Foosball tips for beginners

The usual foosball table is a table that is shown in the photo. This is a table with 8 twigs and figures of players with the ball and several handles. Also, there is a gate on each side and a place to feed the ball from each side and in the middle. Each player/team uses their handles to move their players to hammer the ball into the opponent’s goal. Move right to attack and left to defend. The game is fun and fast, it energizes for the whole day. You can play table football for years and you will never get tired of it. Do not be surprised if you’re a little worried when playing the kicker.

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Purpose. Use your figurines to pass and hit the ball into the opponent’s goal when you interrupt the enemy’s attack on your goal. You serve the ball, fold and try to earn points. Always hit to the right.

Game. The normal game goes to 5 points. But do not be surprised, some people play up to 7, 9 or other points. A match is usually 2 wins from 3 games, or 3 out of 5.

Tournament. Professionals play for hundreds of thousands of dollars around the world. In the tournament, the pros are played in the same game as all the others. They just do it much faster and with very strict rules. Usually, the tournament runs from 3 to 6 days, during which they play for 12 or more hours a day with more than 1000 invited players.

Rules. The rules in table football can be as simple as they can be and complex.

Simple tips can be: hit the ball to score a goal. Your glasses on the left side, you need to aim at the right side.
More complex rules prohibit the torsion of football players. If you scored with a torso, then the other team gives the ball. You have to be very polite and do not swear.

Feed the ball. Try to pass the ball to your figures. It can be difficult, so practice it …

Strike the ball. Never twist. It’s best to hit the ball suddenly and unexpectedly with your hand. Try many times until you get such a blow.

Pass and stop. Be gentle, take a punch. Do not react sharply to the ball. Handle the ball, do not fight it. Use “Acceleration”, do not think or try to be tough.

Attack. Move the ball along the table before impact. All will stand in front of you in defense, so move the ball in one direction or another quickly, then suddenly hit or push into the goal. Do not do a big crackdown before hitting the ball. Sharp movement is best, you just have to try it a couple of times to learn this.

Defense. Think of all your players as a team. They move together to create a large “wall” of defenders. Try not to overdo it and is in front of the ball. Remember, the ball will fight from where it is, do not move behind the players.

Block. Balls fall into the gate even of the best players. The key to the game is to remain calm. Block the corners of the goal by tilting the goalkeeper back. Go to the ball firmly, as if you are playing ping-pong in an old computer game. Don’t get on the table, be gentle.

There is a large number of useful tips. Try to start the above written in practice, playing table football.

Enjoy yourself and do not forget to write us your comments. Remember, children need good fun, and the kicker is a very safe game that fun kids, teaches them discipline and hand-eye coordination and naturally it can become a family game.