5 Best Wood game tables

Wood is an excellent material for developing and creating exclusive furniture, lively and incredibly cozy, attractive and sound, ergonomic and practical. And even the rapid development of scientific and technological progress, as well as the appearance of new technologies and innovative materials on the market, have not made the natural tree of valuable species less popular and in demand among admirers of natural beauty and style.

If you are one of those people who, in addition to just drinking tea, prefer to play a game of chess or checkers, for example, while you do not want to be distracted from the process of tea drinking, special tables were made that serve not only the dining table but also the game table. Such tables are made of different materials – MDF, glass, wood. Of course, completely wooden models are more expensive than others, however, their operational value grows several times. Let’s look at the representatives of 5 Best Wood game tables.

Hillsdale Warrington Poker Table

This wooden table has a smooth, sleek surface on one side, which is intended for eating, on the other hand, there is a playing surface with cupholders and drawers for chips. In other words, before you thereĀ is a transformer table, allowing you not only to have dinner on it but also play poker, chess or backgammon.

The table is made of hardwood, has a carved pedestal. The surface for playing poker is covered with leather.

Hillsdale Warrington Poker Table is a delightful table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as for conducting table games.

BarringtonĀ Foosball Wood Table

This wooden table will become an elegant decoration of your interior. The table top is made of heat-treated tempered glass. On this surface, you can drink tea without fear that the glass will burst. After tea, you can fight football.

The solid design of the table will allow you to play football with any intensity. Steel chrome rods, wooden ergonomic handles make it easy to control players. The figures themselves are painted by hand. On each side of the table, there are wooden counters.

At the bottom of the table, there is an additional shelf for storage. Together with the table in the set, there are 2 additional balls for the game.

Rustic Solid Wood Game Table

This game table from the RusticRanchPV factory is sustained in the traditions of good-quality classical style. About belonging to it a high-quality array of natural wood says, from which the model is made, as well as artfully executed carved elements. By such an impeccable and recognizable handwriting, combining ancient handicraft traditions and modern technologies, one can learn all, without exception, collections and individual items of R&R company.

This became possible thanks to the strictest quality control, careful approach to the choice of materials and the elegance of style solutions. Therefore, this model is individual, as masterpieces of the artist. This table for card games shows what should be a real classic – time-tested, with an almost perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

If you remove the dining surface from the table, you will find a poker playing field. For convenience, the table has special notches for chips, as well as holders for glasses. The pedestal has a large section with a storage door.

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Happy Chairs and More Game Wood Table

If you like playing chess or backgammon but just do not like the board on the table, then you should pay attention to this inexpensive but functional and practical wood table.

This small game table will give a lot of fun to you and your loved ones. The construction is made entirely of wood. In the center, there is a replaceable countertop on both sides of which there is a playing field for chess and backgammon. Both fields are hand painted and lacquered.

There are many color options.

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Howard Miller Ithaca Game Table

This is a game table from the collection of Ithaca from the Howard Miller company. It is made of solid wood, decorated with carvings of handwork and inlay. The game table top is supplemented with an insert from a special poker cover.

The poker table model is small and round in shape. Therefore this table will be convenient in any house, even the smallest. All components of the table are made of wood and covered with a special tool, which protects the table from scratches. This poker table does not pretend to be a sporting one but from this, its attractiveness and popularity have not become less.

For convenience, on the playing surface, there are holes for storing chips and coasters. Such a table, no doubt, will please the fans of the card game.

Advantages of furniture from a natural wood massif cannot be overestimated: it’s not only the aesthetic component but also the high performance, thanks to which wood has long been used for construction purposes and for the manufacture of unique interior items.