How much room do I need for a pool table?

If it is easy to make an office from a bedroom and turn a living room into a bedroom, then it isn’t so easy to convert a room into a billiard room. The billiard room needs to be planned at the design stage of the house.

Dimensions of billiard tables and rooms

The size of a billiard room is perhaps the most important in comparison with the size of other rooms. It’s all about the ratio of the size of the table and the corresponding minimum size and configuration of the room.

It is this parameter that will determine when choosing the equipment for billiards since it affects the convenience and comfort of the game most of all.

There are special tables with which you can determine the size of the billiard table under the minimum allocated space. However, before turning to the tables, it is necessary to take into account a number of rules, according to which a billiard table should be installed.

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The size of the room for a billiard table should not be less than the size of the table + the length of the cue. If you do not comply with this rule, then striking from the side along a perpendicular path will be extremely inconvenient. Sometimes some interior elements provided by the architect of a house or a billiard room (columns, awnings, corners, railings, etc.) can become a source of discomfort during the game. In this case, it is reasonable to use shortened cues, which are used in “dead” zones, where it is impossible to play a cue of the standard size.

Minimum dimensions of the billiard room

The rules “the size of a billiard table + the dimensions of a cue” can be adhered to only in a private billiard room, in a club the size of a billiard room should be somewhat larger. The size of the room for a billiard table in a billiard club can be calculated as follows: the length of the cue is added to the size of the billiard table (for example, the standard cue for the American pool — 58 inches), and also the distance that the player needs for a swing — 12-20 inches. It should be taken into account that a distance of 4 feet will be sufficient between the tables.

Dimensions of billiard tables: American pool, snooker

We remind you that the size of the billiard table will depend on what game you prefer. The pool and snooker tables are of different sizes. The size of the billiard table for playing in the American pool is 6-9 feet, and for snooker — 10-12 feet.

In any case, to install the table you need free space (no columns and fireplaces) at least 13 х1 6 foot. Well, if the size of a billiard table is 10 feet or the size of a billiard table is 12 feet — then the minimum space required is 16 x 22 feet.

In a billiard room, you shouldn’t put a table of a smaller size than is required for your favorite kind of game, allocating extra space for sofas and shelves. Playing at such a table (and even in a small room), you will lose interest in the game rather than hone your skills.

At the same time, we want to warn the owners of billiard clubs of the desire to put a table a little larger than the room allows simply because, for example, the size of a 12-foot pool table causes respect for serious billiards.

Remember that the mismatch of the billiard table with the size of the room will only lead to inconvenience during the game and a decrease in interest in billiards.

Dimensions of billiard tables and rooms