15 Best Foosball tables reviews 2018

Table football (kicker) is a well-known game that was popular in our childhood. Today, it has not lost its charm, as football itself has not lost its attractiveness. On the contrary, today the desktop kicker (mini-football) has acquired a new image: tables have become brighter, the game is more dynamic, commercial versions of tables have appeared.

A foosball table is a vivid sports game that will please not only children but also adults. You are waiting for real gambling matches, the joy of winning your favorite team and the gold of the Olympic Games if you want. Fantasy is limitless, and kicker will give you and your children the opportunity to realize yourself. By the way, playing this game will be interesting not only for boys but for girls. Let’s look at 15 Best Foosball tables 2018.

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Warrior Professional football table – the dream of any player in the kicker. This table is on the list recognized by the International Table Football Federation (ITSF).

Great style of play, a variety of techniques that you can perform on the Warrior, a strict sports design – all this emphasizes its professional mission. Cast steel bars are 14 mm. in diameter are protected by plastic caps, which makes the game on this table safe for children. A special shape of the players’ figures provides a stable grip and control of the ball.

The table is very easy to assemble, you only need 20 minutes to fully prepare it for work. The kit includes silicone grease for rods, professional balls.

Warrior Foosball Table enjoys the widest popularity among experienced players in the kicker. According to professionals, this model is the most suitable for holding championships and local tournaments, as evidenced by the recognition of the International Federation of ITSF. By the strictness of its design, this attraction emphasizes its sporting purpose.

The price of football Warrior from Warrior is fairly honest and characterizes all the design features of this model. The original form of players allows you to perform the most incredible stunts and grabbing the ball.

Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table

The official tournament table of the International Table Football Federation ITSF. Tornado Football Table – this is a professional table, one of the best models in the world of table football. Most leading players choose tables Tornado, whose quality can satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs of this game.

Very strong and not choosy. The table is made of stainless steel, which will retain the design in its primary form for a long time. High-quality chrome-plated steel rods provide a technical game. The game on Tornado will be appreciated by both beginners and experienced athletes – a table of this level will help to get involved in this sport to anyone. Here there are no accidents, the player completely controls the ball due to the presence of a non-slip, octagonal handle for comfort, stability, and smooth playback.

Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table

Elegant football table in the classic version will suit anyone,
the most refined interior. Made in the best traditions of the company “Garlando”.

The body is made of high-quality plywood and is complemented by a melamine coating in the color of gray oak, which improves not only the appearance of the table but also its durability. Feet metal, covered with non-eroding paint.

Telescopic rods are made of high-strength steel, coated with anti-corrosion chrome plating. Steel roller bearings inside the support rods in the casing significantly improve the speed of the game, reducing the load on the wrists of the players. Plastic handles with ergonomic grip. Equipped with an account management device.

MD Sports Barrington Foosball Table

This model of football table MD Sports Barrington is perfect for all lovers of interior design. An elegant and discreet table fits perfectly into the entourage of a country house, as well as it can take its rightful place in a small bar or restaurant, for commercial use.

Possessing excellent game characteristics, this model will please both beginners and advanced players of table football. The table stands very confidently on its feet and does not loosen due to its design and weight. Feel free to play two for two.

It has traditional bead scoring to keep track of the action, chrome rods with hand-painted players, solid wood handles, and leg levelers for easy assembly. There is an account keeping and returning the ball. The kit includes all accessories for the game.

This handsome “man” will give you and your loved ones not only an exciting game but also become an integral highlight of your interior. Aesthetics, positive emotions, quality play – all this you will find with MD Sports Barrington football table!

EA Sports Foosball Table

EA Sports table football is a simple and reliable football table. Without unnecessary bells and whistles and additional unnecessary options that affect the price. Suitable for those who are not used to overpay for beautiful wrappers. This table is equipped with everything necessary for a quality game, namely:

  1. Tie supports – add extra stability to the casing.
  2. Reinforced playfield top rail – for stability and durability.
  3. Chromed metal bars – to increase strength.
  4. Handles made of PVC – do not slip and cling tenaciously to the palm of your hand.
  5. In the set, there is a tool for assembly, and all accessories for the game – nothing you have to buy.
  6. Figures of hand-painted players individually are screwed on the bar – in case of breakage, you do not need to change the bar entirely, it’s enough to replace the “injured” football player.
  7. Traditional scoring system – you do not need to keep numbers in your head.

EA Sports table football – kicker, created in the spirit of the traditions of German football: discipline, minimalism, and the mood only to win!

Best Choice Products Foosball Table 

Mini-football is an exciting game that will allow you to spend time with your family or with a group of friends. A quality table for mini-football – the key to a successful and fair competition. Mini-football of Best Choice Products is the right choice of the champion. The surface is scratch-resistant, stable legs with rubber glides, tools for assembly and balls in the kit – all this makes it possible to characterize this model as a table, including for commercial use. Durability, stability, ergonomics and modern design. In this case, compactness and relatively low weight. Do you need a “serious” inexpensive table for playing mini-football? Consider that you found it – mini-football from Best Choice Products.


  • the housing is made of medium density fiberboard;
  • boards are made of impact-resistant chipboard resistant to scratches;
  • sturdy legs with a rests and rubber pads to prevent sliding of the table;
  • chrome-plated steel rods with comfortable handles;
  • equipped with two mechanical score counters and cupholders;
  • in the complete set, there are tools for assembly and spare balls.

KICK Foosball Table Triumph

A kicker with a strict sports design for home, office, and commercial use in small entertainment establishments, with a mechanical headcount.

Strict, and at the same time stylish football table KICK Triumph, perfectly fits into any interior of a country house, villa or in the business space of your office, and guaranteed to cheer you and everyone around! The deep black color of the table gives it a special elegance.

The body and legs are made of a shockproof material (MDF), resistant to scratches. Strong chrome-plated through-rods with comfortable holders are equipped with protective caps, which excludes the possibility of injury to the opponent during the game. Handles are made of wood. Due to its design and weight, the table is very stable. On each leg, the level with a rubber bottom is set. The progress of the game is assisted by mechanical counters. There is a front return of the ball from each side.

KICK Foosball Table Symphony

Symphony football table is of strict design for home, office and commercial use with high gaming characteristics. For beginners, advanced players, and real men.

The appearance of this desktop football just screams about its strength and reliability. And it should be noted that the first impression of this table is not deceptive!

The KICK table is capable of withstanding heavy loads, which makes it an attractive model in the mid-price segment for commercial use. The design of the table is made of the impact-resistant material (MDF), which provides it with additional strength and durability. Professional players are noted for high game characteristics of the table. The smooth running of the bar makes the game as dynamic and comfortable as possible. The legs of the table are equipped with convenient jacks for installation on uneven surfaces. There are convenient gutters for rolling balls. Also, the table has coasters for the convenience of the game. The mechanical counters allow you to follow the progress of the game.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

The body of the game table is made of a high-quality wood-layered plate covered. The materials of manufacture and the weight of the model give it solidity and a high degree of stability. The body and supports are securely connected to each other by steel fasteners. Supports are adjusted in height, which allows you to set the table on uneven floors and perfectly level the playing field in a horizontal plane.

The playing field is made of MDF coated with glossy melamine coating. Thanks to melamine, the table surface is best protected against moisture, scratches, chips, and other damages. Rods made from solid steel rods are coated with a chrome coating, which prevents rust. Rods are fixed on the body in the holes with bearings, which significantly increase the speed of the game and reduce the load on the players’ hands. Ergonomic, made of plastic handlebars provide comfortable grip with the palms of the players.

Stylized figures of football players, painted by hand, securely fixed on the bars in the established positions. Rods with bright and well-visible figures rotate around their axis 360 degrees.

Entering the game balls is carried out through the holes placed on the body on each side of the table. This method eliminates possible juggling when throwing the ball directly onto the playing surface. Goals scored into the goal roll into special compartments, from which they are easily and quickly removed to be used again in the game. There is no need to keep a game score in your head or write it down on paper. For this purpose on the sides of the model, there are installed plastic counters scored goals.

Mini Foosball Table by Huang Guan

Elegant and simple table for mini football of classical design is ideal as a gift to the child. The durability of the table is provided by high-quality materials. The table is made of laminated MDF, football players and balls are made of strong plastic, metal control levers with comfortable rubber handles.

Inside the table, there are bearings for a smoother stroke of the levers. On each side, there are holes where the slashed balls roll down. Table football is equipped with a score counter.


Carrom Signature Foosball Table

Carrom Signature football table is of a classical kind is an excellent leisure for people of any age.

The main features of Carrom Signature table:

  1. Sufficient foot thickness – better stability.
  2. Level regulators (jacks) – easy to install on uneven surfaces.
  3. The legs are connected in pairs by a metal pipe – additional protection against heavy loads.
  4. Smooth running rod, comfortable wooden holders, stable and sturdy construction – all this makes the game as comfortable and dynamic as possible.
  5. The playing field is made of impact-resistant material coated with enamel, resistant to minor scratches and external damages.

Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

This model is equipped with superbly balanced players of increased strength. Bearings are lighter and durable, they provide excellent rotation of the rod and, as a consequence, the game acquires additional dynamism and excitement. Steel chrome barbells with wooden grips are perfectly suited to the movements of the player.

The legs are made of stainless steel and equipped with a system of jacks, which allows you to set the table on a non-ideal flat surface. There is a counter of the scored goals and an opening for rolling down the scored goals.

The playing field is made of the impact-resistant material, which gives it additional resistance to scratches. In order to avoid the drop of a glass with liquid on the field, there are cupholders provided in the table. Strict design and soft coloring of this table best characterize the character of the model-reliability, practicality, and functionality.

At this table, even a layman can quickly master the game! Figures of players are balanced in such a way that your passes are obtained as accurately as possible. Game characteristics of the table will fully satisfy both professionals and fans of this exciting game.

In the complete set with a table, there are 4 balls.

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

Does your child love football? Does he like active games? Glad your son with a cool gift! All the boys are delighted with the children’s table football Sport Squad FX40. Table football is a useful entertainment for the whole family because the kicker in the form of a game develops the reaction, attention, and dexterity of the child.

Some reasons to buy table football Sport Squad

  1. Realistic – all elements of the table resemble a stadium and create a football entourage.
  2. Safety – the corners of the body are rounded + plugs on the bars.
  3. Always a topical gift – boys like sports toys.
  4. Quick and easy assembly – 30-40 minutes and you can start the first match.

The main advantage of children’s table football Sport Squad FX40 – compactness. Small body size allows you to play on the floor or on the table, and after the game remove the table in a place convenient for storage. Want to pick up a kicker at the cottage? No problem – it fits in any car. In advance we warn: often parents, buying a football table as a gift to children,  join in the game process themselves with pleasure – :).

Chromed through bars with rubberized comfortable handles fit easily into the child’s arm. The gate with a deepening waiting for a goal scored will quickly return it to the game. A counter of points on each side of the table. And not to scratch the surface when installing the mini-football on the table, the legs are provided with rubber pads.

Table football Sport Squad FX40 – this is really what will please your football player! Imagine how much the child will be grateful to you if you play table football with him. Perhaps, the most excellent version of the gift for the boy.

Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table

We present to your attention a model that will please football fans of junior and middle school age – Hathaway table football, which is ideal for fun and interesting pastime. The bright design of the table, made in classic football colors, will decorate the interior of any game room, and the small size of the table will allow it to be placed even in small rooms.

A robust design ensures high reliability even under heavy loads. Additional stiffness of the structure is attached to reinforcing bars made of MDF. The table is made of laminated wood with a special coating. The corners of the case are slightly rounded, which increases the safety of using mini-football by children. Ergonomic plastic handles provide a comfortable grip. Equipped with two mechanical counters. The set includes balls.

Installation of the game table is not difficult. It is easy to assemble on your own. The assembly contains the assembly instructions and necessary accessories.

American Legend Charger Foosball Table

The American Legend Charger is a high-quality table that is made with modern technology and strong materials, designed for home use. The game table is made in a simple and attractive style, which perfectly fits any interior. Dimensions of the table are 26 “W x 53.5” D x 34 “H, which provides maximum convenience during the game and at the same time the table will fit even in a small room.

The table is made of reliable durable materials and is designed for a long and serviceable life. The playing surface is made of strong MDF, this material resists the bending. Counters are provided for counting the game. Chromed beams, fastening table legs, add extra strength. Chromed barbells with plastic handles will provide easy control of the players’ figures.

Such table football will be an excellent pastime for two or for a large company.

Still not enough foosball game tables?

Take a look at these: Best Classic Sport Foosball tables

Today,  gaming football table are increasingly popular, the game is particularly valued as a way of fun spending leisure with friends. To play football at such a table is a pleasure, this occupation will leave indifferent neither children nor adults.

For children and adults

  1. It makes you forget about everything, so the toy tightens and interests.
  2. While playing, children develop a reaction, fine motor skills, speed, agility, and other qualities necessary in life.
  3. To learn to play is not difficult because the design and movement mechanism of little football players are made very simply, the main thing – to pull the levers correctly.

If you are afraid to buy a large professional table immediately, it is better to choose a different format – mini-football board game. It is more childish and is perfect for beginners.