How much does the pool table cost?

What criteria do you consider while choosing a pool table for yourself? Excellent quality, excellent design, convenience for the game, functionality and, of course, reasonable cost. To determine how much does the pool table cost it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the gaming equipment of all categories.

To begin with, we clarify the classification of pool tables, which is common in all games such as the pool, the Russian pyramid, snooker. Belonging to this or that type of table affects its design features and the complete design of its components, and, consequently, its cost. A clear understanding for whom and for what level of players the billiard table is designed will help you make a right choice.

Types of billiard tables and their price range depending on the category to which they are referred:


Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

Billiard tables of the “economy” class made of light stone like Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table at a cost of $ 124 are usually used in houses or in urban apartments, in office rooms for recreation or in small billiard clubs.

Low-budget equipment is suitable, as the name suggests, to amateurs and those novice players who consider the game of billiards as a pleasant and carefree kind of leisure. A modest price, in this case, reflects only more economical components and simplified methods of assembly, but in no case, it’s a question of low quality of the product.

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EastPoint Sports 87 Sinclair Billiard Pool Table

Used mainly for training sessions and for local tournaments, so they can often be seen in sports clubs or bars. The price range in this category varies and reaches $ 2000. One option at an average price is EastPoint Sports 87 “Sinclair Billiard Pool Table.

Sports billiard tables are worth buying for a home use when you need to master your skills, that’s why they are sometimes called semi-professional. On such billiards, it is possible to hold various competitions in public places, since many of them are approved as high-quality equipment with good game indicators.


Diamond Professional Pool Table

High-tech models in classic design such as Diamond Professional Pool Tables, are recommended as tournament equipment for championships of different levels. Prices for billiard tables of this class (from $3 000 to $15 000) are fully correlated with their quality because the victory of the country often depends on all the components of the construction.

Not only the organizers of competitions but also many of the professional sportsmen buy such billiards for home training. Prestigious billiard clubs also give preference to this series. Experienced players, who want to impress their guests with a professional game and with the atmosphere of their game room buy such tables.


Valley-Dynamo Dynamo Sedona Coin Operated 7 Pool Table

Commercial types of billiard tables are represented by Valley-Dynamo Coin Operated Pool TablesShelti Bayside Pool Tables, American Kiddie Pool Tables. These tables can be found in restaurants, cafes, clubs, etc. and are intended for a paid game. The average price of such tables is $ 4 000.


luxury pool table

There are also exclusive types of billiard tables with unique game characteristics and appropriate design that only well-off people can afford ($7 000 – $8 000). The best billiard tables of the exclusive series are BrunswickAramith White Powder Coated Fusion Pool TableVision Billiards.

So, you see how the prices for pool tables vary from amateur ones to exclusive. Now, you already have some information about this question. However, there are some other criteria. How much does a pool table cost? Below we will list the main components on which the price of a pool table also depends:

  1. Dimensions of the table. Naturally, the more materials used to make it, the more expensive the table itself.
  2. Materials. A table made of such inexpensive materials as birch or pine will be much cheaper than that billiard table, which is made of rare and expensive Guinean mahogany.
  3. Design and design of the table frame. The classic wooden frame is one price, the more modern metal one is already the other price, several times higher. The decorative design of the frame can be handmade or an element of decor, made on the machine. The cost of billiards will depend on this factor too.
  4. The material of the base of the playing field. In inexpensive models of amateur billiard tables, the base is made of chipboard. In expensive models, it’s made only from natural stone – slate, which can last for a long time.
  5. Materials, with which billiard tables are completed: side rubber, cloth, pockets. Using German or Italian rubber makes the table more expensive, Chinese rubber is cheaper. Also, one of the most important components is the cloth. Its quality – the guarantee of a good game state of the equipment.
  6. Manufacturer. The manufacturer can dictate how much the billiard table of his production costs.

The choice of a pool table is a decision, which should be considered with all responsibility. Billiard tables price ranges from a few hundred to several tens of thousands of dollars. In this case, you should not overpay for equipment, if you need a table once or twice a month. And vice versa, you have to think about purchasing a professional expensive table, if you are going to open an elite billiard club.

Take note of our advice and, having decided to purchase a pool table, first of all, decide on the budget for its purchase. And the question of how much a billiard table costs, simply should not arise.