pool Cue uses an exclusive impact control ring, which is made of a polymer mixture. The braid of real Irish flax is tightly wound, twice pressed and polished for a perfectly smooth feel. Protects the cue, absorbing the moisture of the hands for a “secure grip”.

The cue is covered with 5 layers of urethane with an ultra high gloss which makes it extremely resistant to scratches. The soft polymer composition of the bumper gives maximum protection. It easy to adjust the balance and weight.

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Dufferin D-951 Striped Canadian Maple Jump Cue

Dufferin D-951 Striped Canadian Maple Jump CueDufferin, a leading manufacturer of billiard cues and accessories, the world leader in the development of innovative technologies, presents a series of cues for a pool, including models designed for jumping.

Greater comfort when using the cue raises the degree of control over the impact accuracy even higher. It is convenient for performing jumps at different angles.

The Dufferin D-951 Striped Canadian Maple Jump Cue model is designed for the player to overcome obstacles with a greater level of comfort and a sense of complete control over the game.

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Poison VX4 BRKR Break Jump Cue

Poison VX4 BRKR Break Jump CueThe cue of a professional level from the leading manufacturer of billiard cues and accessories – the company Predator Group. Predator Group is a world leader in the development of innovative technologies, represents a series of cues Poison VX. Among the models that are included in the series, there are the universal 3-component cues, designed for both breaking the pyramid, and performing jumps.

A unique feature of each cue from the VX series is the availability of the revolutionary GTX ™ winding with variable girth zones. The player can rotate the cue until the hand fixes the most comfortable position to strike.

There is an opportunity to detach a part from a tourniquet. In this case, it is easier to make strokes at different angles. Poison VX4 BRKR Break Jump Cue has a special shaft which is made of Canadian maple.

This cue model is designed for those players who want to have full control over the game, and also try new ways to produce strokes from different angles and positions of the cue. This gives a good opportunity to use all the properties of this model in order to change the game in the process of overcoming obstacles.

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25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue

25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue 25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue combines an affordable price, exquisite appearance and traditional technology for snooker masters. The distinctive feature of this jump cue – matte black wrapless handle for better slip stroking.

Absolutely unique design allows you to perform strokes in 2 styles: short and long jumps. But it’s not just about styles! This cue provides the player with amazing opportunities for maximum control of the jumps and achieving a high accuracy of the trajectory.

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Pure X Jump Break Cue

Pure X Jump Break CuePure X Jump Break Cue is primarily designed to perform jumps.

The length of the jumping cue can be adjusted by screwing the components of the tourniquet (three of them) in different combinations.

Exclusively for those players who prefer an aggressive manner of the game, don’t agree with any compromises and strives to win by the shortest way, suppressing opponents with strength and ultimate energy.