5 Best combination game tables

Combination game tables – all interests are taken into account

Rejoice, lovers of game table sports, now you do not need to look for a free table and play football because it is free or billiards, since it has just been vacated. Modern combination game tables (or transformers) literally made a revolution in this segment of entertainment. Gathered a good company? Why not arrange a sports tournament… Have brought the table in the right position and, please, play tennis. You prefer more lively games – air hockey beloved by everyone. Each model includes several fields and everyone can choose a game to their liking. Let’s get acquainted with the top 5 representatives of the combination game tables.


Fat Cat Black Pockey Table

The two-in-one gaming table Fat Cat has already become popular among fans of board games. Thanks to a thoughtful and easily controlled system of transformation, this table makes it possible to quickly change the billiard playing field on the air hockey by simply turning it over the hinge mechanism. To ensure that the game board does not stagger during the game, it is fixed to the frame with special locks.

Air hockey works from the electrical outlets. Air blowing is carried out through a number of properly located holes in the playing field with the help of a compressor.

Another important point: the table is sold fully equipped with accessories for games. In addition, on the side of the table, there are special holders for all components. It is quite convenient in a small room, inventory is easy to store without fear of losing anything …


Hathaway Matrix 7-in-1 Multi Game Table

Multifunctional game table, 7 functions in one table – Hathaway Matrix. This table gives so many opportunities for a variety of recreation, both in the circle of loved ones and for visitors to establishments for recreation.

Initially, in the frame of the game table, there is a playing field for billiards. As in the large model, there are also pockets for the hammered balls. In order to play table tennis, you need to set the table tennis field on the table frame. This tabletop is securely attached to the frame of the table, so you can not worry about any inconvenience. Mesh, rackets and tennis balls are in the kit. The worktop for air hockey has a glide smooth coating, ensuring a quick slide of the washer. For playing chess, checkers or backgammon, there is a separate tabletop with special markings for games. All accessories necessary for games are also supplied. Perhaps the massive part itself is a field for playing foosball. Convenient rods with handles, score counters will give you many hours of exciting game.

The game table itself is very strong, reliable. It will spin you into a whirlwind of entertainment, like a real tornado!


Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

In order your free time was varied and always gave joy, it is worth paying attention to multifunctional table-transformer Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Table, which will interest adults and children with a variety of included games. Similar products can almost always be found in places of entertainment, as well as in playrooms of various sanatoriums and recreation areas. But thanks to the latest engineering solution – turning one table surface into other fascinating sports, it can easily be put right at home for your own fun.

Thanks to the ingenious idea of designers, only one turn of the table top instead of a seemingly unremarkable billiard table we can get a field for playing air hockey, so beloved by children. Tennis will also be of great interest to them. Adult fans of board games are sure to be interested in billiards. Just one table will be a replacement for the whole game room, where you can satisfy your excitement.

The stylish design of the table, as well as a sturdy body, will decorate any room. All parts of the product are high-strength and safe, the kit also includes accessories for the presented games. The acquisition of such a thing will not only give joy for a long time because of the possibility of constant choice and also will have a great impact on the development of strength, dexterity, and brain activity.


Triumph 4-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

The luxurious Triumph 4-in-1 game table for family leisure or relaxation with friends will please with its multifunctionality and compactness. The small size of the transformer table, only 48 “L x 23.75” W x 32 “, allows it to be installed in small rooms. At any party, such a table will not stand alone – there are always people wishing to play, as well as a lot of spectators and fans. After all, from the game, not only playing people can have fun and positive emotions but also simple observers.

The main difference from other board games is the ability to choose and change the game, which takes less than a minute. Just a couple of easy movements and air hockey goes into launch football or billiards, and if you want, you can play table tennis – just scroll the surface of the table. Everything is so easy, that children independently change their own games.

For a full game in the kit are attached: two versatile cues, one triangle, two chalks, a brush with a handle, a set of balls, two bits, two washers, and other accessories. To play in an air hockey, the transformer table is connected to the network.

The bright and original design of the table harmonizes well with any situation: home, office, bar or club.


Atomic 2-in-1 Flip Table

The Atomic multifunctional table is an overturning gaming design that can easily be turned into the 2 most popular game zones for competitions. It will become an ideal entertainment for the whole family, satisfying the requests for every taste. This is an excellent training not only for the body but also for memory. Not for nothing that gaming tables attract visitors to places of entertainment. But modern design and engineering solutions make it possible to install such a product in your home because it will turn into a fascinating table for family recreation in one move.

Adults can pass the time for air hockey or billiards, having satisfied the desire not only to play but also to tickle the nerves. For young wishing to arrange a match, the game of air hockey is also perfect. You will not have to purchase any additional accessories, they all come with the product. To improve the sliding of the washer in air hockey, the surface is supplied with fans operating from the network.

The design of the table is as stable as possible, easy to handle and durable. The complex will look appropriate at the cottage, in children’s play areas or places with great traffic. It can also be purchased for the entertainment of the company’s employees so that during a joint lunch break they can strengthen the team spirit.

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Why combination game tables (transformers) are so popular

  1. Multifunctionality is the main advantage. One table includes several games. Having installed it in a cafe or pizzeria, visitors themselves can choose the desired playing surface. Everything is done as simply as possible. On the market, there are models with three-gameĀ fields, five, eight, etc.
  2. Compactness. Modern multifunctional gameĀ tables are worth to buy and for their compactness. They occupy place no more than the standard tables of similar games but the possibilities are much greater.

Playing at the combination game tables will be even more enjoyable, given that today you can buy them at a very low price. Do you want to make your home pleasant? Buy a combination game table, which by simple manipulation can be turned into any playing field…. and billiards become hockey. Such a surprise is sure to please children and adults alike.