15 Best Contemporary Game Tables

Game tables can be different, however most of them are produced in a traditional style like, for example, pool tables are commonly green, foosball tables are done in that same retro style, ping pong tables are necessarily navy blue, etc. At the same time, we can observe how different and gorgeous have become our pieces of furniture. It is kind of hard to match your new beautiful sofa and a green giant!

No worries though. You don’t need to refuse from buying a game table of your dream just because of aesthetics. Today, you can find a contemporary game table that has all the same features but looks different. The list below includes the best game tables with brand new designs and some absolutely new models you might want to try. Flick through it and may you come across what you’ve been looking for!


Fusion Pool Table And Dining Table

Fusion is one of the best contemporary pool tables that can be smoothly transformed into a dining table when necessary. The table has a slick European design which can fit into any interior. The transformation from a dining table to a pool table is quick and easy – 10 minutes and you’re done. All the necessary accessories for playing can be stored underneath the dining cover.

If you wonder whether it is even convenient to dine behind a pool table, it is. The size of the table is perfectly fine, and if you need matching benches or stools – they are available on Amazon as well. Fusion is pricey. But a good thing is worth a good money! So check it out and decide whether it suits you.

fusion table

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Mizerak Donovon II 8-Foot Billiard Table

Mizerak Donovan II is one of the most famous pool tables out there. There are several reasons why it has gained such popularity. First of all, the table is rather cheap – its quality matches its price in a reasonable manner. Secondly, it is 8ft which is frequently the most appropriate size since it allows you to enjoy playing pool fully. And, finally, the table’s gothic style is appealing and unusual. A black cabinet smoothly combined with chrome accents looks like a slick mysterious suitcase. A wool blend red cloth only amplifies the overall magical impression. The table will certainly collect lots of curious glances!

As for the quality, Mizerak comes in two forms – you can order either a one made of slate (a preferable option) or a one made of slatron (this material is also good, but not as good as slate). K66 rubber bumpers of the table ensure a good bounce. The disk style legs are designed with a thought of creating a level playing field, no matter how bumpy or uneven your floor is. So, it looks like this one is an excellent choice. If you like the style, certainly go for it!

mizerak pool

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MD Sports Avondale

MD Sports Avondale is one more pool table on our list. The reason it has been included is quite obvious – its sporty style looks less primitive than those of traditional green & brown pool tables. Besides, this one is also cheap which makes it twice as cool. Lots of people can afford it.

The quality. Steel legs of the table ensure sturdy construction. The legs end with levelers that allow fine-tuning level-playing surface. The rails are provided with K-66 bumpers, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the bounce. The size of the table is 7,5ft – they call it a bar size. It is not too big and not too small – kind of perfect for a medium living room. So if you like this modern look, don’t forget to check this table out on Amazon!

md sports pool


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BBO Poker Lumen HD Lighted Poker Table

The next category of modern game tables on our list is poker tables or card tables if you like. These cool casino-style surfaces are made for providing fun and relaxed atmosphere at any party. BBO Poker Lumen is one of the best options in the market. It looks gorgeous – LED lights (that, by the way, can work in 5 different modes) can transform your evening into a real battle of wit and intelligence. The table can be used by up to 10 players. Besides, there is a special cut-out for a dealer. Everything’s like in a classic casino, only cooler. So if you want to go for something really big, go for it! Below, we’ll consider more modest options.

bbq poker lumen table

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BBO Poker Nighthawk Poker Table

One of those more modest options is BBO Poker Nighthawk Poker Table. It also looks very nice but it is made for only 8 players. If you don’t have many guests at your house, then this one is probably even better for you. At least, it won’t take too much space! As for the look, the legs of the table end with oak claw feet. It may not have lights but such small details as silver color dots around the table make the whole picture quite appealing.

All the BBO poker tables have removable surfaces, which is convenient because in case the table gets dirty you can easily clean it. All in all, if love the look of this table, go check it on Amazon. The quality is great, all the rest is just a matter of taste!

nighthawk poker table

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World Outdoor Products Professional Multi-Purpose card playing game table

If you don’t think that splashing out on a poker table is the best idea, then you may consider yet another more modest version. This one is the most modest on our list. However, it doesn’t mean that it is bad, not worth it, etc. – it is just different and great in its own way!

World Outdoor card playing table is an outdoor table which means three things: it is folding & portable, it is lightweight and it is not as stable as the tables above. The overall quality is awesome. The table has a removable rubber-back leather surface which is great to touch. And, even despite the fact that the table is portable, it has cup holders so that no one ruins a game by spilling their drink. So, if you love poker or card games in general, definitely check this table out!

wop card table


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Killerspin MyT4 Pocket Table Tennis Table

If you are up for ping pong, then you are probably inclined to buy a ping pong table. In general, what matters most in ping pong tables is their quality and not the look. Cheap unstable tables wear off very quickly leaving you with where you started. Here, we’ve chosen two good-quality and at the same time good-looking table tennis tables. If neither of them floats your boats, you can check this article – 11 Best Ping Pong tables 2018 – to see more. 

Killerspin MyT4 table tennis table is rather cheap but at the same time has lots of advantages. Its surface is 15 mm thick and made out of fiber (MDF) – it may not be the best choice of material but it will ensure a good bounce for a long period of time. The table is foldable so it doesn’t take too much space to store it. There’s also a playback mode which allows you to practice on your own. On the sides, there are ball pockets and even racket pockets – maybe these are small details but they are great, so why not mention them. Legs levelers are present as we. So… if you like it, don’t hesitate to click on Amazon link!

killerspin ping pong table

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STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table

STIGA InstaPlay comes completely preassembled. All you need to do is to take out your rackets and start the game! The surface of this table is 3/4 inches. It has got silk screen striping. As for the other details, STIGA InstaPlay has a special locking system which prevents any accidental movements of the table, which means nobody gets hurt. At the same time, the table can be moved – the wheels are designed exactly for that (yeah, okay, that’s kind of obvious). What it can also do is fold in half. Two halves of the table can actually exist separately from one another. A solo mode is present as well. So, if you like this slick look, why not to buy this one?

stiga instaplay



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Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-in-1 Air Hockey, Billiards, and Table Tennis Table

If you like playing ping pong as well as pool as well as air hockey, then you are in a big trouble! Well, you’ve been in a big trouble probably, trying to figure out which one is better to choose. Fat Cat introduces a perfect solution! You can buy 3 in 1 – three games in one table. Thanks to the ‘flipping over’ technology, this table is easily transformed from one form to another. All you need to do is to change accessories. By the way, everything that is needed for the mentioned games is included. 7ft is not a big size but it is also not too small. Your children will love it! The adults will also love it. So, if you are all for diversity, diversify your leisure time by buying three playing surfaces at the price of one.

fat cat 3 1

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Fat Cat 7ft Black Pockey Table – Billiard & Air Hockey

One more interesting table from Fat Cat. This one features two games – air hockey (which you can see at the picture) and pool. It is not that different from the previous one. Air hockey surface is glossy white and the surface for playing pool is tetolon green felt cloth. They are, of course, interchangeable. The quality of these multi-game tables is good but, of course, it is far from professional. However, for home use, it is just fine! So, it is up to you to choose whether you want two games in one table, three games in one table or whether you want a multi-game table at all! If you do though, I recommend you to go to this article: 13 Best Multi Game tables reviews 2018.

fat cat 2 1

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Atomic 2-in-1 Flip Table

Last but not least among modern looking multi-game tables is Atomic 2-in-1. Two stands for billiard and air hockey. The surface for playing billiard/pool is covered with red nylon cloth to ensure a good roll. It’s made out of MDF which is fiber and which is a good material choice. Air hockey surface is traditionally white and glossy. The table has a secure locking mechanism so be sure that nothing’s going to move during the game.

The overall look of this table is contemporary. It is bright and a little bit edgy. So, if you prefer the combination of pool and air hockey, don’t forget to learn more about this one!

atomic 2 1


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Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is lots of fun! And, what’s essential for us in this article, practically all the air hockey tables look contemporary, are contemporary, and just, you know, move with the times. Harvil 5 Foot, for example, has an outstanding design as well as an improved scoring system. This table is great in many ways. It is compact, but in spite of the size provides an A-class playing experience. Pushers and puck are included in a package. The price is not overwhelming as it was with many tables above.

As for the quality, the surface is made out of dense fiber wood. The construction is quite steady. L-shaped legs can be adjusted to have a perfectly even level playing surface. So, if air hockey is your choice, don’t miss this option!

harvil 5 foot

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ESPN Air Hockey Game Table

ESPN air hockey table is a bit more advanced than the previous model. It comes in several variants – 5 foot, 7 foot, and 8 foot. The standard one is 7 foot, but if you don’t have much space or, on the contrary, want something bigger, you can choose other options. Bigger size allows playing in multiplayer mode. Accessory kit here, for example, includes four pushers and four pucks. It is great since no one will be left out!

The quality of this table is top-notch. All the details are thoroughly thought through. 3/4 inch surface, LED scoring, a certified blower motor, etc. So, if this one suits you better, check it out on Amazon.

espn air hockey table

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Atomic Avenger 8′ Hockey Table

Now, if you want a truly outstanding air hockey table than you gotta go for this one! Atomic Avenger 8 foot is a big cool thing that will draw the attention of everyone who sees it. The table has an MDF playing surface. The legs of the table are provided with levelers so that you could set a level playing field.

What’s most exciting though is an automatic electronic scoring which is reflected on a LED screen that you can touch in order to regulate the settings. Ain’t it awesome? As for the rest details, just take a look at it! It is a piece of not art maybe but of something really well-elaborated. So, if 8-foot size doesn’t bother you, certainly consider buying this one.

atomic avenger table



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René Pierre Foosball Table

What contemporary game tables list would it be if it didn’t include at least one foosball table? We decided that it would be a very lousy list. So here’s an icing on the cake – René Pierre foosball table. This table is indeed contemporary. It is done is a sophisticated French style which makes it stand out from the rest foosball tables. The wood used for the table’s construction is stable and durable. The surface is covered with linoleum which guarantees smooth slides. All the accessories and features necessary for the game are included – as usual. So, if you are a foosball fan, this one is for you!

rene pierre foosball

In this article, we’ve tried to grasp all the most available and contemporary looking game tables. We are utterly glad if you found what you were looking for or at least enjoyed this article.  Stay tuned for more articles of this kind & have fun playing!