11 ideas for DIY game tables

A special table for board games doesn’t have to be ordered or bought. You can build such a table with your own hands, for example, from an old coffee table or from a plastic picnic table. There are a lot of ideas and we’ve prepared for you a selection of the best DIY game tables:

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DIY Chessboard Game Table

diy chessboard game tableThe chess table is a rarity, both in the antique market and in the furniture market in general. In addition to its direct purpose – a board for playing chess, it performs a significant decorative function in creating the interior.

Such a product of carpentry, like a chess table, can be done by yourself. It will not necessarily to use this thing for its intended purpose, since the original chess table, made with your own hands, will perfectly decorate any of the rooms in your house.

It’s very simple to do – find a regular table that matches the style, size, and color, and make a tabletop for it in the form of a chessboard.

Chess and checkers are some of the best games that train memory, logic, and ingenuity. You can make a field for these games even with adhesive tape. If you find felt with squares, then cut out the field from it. Or sew squares of cloth. There are a lot of ways to make a playing field!

You can also design a table for outdoor games. It will look rather original. It all depends on your imagination.

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Table on which you can write with a chalk

DIY tableA great table for children and adults. You can use it together, you can do it together!

You can turn the old dining table into the center of family activity, covering it with paint for the school boards. Then, you can write in it with a chalk, for example, count the points during a game.

To implement the idea, you will not need any complicated instruments, so you can do this project with the children.

First, choose the color of the countertop, because the colors for the school boards are presented in different shades. If you want to update the base of the table at the same time, choose a glossy paint or a varnish.

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DIY Table Tennis

DIY table tennisMany like to spend their free time playing tennis, but in order to make this process as enjoyable as possible, you must have a special table. And you don’t even need to buy it – you can build a completely “playable” table with your own hands. This will take a little time, require desire, as well as easily accessible and inexpensive materials that can be bought in almost any hardware store.

To make table tennis yourself, you must initially prepare the following materials:

  • Boards
  • Wooden bars
  • MDF
  • Self-tapping screws

All works are performed according to the following scheme:

  1. Assembling the frame. This will require the use of wooden bars. The design itself should look like an ordinary desk without a cover. That is, the bars are fastened in such a way as to limit the rectangular area to which the base itself will be laid. After that, you can fix the legs. Best of all, if there are 6 of them – this will make the table more stable and durable. Important! All supporting beams must have exactly the same length, otherwise, the tennis table will constantly wobble, which can negatively affect the game process.
  2. Building the base. For this element of the table, you need MDF. In accordance with the dimensions of the prepared frame, give it a shape – it is better if the top sheet slightly extends beyond the edges of the frame. For fixing, you can use the same screws, but it is better to make fixers. To produce them you need a regular piece of rubber. It is necessary to cut 6 round pieces and fix them on each side (2 on the corners and 1 in the center on both sides). This will create additional friction and will prevent slipping.
  3. Finishing. To give the product a more attractive appearance, you can use ordinary paint – a green or blue color ideally fit for this. It will also be very useful to use an additional protective layer of water-repellent solutions if the table is to be used outdoors.

Thus, you can make table tennis yourself. Such a table can easily be transported from the garage to the street or simply from place to place due to a removable cover. In addition, this design has a huge potential for modernization and improvement. For example, cutting the top base, and fixing both halves on the hinges, you can get a folding table. After a little work with the legs, this design can be turned into a real transformer. It is easy to fit even in the trunk of the car.

Therefore, if you like to play tennis, don’t rush to run to the store and spend a lot of money on purchasing a ready-made table, because you can do it yourself, with a minimal set of tools and some free time.

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DIY Table for Monopoly

DIY Table for MonopolyIf you’re a big fan of Monopoly you can turn an ordinary kitchen table into an “International table for games”. For it, you will need a modest set of tools.

  1. Making a small proportion – decide on the dimensions.
  2. Use a simple pencil to move your plan on the table.
  3. Take a knife with prongs to deepen all marking (it is possible to use for example an engraver).
  4. Draw all the lines with a fire poker.
  5. We cut out all the pictures, inscriptions and figures with our own hands and again use the fire poker.
  6. After making all the drawings and coloring of the fields, cover part of the table, inscriptions, and pictures with stain for wood to give the effect of antiquity.
  7. The last thing to do is to cover the whole field with varnish for durability and waterproofness.

Great, the table is ready!

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DIY Outdoor Game Table Made of Trays

outdoor game tableOutdoor game table – all-weather option.

It can be used both outdoors and indoors. In such models, the tabletops are resistant to moisture and temperature changes (plastic, melamine, glass), and to preserve the color of the coating, it is additionally covered with a special protective layer from the ultraviolet.

Game tables for the street can be both stationary and folding – at the end of the season they can be placed in a barn or rearranged and played in the house.

Exclusive game table made of trays perfectly fits into the interior in an eco-style. It is easy to make, it doesn’t take much time and doesn’t require large expenses. In addition, it will save money and will give an opportunity to show your creative imagination. The main thing, you can be sure that there is nothing like this in other apartments.

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Simple DIY Game Table

game tableGame tables made of wood – it is always a win-win option, and to make such furniture with your own hands will be more profitable than buying a ready-made item. In addition, working independently, you can choose any model you like, which means creating a unique table for board games.

If it’s the first time for you to create furniture with your own hands, it is recommended not to rush, and try your hand first on simple models.

Making such a game table doesn’t take much time, doesn’t require expensive materials, and even the most inexperienced master can cope with the task. And for the creation of such table, only a drill and a screwdriver are required, and all connections will be on self-tapping screws.

For work, such materials and tools should be prepared:

  • wooden boards for crossbeams and legs;
  • thick boards – 2 pieces;
  • grinding machine;
  • saw;
  • drill;
  • glue;
  • stain for wood and varnish.

Drawings for manufacturing aren’t needed, because the table will be made according to individual requirements, and also depending on the size of the material that is available.

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Stationary Table Made of Granite for Playing Outdoors

Stationary Table Made of Granite for Playing OutdoorsDue to such massiveness, such a table is very stable, it is difficult to move it, even if it is accidentally pushed.

It is important that the platform is flat – this table doesn’t have legs that are adjustable in height. And yet – the cover on which you have to play should be waterproof if suddenly it starts to rain.

If the table is planned to be installed on the street, besides the area, several other factors should be taken into account. Coverage – it should not dust. The problem can be partially solved if before the game to moisten the soil a little. The second point is the location of the sun so that it doesn’t blind the players. And yet – you should choose a place closed from the wind because if you play tennis, for example, a light tennis ball will start moving along an unpredictable trajectory. And imagine what happens if you play cards? Take care of this in advance!

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DIY Poker Table

diy poker tableThe poker table can be made with own hands in two-three days. Now every “home master” or simply wishing to do the work themselves can make octagonal game tables. The design is comfortable, compact. There is enough space for everyone at this table.

The table made by your own hands most pleases the soul to the master. The finished construction will have a low cost. As a result, you will get a harmonious table for the already existing interior. The technology of manufacturing such a table is not considered difficult.

1 Designing the table
The sketch is made taking into account the design, all the features of the manufacture, the parameters. Based on the sketch, a project is developed with the specification and calculations of the required materials. Buy materials, prepare the necessary tool and then start to create the construction.

2 Type of product
The octagonal table is made with a covering of cloth, located in the middle, with a wood platform and a conveniently located armrest. The legs for the poker table are made by the type of removable elements. So it is more convenient to store them. The edging made of wood will give practicality to the poker table. Soft armrest will add comfort.

3 Preparation of materials

For work you need:

  • plywood;
  • good cloth;
  • a substrate for placing the laminate;
  • four supports;
  • conventional door trim, out of which armrests will be made;
  • synthetic leather;
  • foamed polyethylene;
  • adhesives, self-tapping screws, furniture braces.

Advice: There are a lot of poker table constructions. Every master brings his idea. It can be made even from the dining table. Therefore, before starting to work, it is worth considering which of the design options will be the best. it really won’t take a lot of money and time.

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DIY Billiard Table

DIY billiard tableBilliards is a fairly popular board game, which will be an excellent variant for relaxing with friends. Buying a billiard table is a costly process, it is much cheaper to build it yourself.

A variant of independent creating of drawings for a billiard table is possible. For this, you need experience in such type of work. The easiest way is to download drawings from the Internet, having edited them previously in relation to individual preferences.

The main requirements for the manufacture of a billiard table are the strength and weight of the resulting structure. In addition, the table for playing billiards must be strong, with correct geometric parameters, maximum functionality.

If the installation of a billiard table is made in a small room, which has other functional features, it is recommended to build a table – transformer.

Next, you need to decide on the materials for making a billiard table. They should be high-quality, durable. To get a quality billiard table, it is recommended to use solid wood for its production.

Mahogany, oak, and ash are considered to be the best materials for the production of support elements. Tables can also be made of softwood, such as alder and linden. Their quality and cost, respectively, are lower.

A better result will be achieved through the use of specialized equipment, if possible, we recommend choosing this option.

Making a billiard table with your own hands is not an easy task. This work requires certain skills and abilities, and also takes a lot of time. But in the end, you get the opportunity to have a great time at the billiard party in the company of friends or colleagues.

In order to make a good billiard table with your own hands, it’s not necessary to make the drawings yourself. They can be easily found on the Internet.

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Transformer Table

Transformer TableTo buy a special gaming table is unrealistic, not so much because of the price, but because of the fact that there isn’t enough place in your flat? We have a solution!

For a small studio apartment, the transformer table is more suitable. They are of different types. In folded form, this can be a low coffee table, but if you lay it out, you will get a fairly large table where you can play your favorite board game with friends or have dinner with a big company.

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LEGO game table

LEGO game tableEach kid needs his own space. The place where he is the master, where he knows everything and it is in the right order. Here the child is engaged in important matters – playing, building, thinking. This space is easy to organize with the help of a functional game table.

The idea of the table is simple. While Lego branded gaming tables are expensive, you can make a very inexpensive and comfortable table with your own hands:

  1. Take a table (You can make a table from the breakfast table or use any folding table), super glue and Lego boards.
  2. Cut out the boards, in the shape of the table and paste.
  3. Done!

This table is also convenient for its compactness. If you chose a folding table, it can be folded and removed if necessary.