Dynamo air hockey table reviews

American company Valley-Dynamo – the world’s leading manufacturer of tables for air hockey, table football, billiard tables, and other table games. This gaming equipment is sold in more than 40 countries and is characterized by the highest quality and innovative design. Valley-Dynamo air hockey tabless are really popular, they can be found in almost every entertainment center in many countries. Let’s get acquainted with the best Dynamo air hockey tables.

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Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style

A table approved by the American Air Hockey Association for professional tournaments. Available in two versions – seven- and eight-foot table.

Features of the table:

  1. The patented Dyna-Blast ventilation system for long-lasting intensive games.
  2. Aluminum side rails.
  3. An electronic score of points with output to the LED-monitor.
  4. Lack of light and sound design and additional lighting.
  5. Easy and quick installation.
  6. Adjusting the height of the table.

Simple ascetic design without decoration elements. Reliable, strong table for professional games. All the attention of the manufacturer is paid to the quality of the table. And the attention of spectators will be riveted to the game itself.


Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table with Overhead Scoring

Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style is a device for air hockey, designed for adults and teenagers. The device from the world famous company VALLEY DYNAMO can allow a lot of fun to spend their free time for an exciting game. Comfortable and durable body, the presence of a special monitor that shows the players account, as well as restrained design – all this makes the game machine very attractive for those who want to spend an unforgettable time in an exciting match.

Players can experience the spirit of competition and excitement, thereby making their leisure more enjoyable and emotionally saturated.

Special illumination provides an opportunity to play on such an air hockey at any time.


Valley-Dynamo Fire Storm

Fire Storm – a real “fiery” air hockey for lovers of fun. This device is designed for an adult audience, although teenagers and children of high school age will be able to easily play it. Styling under fire makes the model even more attractive, provoking users to prove each other’s their skills in this game.

Air hockey features:

  1. High-quality construction from Dynamo.
  2. Reliable and easy-to-maintain air hockey.
  3. A lot of new hot opportunities to attract players … .and incomes.

Fascinating design, innovative creation technologies have made Dynamo the best-selling hockey in the world. Interactive flashing LEDs around the perimeter make the game really exciting. The table is also equipped with classic side shields Dynamo for safe tournaments.

Additional characteristics:

  1. Luminous ultraviolet gaming surface.
  2. Innovative board design.
  3. Spectacular integrated LED lighting.
  4. Unforgettable melodies and sounds attract players to the table.
  5. The proven ventilation system “Dyna-Blast”.
  6. Proven wear-resistant table design.
  7. Shock-resistant playing surface.
  8. Easily adjustable table height (leg level).
  9. Double coin mechanism.
  10. Unique DBA system – just connect the table and start the game.
  11. Dynamic illumination when scoring.
  12. Dynamics are located opposite the players.
  13. The scoreboard on which the scoring is carried out.

A few words from the history

Dynamo was founded in 1973 in Dallas, Texas under the auspices of a young entrepreneur named William Rickett. This company entered the entertainment industry by introducing the first standards of table football.
Also, Dynamo began to produce coin billiard tables and air hockey. Dynamo’s products are currently sold in more than 40 countries and are famous for its quality and impeccable performance.