How to make air hockey table slide better?

People play air hockey for the same reason as billiards or table tennis: they enjoy the competition. Reviews of this game are the most enthusiastic.

To become a master of air hockey, you must be a much stronger and smarter strategist than it seems at first glance. You must know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, his inclinations, and abilities, and also be able to physically implement a strategy based on your knowledge. At the same time, it is a lot of fun!

Have you ever thought about why a puck slides so fast in air hockey? What does it depend on? The answer is simple – it’s all about the right care for the table surface and accessories for the game.

Air hockey is a great purchase for both a large shopping center and home. If the commercial versions of air hockey are in front of vigilant observation of the staff, then the care of home models entirely falls on the shoulders of their owners. And if you decide to buy a new or used game table and all accessories for the home use, to play at home for free, then it is advisable to remember a few rules for caring for this equipment. After all, not only the speed of the washer but also the duration of the table itself depends on the right care.

Good care – good puck sliding

The simplicity of the air hockey device determines simple guidelines for caring for it. The main thing is that the holes in the playing field should be clean and allow air to flow freely. Their clogging slows down the movement of the washer.

In cheap Chinese models, the surface of the table is made of Plexiglas, which accumulates static electricity, so the holes are quickly clogged with dust and pile. They have to be cleaned manually. Given that the number of depressions reaches several thousand, one can imagine this “pleasure”.

The best way to clean the surface of the table is isopropyl alcohol or detergents containing it. Either spray it on the surface with a spray or wipe the table with a towel soaked in alcohol. Do not allow long-term exposure to alcohol on the surface. Experts do not recommend cleaning the inner surface of the sides, the dirt on which helps to keep the puck within the table, not allowing it to fly away. This may seem strange, but it is tested in practice – the puck will fly off the table with clean sides much more often.

Paddles and pucks are cleaned as they are contaminated, but no less than the playing surface. The uninterrupted operation of the compressor is also important – it delivers air on which the puck slides. Its maintenance is carried out in accordance with the documentation for a particular model.

All of these table care guidelines will help to make the air hockey table slide better and extend the life of the air hockey.

The advantages of air hockey are the development of mental endurance and sharpness of reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. This game provides complete freedom for creativity, representing more than just strikes on the puck.

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