7 Best card game tables

Tables for card games can now be seen not only in casinos, clubs or expensive restaurants but also at home. Such popularity of specialized furniture is promoted by constantly increasing interest to an amazing game. Experts say that playing cards is a unique competition, a duel of intellects, in which luck accompanies only those who know how to predict the result, prudently take risks and show restraint.

Not surprisingly, for such a serious game the choice of furniture should be right. Modern card tables provide maximum comfort to players. In most models, there are crossbars for footrest, coasters, ashtrays, built-in fleets for chips, etc. Ideally, smooth countertops are traditionally covered with cloth.

The correct approach to choosing tables is one of the guarantees of the success of any casino, club or restaurant: comfortable furniture will make the stay in the hall pleasant for visitors. Guests with pleasure will become regulars of the institution, where the atmosphere has a rest. A beautiful table, cards, comfortable armchair, helpful staff and a pleasant company – all this is important both for professional players striving for the culmination of success in each game and for fans who simply enjoy the game. A quality table for playing cards is also relevant in the living room of a private house. Such furniture gives the room a certain charm, it easily becomes an effective stylistic center of the interior.  In this article, we consider 7 Best card game tables.

Square Folding Card and Game Table

In the evenings and in your free time are you going to be in a friendly company and play poker? Do you want to add a touch to every new game? If so, we advise you to buy this card table!

This model of the table is perfect for playing in places where it is unlikely to do so due to lack of free space. At home, in small rooms, a small room or in an office room during a corporate or lunch break, you only need to assemble a card table and enjoy your favorite game.

This card table is very easy to assemble and also easy to disassemble, making it easy to transport from place to place. The game table has a size of 38 x 38 x 29.5 inches and weighs 22 pounds. At this table with ease easily fit 4 people at once.

The whole construction of the game table is made of high-quality material and covered with vinyl upholstery is stain-resistant and easy to clean. The edges of the table are slightly rounded, which prevents you from damage.

Meco Folding Card Table

To play truly beautiful in one of the most gambling games of modern society, there are many attributes, but it is the card table that will give a special atmosphere.

We present to your attention a folding table for playing cards – Meco. The peculiarity of this table is that it is perfectly suited to easily and naturally organize a place to play where it is extremely difficult to do. Now you do not need to allocate a special space because you can assemble a table and put it in a convenient place for you, either at home or in the office or at the dacha.

The Meco card table has a size of 32 x 32 x 29.5 inches with a weight of 29 pounds. The table is made of wood, does not require assembly.

If you want to buy a table for card games, then do not hesitate!

Hillsdale Nassau Poker Table

A vintage table for card games will undoubtedly become one of the main places in your living room, where your guests and friends will gather.

The battle of characters, the volatility of fortune, the insane joy of the winner and the desperation of the loser, the excited fans – all this can be experienced at the octagonal card table. Carefully calculated table sizes will allow you to use this table both as a gaming and as a dining room, even in writing.

Genuine China oak and a handsome oak finish, refined legs – all this makes the table a wonderful interior and functional solution in your home.

Touch the classics with this wonderful table, and every card game will be a real discovery for you.

Executive Poker Table

The Fairview Game Rooms card table is designed for rough recreation and entertainment in the circle of friends, relatives, guests. It is convenient to fit into the interior of the gambling establishment, restrooms at the cottage, country house, billiard club. If you are a gambler, like communication and fun, playing cards, poker, then this neat and elegant table is for you.

The table is designed for 8 players. Accordingly, 8 holders for glasses and as many slots for chips this model has. Luxurious wooden quality and leather make this table a prime attribute in our house. It is not only beautiful but also functional. Just one table will replace your dining and playing area.

BBO Poker Levity Game and Poker Table

Now for playing poker you can gather your gambling friends and it does not matter if they are real aces or novice players. An elegant table for poker BBO is able to create a comfortable and convenient playing field for 4 participants of the tournament.

This square table for card games is the arena for gambling of emotions and intellect.

The whole design of the table is coated with a scratch-resistant black gloss finish of high quality, the foot is made of solid oak. Decorative stitches on the leg effectively complement the table for poker BBO. At the corners, there are steel cup holders.

BBO Poker Nighthawk Poker Table

Poker table BBO Poker Nighthawk – a round table for home games in the circle of your friends. In our opinion – this is the most convenient and comfortable table for playing and socializing with your friends. All equidistant from each other, it is clearly visible and audible to each of friends, it is pleasant to play both in cards, and in any board game, mafia, or just chat.

The base of the table is made in the form of a barrel made of solid wood, 8 people are comfortably placed at the table. The total weight of the table is 165 pounds. The armrest of the table is covered with leatherette, which is resistant to burning with a cigarette, is filled with elastic foam for additional comfort of players. The table uses a coating that is extremely durable.

WOYBR Multi-Game Card Table

This is a universal table for several games, which is covered by driftwood. On the one hand, the countertop is designed for playing chess and checkers. On the other hand – green felt-lined blackjack surface.

Well, at the very bottom, there is a surface for playing backgammon. The most important thing is that along with the table in the kit, there are all the accessories – cubes, chips, figurines, cards for playing blackjack, etc. There is a holder for cupholders at each corner.

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