11 Cool game tables made for board games

Board games can be really fun. It is probably one of the best ways to entertain your guests or your friends if you have nothing to do. Some people prefer playing games sitting on the floor, however, sometimes it might be inconvenient. If you want a special table for board games, you’ve come across the right article! Below, there is a list of cool board games tables that can give you ideas of what is out there and what you want to acquire.

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Puerto Rico & Cuba Domino Table

Puerto Rico & Cuba Domino Table is a cute table originally made for playing domino but can actually be used for playing many other board games. Why Puerto Rico & Cuba? It is a mystery! In any case, the producers offer to paint any flag and to write anything you can think of before ordering. So, customization is definitely a big fat plus.

As for the quality, everything is also decent. The table is made of quality wood and covered with a special coating that protects it from scratches. The legs are foldable and made of metal, which is excellent – in case you need an extra space for something else, you can just remove the table and put it off for a while. There are special cup-holders and dominoes racks to make playing the game even more convenient.

puerto rico cuba board table

So, if you are a big fan of making things a little bit more personal, certainly check out this option! Even if you are not, still do – the original style is awesome.

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Bene Casa Blow Mold Domino Game Table

Bene Casa table for board games is one more compact & lightweight table suitable for playing all kinds of board games – Scrabble, domino, mahjong, card games, and others. It has embedded cup-holders and tile holders that can be used for holding cards as well.

The table has foldable metal legs. It is easy to carry. The surface might look a bit cheap – after all, it is not quality wood as in the case above. However, the advantage is that it is easy to keep this table clean even despite the fact the surface is white.

bene casa domino

If you want a budget and still workable table for playing board games, go for this one!

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WOYBR 2364120 Game Table Modern

This WOYBR table is made for playing three different games – chess, checkers, and backgammon. And you can definitely use your imagination to add a couple of other board games to this list. After all, sometimes it doesn’t matter how the surface looks like.

The table is made of solid wood. It is very durable and, besides, looks very stylish. There is a little storage drawer under the surface so that you could store playing pieces in one place. The legs are intricately carved.

game table modern

All in all, this is a great choice! If you are looking for a small table for board games, certainly consider this option!

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Meco Straight Edge Folding Card Table

Now, if you want something simple, there are plenty of options in the market. This table is currently the best offer on Amazon. It is foldable, compact, and serves very well as an extra surface to play card games or board games.

The color of this one is cherry. It is quite neutral, but if it doesn’t suit you, you can easily find some other option. The material used for the creation of this table is solid wood. Why is it cool? Well, minimalism is in trend these days. If you don’t want your table to have additional features that are rarely used, choose this one!

meco table

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35″ Mahjong Game Portable Folding Wooden Square Large Table

All the qualities of this table are revealed in its huge name. Let’s keep it simple for a while and call it just a Mahjong table. Mahjong is an old Asian tile-based game that has recently gained popularity in the West and in the online community. The game is really riveting. Once you learn how to play it, you will get rid of the idea that buying a separate table for this game is crazy. If you are already keen on mahjong, then it is a big luck you’ve come across this item. By the way, the table can certainly be used for playing other games, such as domino, cards, chess, etc.

The table comes with the whole set of playing pieces for Mahjong – everything that is needed for the game. On each side of the table, there is a coin-holder or simply a drawer for storing playing pieces. The surface is covered with green nylon. It is soft and especially convenient for playing board games. The legs are foldable which allows you to take the table away if you need to.

mahjong table

All in all, this is a perfect table for playing board games. It has all the useful features attributed to board games tables. If you don’t mind having a bit of a Chinese vibe in your house, take a closer look at this one!

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Acme 82844 Bishop Game Table

A list of tables for playing board games would just be incomplete without a chess table! Chess is probably the most popular board game out there, so we decided not to forget about the classics. Besides, this Acme Furniture table is not only for playing chess. The other side of the surface is designed for playing backgammons. It is just like WOYBR described earlier.

The table comes in two colors – black and cherry. There are two drawers for playing pieces on each side of the table. Everything’s done in a traditional moderate classic style. The wood is beautifully carved.

acme game table

If you’re looking for something cool and gorgeous at the same time, this is a good option! It might be a bit too small for playing strategy board games, but it will surely satisfy those who prefer chess, checkers & backgammons.

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TentandTable 4-Foot Diameter Heavy Duty Square Solid Birch Wood Folding Table

This is just a big foldable table that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is perfect in case you’re looking for something cool and simple to play board games on. We all know that sometimes board games take a hell of a space!

This table is made of birch plywood. The edges are aluminum. All the details are powder-coated so that it was possible to use the table under any weather conditions. Plus, it just adds durability.

big game board table

All in all, if you want an additional table’s surface to play games that can be taken away at any time, this is one more great option for you!

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Aguila Cibaeña Domino Table

Aguila domino table is a table for playing board games and domino, of course. It is just like the first item on our list. The legs are metal and foldable. However, there is an additional set of legs that are wooden, so you can choose between the two. If you want your table to beautify your living room day and night, wooden legs might be a more preferable option for you. The surface is coated. Each of the four corners has a cup holder.

aquila domino

If you find lettering on this table strange or uninspiring, you can create your own one. The producers can paint there anything your heart desires. Don’t forget to check the price on Amazon!

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Tray Game Table and End Table

This is basically a cool game table made for board games, so it fits perfectly in our list, however, it is not just for playing board games (although it can definitely be used as one) – it’s for keeping ’em! There are four trays with four games. The games are checkers, backgammon, parcheese, and tic tac toe. You don’t need to buy the playing pieces for all of these games, they’re already there!

tray game table

Just take out the needed tray and start playing! Trays can be removed from drawers and put on top of the table for a game. However, it is doubtful that it would be convenient to play this way.

In a nutshell, this is an excellent table-drawer that is full of surprises! A real finding for a board games lover.

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Flash Furniture 34.5” Square Granite White Folding Game Table

Flash Furniture table is one more folding games table that can be used for playing either board games or card games. The table is foldable and therefore can actually be taken used outside. The green felt surface is framed with white plastic. The corners of the white plastic frame are provided with cup-holders. You can see all the details in the picture below. 

flash furniture game table

It’s all a matter of taste! (and money, of course). If this one floats your boats, then certainly check it out.

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ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

If folding tables can be taken outside just because of the fact that they can shrink in size and easy to carry, ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table is specially made for taking outside. And not just regular outside, it can be taken even up to the mountains! The thing is that this table is extremely compact and lightweight. Its assembled position looks like a bag. Its ready-to-use position looks like this:

alps moutains games table

Of course, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of this complexion. It is not that steady, but the absence of wooden details means a lower price. It takes a couple of minutes to assemble and disassemble the table, but the table can be taken anywhere. So, if you’re looking for a true companion that will allow you to play board games anywhere you go to, you have found one! This last option is probably the most unusual and the coolest on our list.

If you want to learn more about games equipment, you can check out our website for more articles like this one. Stay tuned & choose game tables wisely!