7 Best cheap game tables

Board games are an occasion to get together with family or friends, it’s an interesting evening without a computer and a TV, full of communication and real excitement. If there is a place for table games in your heart, then you need to think about the place for them in your home. You can play table games at the dining table, on the coffee table or even on the floor. But is not it wonderful – to make room for games, make it comfortable and atmospheric? Table games include table football, air hockey, etc. Let’s look at 7 Best cheap game tables.

Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table

Air hockey from the Trademark company is an affordable and fun home game for the whole family, which is guaranteed to provide a great mood. In addition to developing such qualities as reaction speed and tactical thinking, table hockey also develops concentration and coordination.

The air hockey from Trademark is sold in a package that will help during transportation to preserve the appearance of the game and will not allow the occurrence of scratches or damages. The model is compact, size 12 x 22 x 4 inches. Operates from 8 AA batteries. The weight in the package is only 4.85 pounds, and even your child himself can move the game to the right place. You can hold a tournament by putting the game on the table or with ease to be placed on the carpet. Each player has his own score counter.

At manufacturing only modern materials thanks to which appearance and qualitative characteristics of a design will be kept for a long time were used.

Trademark Tabletop Foosball Table

Trademark foosball table for children is a very simple but at the same time fascinating game that children love and is remembered well by adults. It perfectly trains the speed of reaction and strategic thinking. Any free evening cannot go boring if there is such a football. To play a cheerful, dynamic match right in your living room is possible with 2 or more people.

The design of the Trademark table football consists of strong materials and weighs 4.75 pounds, which greatly simplifies the movement of the table anywhere. The nice design of the whole game fits well in any situation. The management of the toy players is done with the help of pens, turning which you can independently calculate the impact force on the ball. On each side are points counters for both players.

The size of the game is 20 x 12.1 x 3.9 inches, 2 balls are supplied. The tips of the handles are made of rubberized coating, thanks to which hands do not slip.

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

The Sport Squad air hockey will be a great gift for your children and adults as well. This active game contributes to physical development, develops coordination and speed of reaction. A great way to spend your free time for you and your friends. The size of the game is 40 x 20 x 5 inches, weight 10.7 pounds. The model takes up little space and easily fits into the game room.

A full-fledged air hockey with blowing and power from the outlet, however, remains safe to use for children because all electronic components are built deep into the chassis. The kit includes two bits and two washers. Home Sport Squad air hockey is made of a durable material, printing packaging will help to maintain the game quality longer.

Air hockey is an exciting fun and dynamic game that will take you to the world of childhood and create a holiday atmosphere, even in the office during lunch break.

Best Choice Products Sport Air Hockey Table

The air hockey from Best Choice Products will make the family holiday unforgettably cheerful and will bring a variety to any festive event. Hockey competitions and mini-tournaments will be an excellent entertainment for children and will help adults to escape from everyday worries. According to the rules, two people play simultaneously. The game excellently develops and improves the reaction, tactical thinking, and strength.

A simple and concise design of the game in the air hockey of Best Choice Products harmoniously complement the interior of the children’s or game room. A small weight of 16 pounds allows you to freely move the model to any desired place. Thanks to the MDF material used in the manufacture, the game will retain all its qualities for a long time. There is Electric Fan Motor for fast puck movement, a score counter for each player and a convenient dredging of the hammered washer.

T&S Tabletop Foosball Table Game

Table football T&S is a realized dream of sports fans and dynamic games. This model retained all the characteristics and rules of traditional table football: players must score the ball into the goal with the help of football players. The control mechanism is equipped with special bearings, which make each movement more distinct. On the sides of the table, there are special counters for counting.

Football T&S has some features. For example, the size of the playing field is reduced due to the smaller number of rows with figures of players: six rows instead of eight. You can play the game from two to four people but most likely one-on-one will be much more convenient. Length is of only 27 “, the size of the game without a box is 14 x 27.5 x 6 in – these parameters allow you to hold the table in any place convenient for you, and also it is easy to transport it.

Such a board game will perfectly stand out on any holiday because the figures and the body are decorated in colorful colors and made of high-strength plastic, which guarantees you a long service of this game table

Harvil Foosball Table

The Harvil Football Table is an excellent choice for someone who wants to make evenings with family, friends or colleagues fun and unforgettable. The assembled size is 38 x 19.75 x 8 inches, which allows teams of 2×2 or 3×3 people to comfortably fit around the table. The rules allow participation of up to 9 people in each team – conduct whole football tournaments, develop your tactical moves, strengthen team spirit.

Thanks to the dimensions of the packing of the Harvil Football Table, it is convenient to move the game to the desired place or even take it with you to rest. Weight 12.13 pounds gives the game additional stability. Practical plastic and wood have increased wear resistance, which guarantees a long use. The kit comes with two balls.

The game sharpens the reaction and improves coordination. Perfectly suitable for both adults and children.

Franklin Sports Rod Hockey Pro

Table hockey from Franklin Sports is a great entertainment for the whole family, this game is familiar to many people from early childhood. It is perfect for anyone because there is no age limit. Playing together with children or friends, you will get pleasure and excitement from an incredibly dynamic and colorful game.

Table hockey from Franklin Sports is made of very high-quality materials, and the field itself exactly repeats the shape of the original hockey field. For additional protection from the release of the washer, table hockey is provided with transparent plastic boards, and for the convenience of counting, there is a special mobile scoreboard. The figures themselves are painted in the color of a certain hockey team, and the names of the players are written on their backs.

This entertainment does not take much space and is therefore perfect for any apartment or country house, and in rainy or cold weather it will be an excellent way not to get bored at home.