How to clean air hockey table

Air hockey is an exciting leisure for the whole family. While thinking through and implementing strategies to throw the puck into the opponent’s goal time is fun and interesting not only for children but also their parents. In order air hockey kit served as long as possible, it is important to operate it carefully and follow the simple rules in the care of it.

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Simple game — simple care

Maintaining air hockey in order and cleanliness will not take much time. To prevent dust from hindering the puck to slide freely over the playing surface, wipe the table daily with a dry soft cloth. A regular vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning, just put on a special nozzle with a brush that will not scratch the surface.

At specialized points of sale, you can find a spray for spraying the playing surface of the air hockey. Pay attention to the greasy spots; they must be removed, otherwise, the puck will slow down on the playing surface, and the stick is worse to beat.

For a more thorough cleansing, use a special or universal care product. Put it on a rag, not on the table itself. For the treatment of the plastic field, any cleaning compound with a marking for PVC products is suitable. The surface of stainless steel can be cleaned with agents containing alcohol.

Wipe the entire table, including the legs and base. The tool will help to get rid of dirt completely, the table top will shine like new, and the puck will slide on the field much better; as a result, the game will become more pleasant.

For normal operation of air hockey, periodic inspection of air holes is required. Regularly inspect them for dust accumulation and clean as necessary. Uncontaminated channels effectively provide an air cushion during the game and extend the life of the device.

The final touch will be cleaning of accessories for air hockey, bits and washers also need to be clean. Use a soft cloth and the same universal cleaner. By the way, check to see if these accessories are in stock just in case. Use only accessories provided by the manufacturer for the game. To prevent scratches and dents, do not place foreign objects on the air hockey table.

What not to do

Avoid abrasive cleaning powders, solvents, hard sponges and brushes in the care of the air hockey table cover. From them, there may be scratches that impair the accuracy and quality of the game. Do you want to extend the life of the device? Minimize the effect of direct sunlight and moisture on it. Water and other liquids in large quantities deform the playing surface of the chipboard with a low strength. It is also better not to install them in rooms with a high level of humidity.

Apparently, the rules for the care of air hockey are very simple, and the service will not take much time. The main thing is to regularly give the table a little attention, then the game will be comfortable, and the air hockey itself will last you much longer.

Paid care services

You can apply to specialized service centers, which not only eliminate problems in the operation of such devices but also provide paid care services for them.