Brunswick air hockey tables reviews (Top 3)

Surely you have ever played air hockey, but you don’t know exactly one curious fact about this amazing gaming table … An unusual device was invented in 1960, the authors of the novelty were engineers from the USA (Muskegon). After 12 years it was already possible to buy air hockey and the necessary components of factory production, mass production was in full swing.

In this article, we will talk about the ancestor of gaming tables for air hockey – about the Brunswick company. Or rather, about the Top 3 Brunswick air hockey tables.

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Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Black V-Force

No matter how you feel about ice hockey, air hockey board game will entice you and make you move. Such mobility in the table game became possible with the advent of gaming tables for playing hockey. The Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table will make you experience the excitement and dynamics of this cool game. It will be interesting for both children and adults.

The size of the playing field of this model is 7ft, so it can take a worthy place in a small apartment or in the country. A mechanical counter records how many goals each player has scored. The role of the gate is made by a horizontal hole at the extreme wall of the field. Getting into it, the puck falls into the niche behind the gate, where it can be removed and continue the game.

The surface of the field is covered with a smooth plastic, along which the washer slides with minimal friction. On the edges of the playing field, there are bumpers that do not allow the pucks to fly out of the table.

The design of the model is strong and reliable, the stability of the legs is fixed by special devices. They help to level the table even on the most uneven floor!

The Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table is very attractive in its design, which will decorate the overall interior of the house and will be an exciting means for joint family games. Close people will appreciate your purchase!


Brunswick Shutout 7-Foot Air Hockey Table

Brunswick Shutout 7-Foot Air Hockey Table – an exquisite home game table with a reinforced design and good stability. Now there will be something to have fun in the evenings and what to play with the children! When arranging home gambling, do not forget to provide some nice reward to the winner. After all, winning is not so easy – it is necessary to work out a certain tactic of the game, to include an instant reaction, and even to hit exactly at the target. But the harder the game is, the better you fight.

Home air hockey Brunswick Shutout Table in its strength is not particularly inferior to club models. Strong construction of MDF and plastic, the playing field of laminated MDF will serve for a very long time at home. Abacus scoring units, with which the Brunswick Shutout air hockey table is equipped, will help not to lose count during an active game. You will only have to concentrate on the movement of the puck.

Gates with storage traps. Powerful legs are equipped with special jacks, to avoid loosening the structure during the match. The set has everything you need to play in the air hockey and conduct exciting competitions. So, have a good rest and regular victories!


Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill

The original model Brunswick Windchill Table will bring great pleasure from the popular game of air hockey. This is great entertainment for fans of active and exciting board games. A laconic and strict design, a stable body, a mechanical score counter, high-quality execution of the table will give pleasure to fans of air hockey game.

The design of the Brunswick Windchill is made of MDF, and the playing field is covered with super-smooth plastic. These materials withstand even heavy loads, and non-slip feet provide stability on the floor, preventing an involuntary shift of the table during the game. The air hockey is equipped with a powerful compressor, in the platform, there are 2,000 holes. Through them, air is supplied, it provides a perfect glide of the washer and a high speed of play. The model is equipped with a mechanical score counter, a set of basic accessories is supplied.

Brunswick Windchill Air Hockey Table is suitable for home use in spacious rooms, as well as for entertainment or sports halls, bars, clubs, offices. With proper operation and the use of original accessories for the game, Brunswick Windchill will last a long time.

From the history of the game

This game appeared in the late 1960s in the US and was developed by Brunswick engineers. Of course, the tasks were different before them. Two engineers were studying the problems of testing air circulation systems, and for this purpose, a special table was built, with a large number of different holes in its surface.

During the breaks, the company’s employees got addicted to playing at this table in hockey (with two bits and a washer), using numerous holes in the very table through which the air circulated. Circulating air reduced the friction of the washer against the table, increasing the speed of the game. The idea of such an air table was the basis of the future game.

So there was an air hockey. In 1972, the engineer of Brunswick Billiards Bob Lemieux, a fan of big hockey, organized the production and sale of equipment for air hockey.

The game has become particularly popular due to its versatility and compactness. In it, you can play in an apartment, in the country, in the office – in any place where you can place an air hockey table.

Modern air hockey can be called a real sports simulator. The game requires from the participants not only the speed of reaction but real physical activity. If you compare this game with the usual exercise bike, in this case, to engage in such unloading will be much more interesting, for example, in the office between jobs.