Medal sports air hockey tables reviews

Air hockey is played all over the world, and the air hockey table cannot be called young, in general, it is about 50 years old. For such a long time, many attractions have visited the crest of popularity and turned out to be forgotten by the demanding public. But there are still a lot of people who want to play air hockey. Manufacturers are working on creating new models, and every year the tables are becoming brighter, more convenient and more functional. This article is devoted to the best Medal sports air hockey tables.

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MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

This model of air hockey by the MD Sports company is a quality and reliable representative of this exciting, fast and thrilling game. The main parameters of the table are at the height and provided by a powerful compressor delivering airflow through the perforated channels to the playing space. Airflow generates a powerful air layer for lightning-fast movement of the puck, which makes the gameplay even more fun.

The field itself is covered with PVC film, which provides reliable protection and durable operation. Built-in backlight adds color, also, the presence of the original audio signals. Has enough parameters for playing two people on one side. Good stability.

This table for Air Hockey has excellent game characteristics. The puck literally flies on the playing field, making the game as dynamic and risky as possible.

A stylish playing field and mesmerizing lighting make this table incredibly attractive and bright.

MD Sports Medal 48″ Air Hockey Table

This MD Sports Medal air hockey will appeal to those who prefer to spend their time actively. It is based on several materials: plastic and metal. On the legs, you can see unusual elements. They are designed to ensure that the unevenness of the floor does not interfere with the game.

There is also an electric counter, correctly calculating how many washers were scored or missed. The coating is smooth and slippery, which will allow you to play as quickly as possible. For everything to work, you must plug the electrical plug into an outlet. Good for a game room. Can be used in children’s entertainment centers.

Medal Sports 27” Air Powered Hockey Table

Air Hockey Medal Sports 27 ” is the most compact gaming table that can easily accommodate you at home, in the country, in a kindergarten or a children’s playroom. A small but very attractive air hockey superbly develops coordination and reaction in children. From large gaming tables, this model differs only in its dimensions, which absolutely does not affect its gaming quality. And kids play much easier on this table. In general, a sporting pleasure for children, and, perhaps, a good warm-up for the parents are provided!

Strong plastic is used. The design is neat. The game is due to compressed air, which is driven by compressors and passes through small holes in the playing field of the table. If properly handled, it will be operated for a long time and without any claims.

This table is ideal for home use. Small dimensions allow you to place hockey anywhere. In the set, there are two game grips and the same number of washers.

MD Sports 24”¬†Air Powered Hockey Table

MD Sports 24 ” Air Hockey Table – this is a quality board game, which will please everyone. IIce field with a blower, fenced bumpers, two special bits, puck and gate-all as it should! The design is reliable and stable, and the electronic component of the board game is inside the table, so you can be calm for your children.

This model is great for children. Large models of air hockey sometimes create dead zones for children, they can not reach the puck. With this model, there are no such problems. The washer easily slides due to full blowing. Due to its size, it does not take much space in your apartment.

Now everyone plays air hockey because it’s a fun, dynamic, and very addictive game.

The secret of the popularity of air hockey

For all ages

Jumping on a trampoline is to the liking of children, adults are no longer allowed on the status. With dangerous extreme attractions all the way around, kids will not be allowed to go there. But air hockey will bring a lot of positive emotions to people of any age, the competition captures from the first seconds. 3-year-old players will be able to develop dexterity and speed of reaction; for teenagers, it will help to throw out inexhaustible energy; for older people will give the opportunity to warm up and have fun. This is a wonderful family entertainment and a versatile leisure option.

Everyone can buy air hockey

Today, buying air hockey is not a problem. Moreover, you can choose the best models of recognized European manufacturers. The main thing is to decide what you need the device for, for example, you plan:

  1. Business in air hockey. In this case, really high-quality models will be needed – commercial air hockey. These are reliable and attractive tables with illumination, sound, electronic scoreboard, a strong playing field of stainless steel, the ability to install a validator (coin or coin receptacle).
  2. Play an air hockey at home. Suitable inexpensive air hockey without unnecessary functions, such as neon lights or waterproof field. It is enough to choose a model that will be liked externally and fit in dimensions.
  3. Take a compact air hockey with you. A full table for air hockey weighs a lot. Of course, it is difficult to transport it. But there are small and light desktop options. They can be taken to a kindergarten or camp, on nature or on a visit, put in a small playroom or apartment, and then simply put in a closet or closet.

If you are still in doubt about which machine to put in the game room, you may be convinced by the following advantages of air hockey:

  1. It’s incredibly easy to use. The instructor will not be needed, the principle of the game is clear from the first minute, the experience is not particularly important. It takes only a desire and a good mood, gradually the player will learn to reflect the rapid blows and hit the puck accurately into the opponent’s goal.
  2. A huge variety of models. You can buy a children’s air hockey, a table with a concave field or a drainage system, a street and anti-vandal air hockey. Also, it is possible to choose a model at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.
  3. But the main advantage of this game is that it is very exciting and does not bother. Try to play, you will certainly want to compete again!