7 Best billiard stick wall racks on the market

If you have a pool table, you might encounter with the problem that you don’t have space where to put off your accessories. Of course, it is possible to just leave them on the table or put them on the floor, but this creates kind of messy environment which everybody would prefer to avoid. If you like your things to be clean and ordered, the best solution is to buy a stick rack.

Now, stick (or cue) racks can be different. In particular, there are two main categories: stick floor racks and stick wall racks – they are also called pool stick hold clips. The former ones are quite appealing and look good, but, unfortunately, take too much space. If you don’t want half of your rec room to be filled with accessories, accessories and once again accessories, it is more rational to choose a wall rack. Below, there are seven awesome wall racks that we have found out after hours of search. Check them out and don’t be too stubborn not to go to Amazon!

By the way, some pool tables already have stick storages in them. In case you don’t have a pool table yet, check out this article: 17 Best pool tables for home useMaybe you’ll find the one that has everything you need, and won’t have to look for any additions! 

Standard 6 Pool Cue Stained Wood Wall Rack with Clips

outlaw standart 6 pool cue

The first one is a pretty average but reasonably-priced wall rack that can hold 6 cues at a time. No worries if all of your guests have their own cues or if you prefer to play with different ones depending on your mood, the weather, the game, or whatever – everything will be in one place and in a perfect order. It is a well-known fact that a stick can serve you longer if you keep it in certain conditions – in particular, clean and not messy.

The rack that you can see in the picture is wooden and comes in four colors: chocolate, honey, midnight, and wine strains, or as people call them: brown, yellow, black, and reddish. Upon the whole, there may be some problems with installing this rack, but they are easily solvable, so if you want something simple and, what’s important, not too expensive, this one is a great option to try out!

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Fat Cat 2-Piece Wall Mounted Hardwood Billiard/Pool Cue Rack

fat cat stick holderOne more simple yet efficient option is made by Fat Cat. The whole construction is very similar to the first item on the list, but there are some differences. To start with, the design has a classic finish so if you care about your interior and all the things fitting in with each other, then look closer at this rack! The range of colors from which to choose here is smaller – just the two of them – oak and mahogany. By the way, oak and mahogany are two types of wood that are considered to be the most durable ones.

The advantage of this wall rack over the other is that its completion has mounting hardware like screws and drywall anchors. All you’ll need is some tools that most families usually have at home. The overall thing is said to be steady, so if once again you’re looking for the simple (but at the same time ready to spend a bit more to get a bit better), then choose this pretty rack!

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Hj Scott CR1022 6-Cue Wall Mount Billiard Cue Rack with Cue Clips

hj scott imageHow this one is different? It is not! This wall rack for storing pool cues is just one more option out there that you can consider. Actually, the problem with our market today is that we have too much choice. But what are you going to do? Most options though are practically the same. In this case, only the design once again stands out. Here, it is one more time those wood colors: oak, black, and mahogany. Oh, there is also a cherry one! So if you want to go for cherry, to hell with the first two options, go buy this one! Mounting and all the screws and bolts are provided as well.

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Cue Rack Only – 6 Pool Cue – Billiard Stick Wall Rack

cue rack only

This amazing cue rack is top-rated in Amazon which means that it would have been an ignorance if we missed it! Besides, there are no reasons for it – the rack is truly great. Not only it helps you to store sticks – it can hold balls and ball racks as well.

There are three colors (or should I say types?) of wood that you can choose from – black, mahogany, and oak. All the most popular options are there, so don’t worry – it will definitely fit at least anything out of your decor objects. The size of the rack is the following: 28 1/4 Hight, 27 1/4 Width, 2 3/4 Diameter. All the necessary mounting hardware to assemble this beauty will be sent to you with the rest of the details.

Not too many reviewers are complaining about this billiard sticks holder, which is a very good sign! It may cost you a bit more than the first two options, but its price is not that high, plus the ability to hold balls and other details is certainly an advantage. Go ahead and check this thing out!


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Cue Rack Only – 8 Pool Billiard Stick & Ball Floor Stand With Scorer

iszy billiards standIf you want to go for something more advanced, this cue rack might be exactly what you are looking for. Its price is nowhere near the prices of all the previous options, but it definitely has many advantages over them.

To start with, it is more of a floor stand rather than a wall rack. But since it also doesn’t take too much space, it would be a pity if it wasn’t included in this list. Plus, all of your cues will be situated next to the wall anyway, so why not to consider this convenient alternative?

The stand is more like a corner table. It can store not only your cues or sticks, but also balls and even beverages. The last one is especially great. If you have drinkers near your dear pool table now and then, you know how much of a threat it poses to the cloth and other features. In order not to get all anxious all the time, just let your guests know that they can leave their drinks in a special place. This would do good to everyone.

This table-stand also has scorers. How cool is that? Now you can count scores without having to write anything down or, even worse, remembering! All in all, there are a lot of useful features. There is just one color though and it is black. But black goes with everything, right? The construction of the table is said to be really steady. Unlike those wall racks, this one will stand still and be grounded no matter what you are up to. Plus, no holes in your walls! So, think about this item. Really think about it!

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10 Pool Cue Stained Wood Wall Rack

pool cue rackThis one surely looks great! The awesome part is that it can store ten cues. So, amateurs, stay away! This pretty little wall rack is just for pros. And the price of it is also just for pros.

The rack is made out of high-quality wood. It comes in four colors: honey, midnight, chocolate, wine. The dimensions are 4 x 60 x 29. Some customers complain about having to make some drills so that the holes were appropriate. So it may be the case for you as well. Be ready to take up a drill! Apart from this tiny inconvenience, the rack seems to be fine. Its classic vibe will give a fresh impetus to every interior decor. Certainly worth checking out for those who care about the design.

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NCAA Ohio State University Billiard Cue Rack with Mirror

personal cue rackFinally, the last item on our list will suit anyone who likes to make things a bit more personal. The brand offers you a sleek 8 cues rack with a mirror that features a logo. Not necessarily of Ohio State University, of course! You can order any logo you like. This option is especially great for those who own a small business or just want to emphasize the importance of some particular team.

The rack looks just wonderful. It will certainly draw the attention of everybody who’s visiting your rec room. The wood used for the creation of this rack is oak which is just an excellent material choice. So, if you think a logo would be good, then go for it!


These were seven best cue racks or stick racks, whatever you like, on the market. Of course, there are many other options that you can find, but these are quite enough to satisfy anyone’s taste. Don’t waste your time – look no more!