11 Best classic sport Foosball tables reviews

Classic sport foosball tables
A universal means of leisure, allowing you to have fun in any company, is football table. This simple but at the same time, extremely gambling pastime has gained fame among many people in different countries around the world. A characteristic feature is that everyone can play table football, regardless of his skills, gender or age.

At the moment, a kicker (table football) – this is a very popular sport and just an entertaining hobby. It is played by a lot of people around the world. For this sport, there are many competitions of different levels. Around the world, a lot of amateur clubs and non-professional players who spend a lot of time playing a game of table football are scattered. The huge popularity of this game was due to the fact that everyone can choose individually table football for themselves. Let’s look at reviews of 11 Best classic sport foosball table.

Best classic sport foosball table reviews

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

One of the most solid and quality tables of the Tornado brand. A small cabinet, one inch in size, has a melamine mahogany finish. The jacks on each leg allow you to adjust the table in height or align it if the floor surface is not very even.

There are plastic handles at the ends of the bars. Their main feature is to give a good grip of the palms with rudders (SureGrip). This model has an end ball return, which facilitates the game process. A player of any level (from beginner to professional) will be comfortable playing at such a table. The individual feature of this item is the balls for playing the kicker. They differ from conventional plastic ones. After a while, the ball does not deform, so it works great on the playing field.

A large price for the Tornado table is fully justified by the high gaming characteristics of this model. The main thing is to properly care for the table, to make lubrication in time, then this table will last you for many years.


  • Lifting jacks for adjusting.
  • Plastic handles for comfortable playing.
  • Balls of excellent quality.


  • High price.

Tornado T3000 Foosball Table

Table football T-3000 Tournament – the highest-quality table of the Tornado brand. As the name implies, this table is suitable for a tournament game but it was created for home use, without coin receiver. ITSF (International Table Football Federation) is certified for training and tournaments.

In addition to the compactness and strength of this model, one can also distinguish its performance. Having Backed corners only enhances the excitement of the game. And one goalie feature will allow you to feel the atmosphere of real football, in which you can plunge and try your hand at this exciting game.

Manufacturers argue that this is the best model for commercial needs. Specifically, this model does not have a coin receiver. However, at the market, there is a model (which costs a little more expensive) equipped with a mechanism of the magnet option.

A series of tables Tornado T-3000 is a guarantee of excellent matches. 1/2 “of stainless lamination gives the table a special charm. High-quality steel bars are capable of withstanding the toughest game. Another feature of the table is the availability of counterbalanced men and split bearings.


  • Counterweights.
  • Stainless lamination.
  • Steel rods.


  • Price.
  • Installation.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table

This model is equipped with superbly balanced players of increased strength. Inside the table are bearings – light and durable, they provide an excellent rotation of the rod and, as a consequence, the game acquires additional dynamism and excitement.

The legs are made of stainless steel and equipped with a system of jacks, which allows you to set the table on a non-ideal flat surface. The playing field is made of the impact-resistant material, and the surface of the leather laminate gives the table extra scratch resistance and is able to withstand any weather conditions.

Strict design and soft coloring of this table best characterize the character of the model – reliability, practicality, and functionality. At this table, even a nonprofessional can quickly master the game! Figures of players are balanced in such a way that your passes are obtained as accurately and precisely as possible.

Game characteristics of the table will fully satisfy both professionals and fans of this exciting game.


  • Strict design.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Robust construction.


  • Heavy.

KICK Foosball Table Emperor

Of the features of this model, we can note the classic design with impeccable quality of production and with exemplary game parameters.

Even if you are new to the kicker world, by purchasing this table, you will quickly learn a variety of techniques for playing table football. This table can be called a “training” table for fans and professionals of the kicker, as its playing qualities are at a high level, and the game on it provides an unforgettable pleasure.

The solidity and practicality of the football table are given by the impressive frame made of fibreboard MDF. Stable and unpretentious in use, the kicker table is designed for a long life, which allows you to use it in bars and cafes.

Small figures of plastic players are painted in yellow and black. The quality and safety of the through bars are complemented by ergonomic handles made of wood, which excludes the sliding of the hand.


  • Built-in holders for glasses.
  • Counter-balanced and Non-Counter-balanced.
  • Corner Ramps.
  • Premium Barings.


  • Price.
  • Weight of the construction.

Hathaway Primo Foosball Table

This model will become the center of attention of your guests, as well as the venue for all evenings of your family. All the details of the table are made at a high level. It’s just not possible not to fall in love with this table football – a glossy football field and classic molded soccer players.

Made of durable certified MDF and covered with melamine with a beautiful espresso finish table meets all the needs of the game. 4 cup holders, quality wood, comfortable wooden handles, chrome ball return – everything in this table will be loved by those who decide to purchase this model.

Excellent bearings and solid steel rods guarantee perfect control of the games. On the legs, there are aligners with rubber gaskets, which will not scratch the floor. To maintain a score in the design chrome Abacus-style counters are provided.

Molded players have an excellent glossy finish. 2 balls are in the kit.

The Hathaway Primo table is an excellent family entertainment at an affordable price.


  • Reinforced construction.
  • Coasters.
  • Flawless rod mechanism for easy play.


  • Difficult to assemble.

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Football table Carrom Signature – this is an interesting board game, thanks to which you can spend time together, the three of us or the four of us. At the same time, table football does not take up much space and can be placed in almost every room. Usually, someone buys football tables not only in city apartments and country houses for family games but also in offices, so that the employees can relax after a day at a game with their colleagues.

This table is famous for its versatility. On the market, it is presented in a wide range of finishes. This model has a Burr Oak coating.

The graphics on the playing field convey the atmosphere of a real football field. Chromed barbells with wooden 8-handles allow the player to confidently strike the goal. Premium bearings are designed specifically for fast and confident games. For account management, a wood-beaded scoring system is provided.


  • Choice of the color scheme of the table.
  • Compact.
  • Realistic graphics of the playing field.
  • Reinforced construction.

Imperial Classic Foosball/Soccer Game Table

The strict and classic design of table football Imperial Classic will not only be a good gift for any man but also a perfect addition to any interior, be it a strict office or a cozy house. Thickened wooden legs are shod in rubber ticks to prevent slipping on the floor. The frame of the table is made of strong MDF with a shockproof coating, which can significantly increase the service life.

The table is suitable for both beginners kicker lovers, and for professional and serious games. The classic design solution allows you not to be distracted during the game but does not interfere with having fun and interest.

The competition is held between two teams of players. Each team consists of one goalkeeper installed on the first bar, two defenders on the second bar, the third – three midfielders and the fourth – five attackers. The commands are arranged in a mirror image to each other. The game is played up to seven goals scored. Accounting for goals is carried out with the help of two mechanical counters.


  • The table is ideal for both commercial and home use.
  • Equipped with wooden legs with rubber galoshes, preventing sliding of the table on the floor surface.
  • The surface is made of the impact-resistant material, which gives the game field additional resistance to scratches.
  • Handles are made of rubber, which guarantees the best contact with the palms.


  • Assembly is required.

KICK Foosball Table Glory

Table football is not only a game of chance, it’s a way to switch and relax. The classical design of the KICK football table will look organically in the interior of any office but rather compact dimensions allow it to be placed even in a modern apartment.

Unobtrusive design, sturdy construction, steel chrome rods with wooden handles, the presence of leveling on the legs, the system of return of the ball on both sides of the table – all this guarantees you an excellent game of football.

Playing table football in breaks, employees in the office can relieve tension, and besides, it can improve the atmosphere and create healthy competition. The main thing is to know the measure. Any party will certainly acquire a new character because team gambling allows you to make a special kind of activity in the usual course of fun.


  • Compact.
  • Classic design.
  • Adjusting the legs.


  • Not suitable for professional games.

Kick Foosball Table Silver Freedom

Unique Game Football Silver Freedom hastens to please all consumers. A classic set of several game elements is able to give a lot of impressions in the game. In the complete set, there is a tool for fast assembly, a ball, a bar, a colorful playing field. You can easily adjust the height of the table. Its dimensions make it easy to place such a device even in a small children’s room. This product meets all the highest quality standards set. In the process of making the best masters took part, who paid attention to every detail in order to create a really useful product.

Sturdy material from which the field is made allows you to avoid fractures when striking in the process of active play, and the availability of spare balls – to play unhindered for a long time and have fun. Invite your friends and plunge into the world of positive emotions! Presence of the instruction and the tool for assembling will help to quickly assemble the construction without involving specialists.


  • Legs are made of MDF.
  • The surface is made of impact-resistant material.
  • The additional rigidity of the structure is attached to reinforcing bars from MDF.
  • Handles are made of wood.
  • The kit includes a tool for assembling.
  • Spare balls for the game.


  • Not suitable for professionals.

KICK Foosball Table Onyx Black

Football table KICK Onyx Black is intended for fans of excitement and table games, as well as aesthetes and connoisseurs of high quality. Table football has a powerful and reliable design, capable of withstanding even greater loads. KICK Foosball Table Onyx Black is made of strong materials, while it has a special coating, which allows easy sliding of the ball along the playing field. In addition, the game table is equipped with wooden handles, thanks to which you can easily control the people on the field.

The advantage of the KICK Foosball Table Onyx Black is the availability of mechanical scoring points. That is, you do not have to count all the time in the head scored goals or record an account on a piece of paper. The design has a noble black and silver color, thanks to such a pleasant palette the table will truly adorn any room.


  • High-class soccer table for indoor use.
  • Made of quality metal/wood/plastic materials.
  • Included balls/mechanical counters.
  • It is installed on any hard, level surface.

BARRINGTON Richmond Foosball Table

The kicker BARRINGTON will stand even the most aggressive game – enough weight and wide table legs slightly narrower downwards will stand under the most severe pressure. The field itself is made of the impact-resistant material, which will avoid scratches. The legs with a jack will exactly help to install a portable lawn on an inclined floor or on the grass of a garden plot.

To play at this table football will be able to even those who are not strong in the usual form of the game. To win, you need only sleight of hand and quick reaction. Each of the players has 10 mini-players, which are controlled by retractable pens. They are ergonomic, do not slip out of the palms and do not scratch them.


  • The table is ideal for both commercial and home use.
  • The legs are equipped with a system of jacks, which allows you to set the table on a not perfectly flat surface.
  • The playing field is made of the impact-resistant material, which gives it additional resistance to scratches.
  • The design is reinforced with metal rods that impart additional rigidity.
  • Handles are made of rubber, which guarantees excellent contact with the palms.

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