Easton air hockey table review

This is an excellent model of a gaming table at a reasonable price. This table is equipped with everything necessary so that you can enjoy the game to the full.

Easton air hockey game table will perfectly fit into the interior of any apartment, office space and especially an entertainment venue. Weighing 375 pounds, this air hockey has a size of 32”H x 49”W x 96”L, made of high-quality MDF, which is covered on top with durable plastic. This table hockey is equipped with an electronic scorer, which is located on the side of the playing field. In the kit, you will get 2 special bits and a puck that you need to score in the opponent’s goal.

The game table looks very elegant and massively at the same time and is made in a modern style, so it can be easily placed in an office room. With the help of sliding legs, you can adjust the table in height.

Pleasant features

A lot of positive emotions and pleasant leisure among friends will provide Easton air hockey game table. When creating this model, all the nuances of sliding washers were taken into account. The table is simple to install and does not take up much space in the room, therefore it is suitable for installation at home.

Suitable for both adults and children – any user will quickly understand the rules and features of the game, and you can spend your time with the whole family. The table has a high stability and received a thoughtful design.

Such air hockey will always be in the spotlight during any party because it is insanely fun, active and reckless game that absolutely everyone loves!


  • improved playing field;
  • the high quality of materials;
  • a powerful compressor;
  • reinforced frame design;
  • automatic headcount;
  • sound accompaniment;
  • works from line voltage.