11 Best Commercial Game Tables (Coin operated)

If you own a bar or some other public place, buying a coin-operated game table is a great way to earn extra money. You only buy it once and then benefit from it for a long long time. Besides, a cool game table may attract new customers. There is only one problem – you should invest a considerable amount of money in your future purchase, which is why it is preferable to think carefully before making a deal. The list below will guide you through some of the best commercial game tables out there. Go through it and then make up your mind!

Dynamo Black Sedona Coin Operated 8′ Pool Table

pool table valley dominoThis 8 feet coin-operated pool table made by Valley-Dynamo is one of the most appreciated in the market. Its construction is steady. The slate or the surface is made of galvanized steel slate. The rails are hardwood and the parts that are most susceptible to damage are reinforced with metal and plastic. The legs end with levelers so that you could establish a level playing surface.

The overall look of the table, as you can see, is pretty moderate – it will fit practically anywhere. In sum, this is a good high-quality table that is definitely worth checking out!

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Kiddie Pool 6 ft Coin Operated Pool Table with Accessories

american kiddie pool table

This one is made by a company called Great American. The table is 6 feet which is quite a small size, most suitable for children. So if your business or something that you want to create is connected with kids, this is a great option to consider!

The table’s slate (its basic part, so to say) is one piece of slate which means that it is very durable. The cabinet is made of 100% plywood. The color palette of the table is quite an unusual one but this is what kids usually like. All the necessary accessories for playing are included in the package. Despite the fact that this table is just 6 feet, its price practically equals the price of the table above. So if you’re aiming at adult customers, it is better to choose the first table. This one is mostly just for kids!

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Shelti Bayside Pool Table Sovereign Cherry – 93″ Coin Operated

shelti pool table

Shelti Bayside is one more commercial pool table. This one is especially convenient since it has a special Dollar Bill Validator so there won’t be any problems with money operations. By the way, there’s no need to remove the slate in order to get all the money you’ve earned – there is a special side service door for that, which is very convenient.

The overall quality of the table is excellent. MDF top rails, special metal pieces for a longer durability, and other great features make sure that the table will last for a long time! It is quite similar to the first item on our list, so choose the one you like most!

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Valley 93″ Coin Op Panther Pool Table – Cheyenne Leather

valley coin on

As you can see, this table looks practically the same as the previous one. However, there are certain differences in design. First of all, the corner cuttings are different and unusual. Secondly, legs and legs endings are constructed a bit differently. And there are many other small details that are not identical.

All the money-connected operations are also easy to make. The materials used to create this table are fine & long-lasting, like rail rubber, for example. The good ball bounce is guaranteed! As for the rest, this one is more expensive than other tables. That said it doesn’t mean that other tables are worse. They are all of a good quality, so it is better to check producers’ websites or other info in order to figure out which quality-price ratio is the best. For now, you can go check the current price on Amazon!

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Portuguese Foosball Table

portugese foosball table

Let’s move on to the foosball tables! Any place can be turned into a lively crowded and exciting one if you place a foosball table in it. This Portuguese foosball table is one of the many options on the market that you can find. The peculiarity of this table is that it is completely hand-made! Can you imagine that? Not only will the table bring lots of joy to its owners but it also will give your place an authentic touch. Or let’s say it just looks beautiful!

The quality of the table is also great. It is made of solid wood which ensures durability. The surface is 8mm Acrylic, which is fine. The little players are all hand painted. As for the money operations, there is a special slung coin mechanism which requires slugs. 10 slugs come together with the accessories to the table. So, you can sell slugs yourself to your customers and then your customers will use them to play foosball. Just like in the subway system. Decide whether this way of paying is convenient for you. If it is, certainly check this table out!

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The Tornado Platinum Tour Edition Coin Operated Foosball Table

tornado platinum table

The Tornado coin operated foosball table is a bit rougher than the previous one, but its advantage is that all the details are precise. After all, it is produced in a factory. The overall construction is steady. The top of the table can be easily removed for cleaning or for taking out cash. The legs are adjustable. The players are black and yellow and, by the way, there are three goalies on each side.

As for the money, there is a 5 coin push chuse mechanism which lets you charge either $0,75 or $1,25 for a game. You can easily make it free or change the settings in some other way. As you see, the overall paying process is easier than in the case with previous foosball table. Although here you gotta remove the top in order to get money. All in all, if you like this one, there is no reason not to get it! Tornado stands for quality, so leave out all the doubts.

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Game Room Guys Custom Coin Op Foosball Table

game room guys

Last but not least foosball table on our list is the one made by Game Room Guys. This table is really awesome! It is way above the tables described earlier and this is why. First, just like other tables, it has a steady construction however with that it has other good & useful features, such electronic scoring, LED screen, and sound effects to make the game even more exciting!

The basic qualities of the game on the table is that there are 1 goalie and 4 speakers. The table has a customizable design. You can have any graphics you want on the sides of your future table. You can even ask for help in creating your own unique design.

All in all, this coin-operated foosball table has a number of great features which makes is stand out from the rest foosball tables. Of course, everything comes at a cost and ‘Game Room Guys’ is far more expensive than other models. So, just choose the one that suits your budget! If you can afford this one, great! If you can’t, then go for other options.

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Gold Standard Games Professional Coin-Op Air Hockey Table

gold standard airhockey

If you are not that into playing pool and foosball is also not your cup of tea, there are many other coin-operated game tables you can try. Like air hockey tables, for example. Recently, air hockey has gained lots of popularity so buying an air hockey table will certainly not be a waste!

The table that you can see on the picture is made by Gold Standard Games. It is designed by an air hockey champion Mark Robbins. The overall construction of the table is a classic one. Same can be said about the look of the table – no additional useless details, no unnecessary frills – just the game and what’s important for it. Rails are made of high-density aluminum which provides a good bounce. The air flow is also great.

In sum, this is a solid good air hockey table. It is approved by USAA and suitable for championships. What it is also suitable for is commercial usage! So, if air hockey is your kind of sport, definitely check this table out.

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Valley-Dynamo Blue Streak Coin Operated Air Hockey Table

valley dinamo table

One more hockey table. This one is made by Valley Dinamo. If this name rings a bell, you’ve got an excellent memory – a couple of pool tables described above are also made by this company. If it doesn’t though, it means that you don’t remember all the junk that you see and this is also good.

This table also has aluminum rails for a better bounce. It is provided with a ‘Dyna Blast’ blower system and roll-down coin mechanism. The table comes together with 2 wallets and 2 pucks. The size of the pucks is 1/4. If you want to, you can have electronic scoring turned on. (and why wouldn’t you want that)

All in all, this is a great table for playing air hockey. Its cool design will fit perfectly into a recreational center. If you like it, the Amazon link is really close!

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Classic Cushion Coin-Op Shuffleboard Table

coin op shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is one more addictive table game, and shuffleboard tables can also be commercial. This classic shuffleboard table is going to bring you and your clients lots of joy. But, most importantly, it will last for a long time because of its steady construction made of a high-quality plywood. Even if you get tired of it or feel like you no longer want to keep it, you can pass it on to other owners.

The surface of the table is coated in polymer. There are 3 sections in the table – a usual amount for shuffleboard. By the way, the size is 12′ which is also standard. With the table, come the accessories for the game – pucks, ice wax, maintenance kit, and the rules.

So, if you are a fan of shuffleboard or if you prefer to have this kind of game table to the others, then check the price right now!

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Arcade Mall Retro Coin Op Classic BLACK Cocktail Table Game Machine

arcade mall table

Look what a cool thing wraps up this list! If you want to add a retro vibe to your place, think of buying a Cocktail Arcade Mall Retro game machine! The machine includes over 40 most popular games of the 80s. To name just a few – PacMan, Jumping Jack, Burger Time, Space Invaders, and so on.

The table is used by two people simultaneously. The display of the table is a tube one which was common in the previous century. As for the money-making part, you can tune it yourself – it is possible to make playing free and it is also possible to set a certain charge if you want to get a profit from your purchase.

So, if you were looking for something unusual and unique, here’s your option. Don’t forget to learn more of this game table on Amazon & see if it suits you.

This is it for now. We wish your business to be successful and prosperous. Choose game tables wisely & stay tuned for new articles!