7 Best Square game tables

Tables come in different shapes and sizes – round, square, octagonal, etc. Their main purpose is to serve as a dining surface. Agree, however, it is more interesting, if such a table is equipped with some interesting game, so as not to lose touch with the absorption of food, you could play something worthwhile.

Some manufacturers of tables have moved away from the usual understanding of the ordinary table and have moved on – they began to make such designs that combine not only a dining surface but also can be a full-fledged place for table games. In this article, we will discuss 7 Best Square game tables.

ACME Furniture Bishop Game Table

A beautiful square table performed under the old days will suit you as a game table for playing chess or backgammon, and you can use the table for its intended purpose – a dining table. Inside the table, there are 2 boxes, where you can store figures for chess or backgammon.

The beveled corners will not allow you to hit the table, and also this design gives the construction greater antiquity. The whole product is made of noble wood. Such a table will look great in your house, where you will invite friends to put the party in chess or backgammon.

Frenchi Home Furnishing Chess Table 

A beautiful, laconic table of cherry blossoms is a perfect accessory for your living room. Classic design, small size allows you to set the table in any place where you expect to receive guests. For storing the figures, a sufficiently large drawer is provided in the table. However, the figures themselves are not included in the delivery set.

The only drawback that is worth noting when choosing this model – this design needs to be assembled. But if you assemble this wonderful table, it will give you many interesting game hours with your loved ones.

Trademark Games Wood Table

A functional, beautiful, comfortable table will decorate any bar or room where friends’ companies always gather. You can place drinks on the table, and if you are overcome with excitement, you can play chess or backgammon. If you do not have the mood to play, just turn the countertop over and the table will turn into an ordinary dining design. And you can put all the figures in a comfortable wardrobe.

This model is not just a universal table for eating but a functional table for the game. Feel free to invite guests because now you do not have to think about how to entertain your visitors.

Cambor Four in One Game Table

Want to surprise the guests? Then show them the trick – just flip the removable table top and turn it into a chessboard or a backgammon surface. Then get all the accessories for the game from the box located on the table and ask your friends to play the game in an exciting pastime.

The removable panel is made of rosewood. The figures themselves for playing chess, checkers, backgammon, as well as cubes are not included. The whole construction is made of Inlaid Rosewood Veneer.

A superbly thoughtful table will bring something new to your evenings and meetings with friends.

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Sterling Wooden Game Table

This is a classic table without any frills or design skills. Everything is very simple – a table with a removable surface in the center that turns from a chess surface into a countertop for playing backgammon.

Under this removable board, you can store figures for the game, there is enough space there. Despite its minimalism, this table can boast of the fact that it requires minimal assembly. So in a few minutes after the delivery of goods, you can enjoy the game with your friends.

BBO Poker Levity Game and Poker Table

This comfortable and elegant table is able to accommodate 4 people around it for playing dominoes, mahjong cards, etc. There are boxes for storing items, as well as cup holders made of stainless steel. These cupholders are not afraid of scratches, and your drinks will be safely stored. Massive carved leg of black oak color is varnished from damage.

At your choice, manufacturers provide 2 versions of the game surface – felt cloth or waterproof disposable fabric. BBO Company has recommended itself as a manufacturer of high-quality tables.

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Casino Royale Game Table

What could be better than sitting at a cup of tea near a cozy table…and if it becomes boring – then be able to play some interesting board game. The table from the company Authentic Models embodies your dreams in reality.

Antique finish, details of brass, fully dismountable design. Easily and freely by turning the table top, you change the dining table into a table for playing chess, backgammon or poker. It’s a very versatile product, isn’t it?

Please note that accessories for the game are not included.