7 Best math board games for kids

Math can be fun! If it is not, then you learn it the wrong way. Playing is an essential part of the learning process. We learn faster when we play and remember much more information when we’re really involved in what we are doing. If you can’t make your child do math homework, try board games! Show a little kiddo the link between how his/her seemingly boring knowledge can be used in practice.

Math board games are numerous. We’ve chosen the best ones for you and put them on the list down below. Read the descriptions and pick up the most suitable one. Let’s start!

1. Zeus on the Loose

zeus on the loose gameZeus on the Loose is an entertaining game the ultimate goal of which is to catch a naughty greek deity that escaped from the Olympus. Yes, yes, we’re talking about Zeus.

To catch Zeus, you need to think strategically and be good at math – at least at the adding part of it. This is basically a card game where you need to collect ten cards (it is better to collect strong cards). Once you’ve done, the game is over.

The cards are very brightly illustrated. You’ll find many small but nice details while playing this game. It doesn’t take long to play the whole round – just about 15 minutes or even less. So, are you ready to immerse in Greek mythology? After all, it is practically a must-read for kids! …which means that you do not only practice math, but also make books’ heroes come into life. All in all, kids that are older than 8 will love it!

Players: 2-5
Age: 8+


2. Pizza Fraction Fun Game

pizza fraction game

Pizza Fraction is a game created to help children learn how to add and subtract fractions or just to get a general impression of what a fraction is. As you progress in the game, the difficulty level rises, making you perform more and more complicated tasks. First, you just add 1/2 and 1/2, then you move towards the ability to subtract them, and after some time – boom! You’re having all the highest marks on this topic.

Pizzas, pies, pieces of fruit – they’re all proven methods of demonstrating why we need fractions. But this game is a real game-changer! (no matter how strange it sounds) First, it gives you imaginative mouth-watering pictures and, secondly, it is a game, so there are winners and losers, a will to make most of it.

The package of Pizza Fraction consists of 13 pizzas (double-sided, looking very real), 3 spinners and instructions. There are 7 ways to play this game, so you can change the rules every time. Who doesn’t like pizza? If your kids do, then certainly order this one!

Players: 2-6
Age: 6+


3. Sequence for Kids

sequence for kids

Sequence is quite a famous game that requires logical skills and strategical thinking or just some seeds of it if we’re talking about kids. This game is a version of Sequence made specially for children.

The rules are simple: you need to play a card, place one of your chips on a character and then see what happens as other players make their bets. The goal is to place four chips in a row. Once somebody has done, the game is finished. And you can start all over again!

If you order or buy this one, you will get the following details: a game board, 84 playing chips, and 42 cards. The game is a lot of fun! There are special tricks and all. In sum, it is definitely worth trying out.

Players: 2-4
Age: 3-6


4. Cloud Chopper

cloud choppers game

Cloud chopper is a name that makes you want to know what’s behind it! To chop clouds? Like in a fairy or something? The story goes like this: you’re setting off on a journey to catch some rare flower that is, of course, situated on an alien planet. The journey is dangerous, but it is a lot of fun.

While staying on a spaceship, you are gaining such skills as addition, subtraction, backward counting, and sequencing. Actually, all you need to know in order to enter this game is how to count backward. This is the only condition, so to say. Even a 5-year-old can deal with it!

The box of this game includes a game board, dice, and 8 aliens. Also the rules. As for the rules, they are not that complicated – roll the dice and see what happens. In order to reach the rare flower first, e.g. to win, you need to use your head! So, this is one more amazing choice for kids. It is fun, imaginative and helps learn a lot.

Players: 2-4
Age: 6+


5. Head Full of Numbers

head full of numbers picture

Head Full of Numbers is a nice way to practice equations. The game package includes a huge head bowl that lets you shake the dice, the dice, a sand timer, and a number of pads.

So, here’s what the players do: first, you roll the dice (there are 6 of them) and see what numbers are there. Then you quickly turn over the sand timer to get all the fun started! During the playing time, each player needs to think of as many correct equations as possible using the given numbers. The equations are obviously written down in the pads.

After the time is up, the players count the correct equations. A person who gets the biggest number of points is a winner. You can agree to use only addition and subtraction, or you can raise the stakes by adding also division and multiplication. So, it is a great way to put the math skills of different levels into reality!

Players: any number of players
Age: 7+


6. Sum Swamp

sum swamp game

Sum Swamp is an easy and fun game that helps to master early math skills. It is suitable for the kids starting with 5-year-old ones. The game’s box doesn’t contain much, but you can see that the game is carefully thought through. So basically what you get is a game board, a couple of dice, and four swamp creatures. A game board is like a labyrinth – you need to get to the end as quickly as you can. A person who goes through it first wins.

There are lots of pits and hurdled underwater. If you make a mistake or get unlucky, you may start your way all over again! The playing pieces are just beautiful! Children will get excited, that’s for sure. So, if want something simple and at the same time useful & entertaining, check out Sum Swamp!

Players: 2-4
Age: 5+


7. Think Fun Zingo 1-2-3 Number Bingo Game

zingo game

Who doesn’t know Zingo? This is a game recognized worldwide. You probably played it too when you were a child. If not, now you’ve got an excellent chance to try it out! The rules are the following: each player gets a card that needs to be filled. Zinger or Zingo machines randomly gives you numbers. If you are the first one to match the numbers from the machine and the numbers on your card, you win, and the game is over. Or else, other players (if there are several of them) may continue to play to find out who is the second, the third, etc.

This game develops math skills and some other skills because of the fact that you don’t just match numbers with numbers – you match numbers with pictures! So, kids have got to think whether a tile suits them or not. It is the most interesting part.

Due to the fact that the game is not that complicated – you don’t have to learn the rules and all – it can be played even by the smallest ones like 4 year-olds. It is an excellent game to have fun and learn at the same time.

Players: 2-6
Age: 4-10+

That’s it! We’ve covered the most awesome 7 board games that help learn math. Learning MUST be fun. Always remember that and, of course, choose board games wisely.