How to play bumper pool: simple rules

Billiards is a special game, which is to the liking of many men. This is a special atmosphere, excitement. However, a billiard table requires a lot of space, which not everyone can afford. So we came up with this kind of billiards as a bumper pool. The main difference of this game is a small table, only two pockets, five balls for each player and special obstacles that are placed around the perimeter of the table for complicating the game.

At first, it seems that the bumper billiards is a rather difficult game. But if you get acquainted with the basic rules of the game, you will realize that this fascinating and interesting game is not at all so complicated.

  1. Preparing for the game. Two players can take part in the game. There is one pocket on both sides of the table. Each player is aimed to roll the balls into the pocket opposite to him.
  2. Preparing the table for the game. Each player receives 5 balls. One has red, the other has white. There are 5 starting marks on the table. On these marks, it is necessary to arrange balls, each on its side.
  3. Note that there is a white mark on one red ball and a red mark on a white ball. Place these balls in the middle of the start line.
  4. Beginning of the game. Players simultaneously hit the balls in an attempt to get into the pocket. Obstacles, which are located in the center of the table, make this task difficult. Therefore, it is better to play from the side. Each player directs his strike to the right side of the table to avoid collisions with the opponent’s balls.
  5. Define the order of the game. The player whose ball was scored closer to the target pocket — first strikes. If both players equally close the sighting ball to the pocket, they must repeat the kick with the leftmost ball on their line.
  6. Lead the game. Each player scores until all balls fall into the pocket. If someone does not get into the pocket, the move goes to another player.
  7. Score the balls in the correct order. There is a rule that the ball must be scored first. After that, the remaining four balls can be clogged in any order.
  8. Identify the winner. The one who will first score all the balls in the pocket is the winner.

Set fines for breaking the rules of the game

  1. First of all, it’s important to score the labeled ball. All the hammered balls that hit the pocket before the ball goes in there must be returned to their original place. Directing the impact on the balls before the tagged ball is knocked out allows your competitor to choose any of his two balls and manually shift them into his target pocket.
  2. The balls should stay on the table. If your ball was knocked to the floor, return it to the dead zone of the table between the obstacles. The game passes to the opponent.
  3. Avoid knocking out opponent’s balls from the table. If you allow this, you need to return the ball to its original place and place one of its balls in the dead zone of the table. The game passes to the contestant.
  4. Score only your balls. If the player gets into the pocket of someone else’s ball, then he earns a point to the adversary.
  5. Score the ball into your target pocket. If a player directs a blow to the opponent’s pocket, he chooses his two balls and shifts them manually to his target pocket. When the last ball of the player hits the opponent’s target pocket, he loses.

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