5 Best Harvard air hockey tables

Once it was believed that playing in air hockey is a great entertainment for children. At present, this entertaining, active pastime attracts more and more adults. Such hockey is especially interesting for those who do not like to sit quietly in the chair in front of the TV but prefers active rest. The game is not only a wonderful pastime for the whole family or a friendly company of friends but also an excellent physical load.

The popularity of air hockey is explained by the fact that it does not require any special knowledge and specific skills, it is available absolutely for everyone. It is important that this is a fairly new game, and many of it is interesting because of this. Therefore, air hockey becomes a serious competitor to the more famous football.

Today, tables for this game can be found not only in the apartments and game rooms of modern country cottages but also in many specially equipped entertainment centers. There is a fairly large number of brands, under the name of which are known and not very tables for playing in air hockey.

Before proceeding to the review of the 5 Best Harvard air hockey tables, it is important to note that this brand is part of a larger company called Escalade Sports. Also, this parent company produces air hockey tables under such brands as DMI Sports, Atomic, Redline, and American Legend. Therefore, in this article, we will look at other tables under these brands.

Also worth noting for yourself that the Harvard company produces tables more for fans of table hockey. You hardly see such a table at official tournaments. But the company densely baked to the issue of quality, so that their tables meet all the quality standards, even if not professional ones.

Best Harvard Air Hockey Tables Reviews

Atomic Avenger Hockey Table

A spacious game table for air hockey Atomic Avenger will present a dynamic and fun pastime. The basis of the playing field with special markings is made of laminated chipboard. Perforated field transmits a powerful airflow from the compressor and transfers the washer from the resting state to flight. Compensators of unevenness of a floor will allow establishing an air hockey on any surface. The electronic counter will help track the results of the game. The table is complete with washers and cue ball. White and black colors give the table an elegant appearance. The touch control panel will provide a comfortable setting for the game.

The game table – Atomic Avenger air hockey is a high-quality and stylish table that is made of high-strength materials, which ensures a serviceable life for many years.


  • The reinforced construction of the gaming table is designed for high loads.
  • Modern wear-resistant and impact-resistant materials.
  • The table is completed with the necessary accessories. The kit includes cue balls and washers for playing in air hockey.
  • Equipped with the electronic score counter.
  • Touch control panel.

Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table

There is nothing easier and faster than restoring the loosened nervous system with the help of the modern game complex Air Hockey Atomic Blazer from a reputable US manufacturer. Difficult reporting period, responsible negotiations or simply routine work – it is only necessary to take in your hands a very ergonomic bit and a full charge of positive emotions are assured to you.

The game table is very reliable and compact, made of very high-quality and shockproof materials, equipped with a special electronic score counter and has a great design. There is no need to think long about this topic – look for a convenient place for this air hockey – all the other details have already been worked out by the manufacturer.

It is distinguished by the special strength of materials. The case is made of the special material – MDF, on the outside is covered with high-strength plastic. The table field is made of laminated chipboard board, has a special marking. The table has a special reinforced system, providing a high degree of reliability, especially for intensive loads. Air hockey has an electronic scoreboard for scoring. The set includes additional accessories (4 washers and bits).


  • Stable construction.
  • A handy point counter.
  • Powerful compressor.
  • If necessary, you can adjust the table top for playing table tennis.

American Legend Phazer Hockey Table

The manufacturer of this model has long been known among fans of Air hockey and has established itself as one of the leaders in this field. Atomic Phazer adheres to strict lines in the classical form, which successfully combined with the original LED backlight. Such a table will become the central attraction of any game room or institution. Backlight works by the principle – when one of the players starts leading, the color of the lamps changes to red or blue.

The table with a reinforced frame is made of high-strength materials, the case is not afraid of damage and minor scratches, which adds to its durability and retains a beautiful appearance for a long time. The table can be used not only at home but also in entertainment establishments. Its reinforced construction will survive almost any load. The legs can be adjusted individually, which allows you to set the table perfectly smoothly. Together with the table, there are 4 bits and washers, so – you can play two on two or simultaneously with several washers.

The table is equipped with an electronic score counter, it is enough to connect the air hockey to electricity to operate the air hockey. The movement of the washer is ensured by a constant flow of air, which will penetrate through the holes in the surface of the playing field with a powerful compressor.


  • Lighting.
  • Very heavy and stable construction.
  • The counter of glasses with a timer.
  • Perfectly smooth surface.

American Legend Electra Hockey Table

The game table is made in the modern style of hi-tech and can become a real decoration of any room in the house, apartment or even the office. The table is made of MDF and is completely covered with a durable matte plastic, white and gray. The maximum stability of the table is provided due to a thoughtful design, impressive weight, and massive legs with special round stands.

The table playing field is made of chipboard – a high-quality durable material with a perfectly smooth surface. The reinforced boards of the table are equipped with an original lighting, which will appeal not only to children but also to adults. The optimal dynamics of the game is provided by constant airflow, which is supplied by a powerful compressor.

How does Atomic Electra air hockey work? It’s simple – in the geometric center of the playing field on the inside, there is a compressor, evenly pumping air through hundreds of small holes. We connect it to a normal household electrical system and that is all – the table is ready for hockey battles!

The game table is equipped with an electronic scoreboard account, which displays immediately after the hammered goal. Built-in gates have a thoughtful design with easy access to the washer.


  • Smart illumination.
  • Chromed jacks for adjusting the level of the table.
  • Additional strength due to the cross beam.

Redline Victory Hockey Table

The game table has a modern design and a relatively small size, so that it can be installed in any room in the house, apartment or even in the office. The body and legs of the table are made of strong and durable materials that do not require complex maintenance and can withstand even heavy loads without deformation and damage. The maximum stability of the table on any surface of the floor is achieved due to the presence of transverse reinforcing bars.

The table playing field is made of durable wear-resistant plastic which, even with the most dynamic games, retains its integrity and does not deform. For more convenient control of the game, the table is equipped with an electronic scoreboard account, which is displayed instantly.

This air hockey is ideal for both home and commercial use. The set of accessories includes 2 red strikers and 2 red pucks.


  • Electronic score counter.
  • High-strength construction.
  • Powerful compressor for speeding the washer.
  • Easy assembly.