5 Best combination game tables

Combination game tables – for all tastes and ages

Rejoice, lovers of table games! Now you don’t need to look for your favorite game table in an entertainment center and wait until it gets liberated by someone else so that you could play your favorite game. Why wait when you can have a table of your own? More than that, you can have a game table that includes them all! – all of the games that seem appealing to you. Modern combination game tables or transformers have become real game-changers in this type of entertainment. Have you gathered all of your friends at home for a party? Why not arrange a sports tournament? You can play tennis, air hockey, billiards, and many other games thanks to one single item – a combination table.

Each model includes several playing fields, so that everyone could choose a game to their liking. Get acquainted with the top 5 combination game tables and choose the one you like best!


Fat Cat Black Pockey Table

fat cat pokey table

The first model is made by Fat Cat, which is a renowned producer of game products. The table includes three games – billiards, air hockey, and table tennis. Due to a relatively small size (7ft), this table can fit into any rec room or game room. It is both compact and convenient to play on. All the three surfaces of the table are made of high-quality materials. The special tri-fold tabletop technology allows switching between all of them effortlessly.

The table comes with a full package of accessories for each game. There are four pushers and pucks for air hockey; a set of balls, a resin triangle, two cue sticks, two pieces of chalk, a brush for billiards; two paddles, balls, and a net for table tennis. If you are still unsure of whether this is the table you need, click on the Amazon link down below to find out more details about this product. Having reviewed many other models like this one, all we can say is that the price-quality ratio here is definitely one of the best.


Hathaway Matrix 7-in-1 Multi Game Table

This multifunctional game table includes 7 games! So this is like a real entertainment center that can be used in many different ways and by many different people. The games are billiards, table tennis, air hockey, chess, checkers, backgammon, and foosball.

The first playing surface in the table’s construction is for playing billiards. Just like a regular pool table, it has pockets for the hammered balls. To play table tennis, obviously what you need to do is change the surface. The table tennis surface is securely attached to the table, so you don’t need to worry about possible inconveniences. Mesh, rackets and tennis balls are all in the kit. The air hockey tabletop has a glide smooth coating, which ensures a quick slide of the washer. For playing chess, checkers, and backgammon, there is a separate tabletop with a special board for these games. All the necessary accessories for the games are included in the set. The most interesting (and massive!) feature of this table though is its foosball surface. It has convenient rods with handles and score counters.

The table will provide you with many hours of fun gaming. Its construction is very strong and reliable. So, by choosing this model, you will get into a whirlwind of entertainment!


Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

To make your leisure time more diverse and joyful, take a closer look at this table-transformer. Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Table has a variety of games included in it. It will interest both adults and children. Such products are very common in various recreational areas and entertainment centers – if you haven’t seen one already, it is time for you to discover this wonderful joy-machine. Thanks to the latest engineering advances, turning one table surface into another is very easy! Only one turn of the tabletop is what it requires to switch from pool to table tennis, from table tennis to air hockey, etc.

So, there are three games in this one. Table tennis will also be of great interest to children. Adults will be more prone to play billiards as it is less dynamic and more strategic kind of game. Air hockey will satisfy both – since nothing is more exciting that air hockey! One single item introduces so many opportunities.

The stylish design of the table and its sturdy body will decorate any room. Actually, all the parts of the product are strong and safe. The set includes accessories for the presented games. The acquisition of the table will not only give you lots of joy but also have a great impact on the development of your strength, dexterity, and brain activity.


Triumph 4-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

This luxurious Triumph 4-in-1 game table for family leisure or resting with friends has such amazing features as multifunctionality and compactness. The small size of the transformer table (only 48 “L x 23.75” W x 32) allows you to set it even in small rooms. At any party, such table won’t be left unnoticed! There are always people who want to play table games as well as those who like to watch these competitive battles. Observers, by the way, can also recharge their batteries with positive emotions – sometimes viewing can be just as exciting as playing!

This table differs from other transformers in that it lets you change a playing surface in less than a minute! Just a couple of easy movements and the air hockey tabletop transforms into a foosball one or a billiards one. To play table tennis, you need to scroll the surface of the table. Everything is so easy – even children can do it.

The set includes all the necessary equipment for playing: two versatile cues, one triangle, two chalks, a brush with a handle, a set of balls, two bits, two washers, and other accessories. The bright original design of the table is suitable for home, office, bar or club – anything really. To play air hockey, the transformer table should be connected to the energy source. So, this is one more great option! It is probably the cheapest one you can find, so definitely check it out.


Atomic 2-in-1 Flip Table

The Atomic multifunctional table has an interesting and unusual design. The table can be easily transformed into two game zones for holding competitions. There are two games – air hockey and billiards. These games represent excellent training not only for the body but also for the mind. Modern construction and engineering advances make it possible to set this product in your home. In fact, making it a part of family leisure is very simple! All you need to have is money, of course, and a couple of hands.

Adults can play air hockey or billiards. The younger ones that are full of energy will surely go for air hockey. Both will gain lots of positive and healthy vibes! You don’t have to purchase any additional accessories – they all come with the product. To improve the sliding of the washer in air hockey, the surface is supplied with fans that are operating using electricity.

The design of the table has been made as stable as possible. It is durable and easy to handle. The transformer will look good both in a cottage living room and in a children’s room. It can also be purchased to entertain a company’s employees so that they could strengthen the team spirit during a collective lunch break.

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Why are combination game tables (transformers) so popular?

  1. Multifunctionality is the main advantage. One table includes several games. Having it installed in a cafe or pizzeria makes visitors stay for longer periods of time (and increase your income). Everything is as simple as possible. On the market, you can find models with three playing fields, five, eight, etc.
  2. Compactness. Modern multifunctional game tables are worth to buy because of their compactness. They take up no more place than regular tables but provide you with many more possibilities.
  3. Low prices. Do you want to create a cozy environment at your home? Buy a combination game table, in which a simple manipulation is all it takes to turn billiards into hockey. Such a table will surely please children and adults alike! Have you already made your choice? If not, 5 top options are still there for you, waiting to be viewed and purchased!