How to move a Pool table

In order to move or transport a pool table, you will need some effort. To move the table to another place in your room, you will only need the help of a few people. But if it is necessary to transport a billiard table, then you will require time and some tools. You will have to disassemble the table, and if you are unsure that you will do it right, then you should hire a specialist.

But let’s order. If you need to move the table a short distance, for example, to another room, then the wheeled dollies will help you. First, gently lift one edge of the table and place a cart under it. Then do this manipulation with the remaining legs. Do not forget to lock the wheels on the carts so that they do not ride ahead of time. After the entire table is set on trolleys, gently roll it into the desired place.

If you need to transport a billiard table to another house/city, it will take a lot of effort.

What basic procedures does billiard transportation consist of?

As a rule, transportation of billiards includes a number of basic works and passes under such scheme:

Dismantling the structure

First, the pockets and nets are removed. This needs to be done by lying on the floor under the table — so it is most convenient to unscrew them. Then, using the socket wrench, the sides of the table are unscrewed. Each of them must be removed separately. To prevent the tree from scratching, you need to ask someone to hold one of the corners when you twist the other.

Then the most difficult thing is removing the cloth from the table. If it is fixed with paper clips, they must be carefully unclipped with a flat screwdriver or anti-stapler. It is more difficult if the fabric is glued to the table. Then it, starting from the edge, is gently lifted, and then folded into a tube. It is not recommended for folding it in half, as the creases will appear on the cloth.

Then from the top of the table, you need to unscrew the screws that attach it. Do it better with a screwdriver. Hats of screws can be covered with wax, it should be scraped off before starting work. Then remove the upper part of the table, legs, and wrap them in tissue or bubble wrap. They will protect the lacquered wood from chips and scratches.

Loading the table

Even in disassembled form, a billiard table weighs a lot, because the playing field is collected from stone slabs. It is difficult to lift them, therefore it is necessary to use rigging equipment. If the table is made of a solid plate, then it will be difficult to remove it from the room. For this, windows are sometimes used if they are wider than doorways. Even in disassembled form, the pool table can not fit in the elevator, and it will have to be carried down the stairs. In this case, the services of movers will cost more.

For transportation of a billiard table, it is necessary to pick up the suitable car. Ideally, there should be straps inside the vehicle to secure fragile goods. And the car itself must be equipped with devices for lifting objects of great weight.

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Delivery and assembly of the table

Accuracy must be observed not only by loaders but also by the driver. It is undesirable that sharp maneuvers occur during transportation, which may lead to a drop in the cargo. Force majors on the road cannot be ruled out, but much depends on the driver’s experience too.

Arriving at the place, the loaders should gently pull the table out of the body, lift it with rigging equipment into the room and assemble there again. The table should be assembled perfectly. If the assembly of furniture two or three millimeters are insignificant, in the case of a pool table — everything is important. If any part is screwed up incorrectly or not tighten, it will be inconvenient to play on such a table.

Transportation of the table is not cheap, but in an effort to save money, it is not necessary to transport it independently. Trying to move the stone slabs, an untrained person can get injured. Also, the beginner will take too much time to dismantle such a complex design and not the fact that after the transportation he will be able to assemble it correctly.