11 Best mini air hockey tables (kids & adults)

Air hockey is the favorite game of millions of children and their parents. Without air hockey, it is already difficult to imagine the playing zone of a shopping or entertainment center. Probably with confidence, we can say that all people are different, but everyone likes to play in air hockey! An interesting paradox: every person, if not playing, at least heard about air hockey. But it turns out not many are aware of the existence of home models or mini air hockey tables. We’ll talk about these tables in this article.

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Point Games PG2013 Air Hockey

Air hockey Game table from Point Games – a great model for playing at home. It differs in compact dimensions, which allows it to be placed in a relatively small room. Has a smooth playing surface, surrounded by a rim, necessary to prevent the washer from falling and bits. The game in air hockey does not require much experience. Helps to have fun and vigorously with friends or children.


  1. The hull of the air hockey game table Point Games is made of MDF – a modern environmentally friendly material, comparable in its characteristics to natural wood.
  2. Has a compact size, it can be easily placed on any table in your apartment, as well as be taken with you on a visit.
  3. 2 sliding score trackers that require batteries. The meter is mounted in the side, allows you to count the heads.
  4. It is designed for two players.
  5. The set includes two flat washers, made of plastic, and two bits that look like hats, made of the same material.


Harvil Air Hockey Table for Kids

Harvil Air Hockey is a great entertainment for adults and children! This lightweight model is perfect for an apartment and an office. Air hockey is necessary in school and preschool establishments because children are very fond of it and they are easy to occupy with this interesting occupation.

Thanks to the simplicity of the lightweight design, the lightness and compact dimensions of the construction, the Air Hockey Harvil table can be installed anywhere! At the same time, it can be installed without hassle in the open air, without worrying about viewing the weather forecast, because in case of deterioration in weather conditions it can be easily and quickly brought into the room. The model is made in a multi-colored color scheme, which makes it a bright and stylish piece of furniture.

Advantages of this model:

  1. Compactness → convenient for placement in small areas. At the same time, small sizes do not interfere with interesting matches.
  2. Presence of adjustable levels (jacks) on legs → for installation on uneven surfaces
  3. Well-thought-out balanced design → the table does not loosen when playing.
  4. The corners of the table are rounded and covered with plastic pads → safety for children.
  5. The case and the playing field are made of laminated chipboard → resistance to mechanical damage and scratches.
  6. Equipped with an electronic head counter.
  7. The model is completed with a set of necessary accessories.


Goplus Air Hockey Table

With the help of the Goplus air hockey table, you can play with the whole family, and you will be fascinated by this unique process!

The advantage is the small size of the structure, thanks to which the table can be installed in any room in conditions of limited space. The kit provides two bits and two washers for a full game.

The compressor and main components are powered by a standard network. The worktop is made of MDF – it is processed with a plastic coating and has an attractive design. The gaming table has a compact size and does not take up much space, which allows its installation at home or at the cottage.


International Playthings

International Playthings Air hockey table – a small game table with a modern design, equipped with a blower system. The field of this game is fenced with bumps. In the kit, there are two special bits, a gate and a washer – everything needed for a dynamic and interesting game. Compact size allows you to place this air hockey on any table. The field is large enough. It is convenient and comfortable even for a long game. When stored, it also does not take up much space, so you can easily take it with you to visit or to the dacha.

The design of the game is stable and reliable. The field is powered by batteries. The electronic component of the air hockey is in the table, which makes it safe for children of all ages.


Mainstreet Classics

Mainstreet Classics Tabletop air hockey is designed for use at home, in the country, in the office, children’s clubs and gardens, schools. Suitable for family entertainment, and as a wonderful gift. Designed for use in standard residential and public premises. The table is compact, it is easy to find a place for storage even in a small city apartment. Supplied in a bright package of laminated cardboard. Easily and quickly assembled on its own.

The air hockey is made of modern, durable materials. The body, the playing field, and the game pillars are made of MDF, covered with a film of PVC. The film protects the surface from moisture, dirt, and scratches, it can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust and stains. The bases of the support of the playing field have an anti-slip coating so that the body of the model does not slip during the game.

The set of standard delivery includes two bright colored bits and washers, made of durable impact-resistant plastic. Thanks to a felt pad on the bottom of the bits, they easily slide over the surface of the playing field, without damaging it even with strong pressure. The handle of the bits is comfortable, reliably lies in the hand of an adult and a child.

Air hockey is designed for maximum comfort. There are counters of scored washers behind the gate, so you do not need to keep a game score in mind or write it on paper. Hammered washers roll into special compartments, from which they can be easily and quickly obtained and returned back to the game.

The air hockey table is equipped with an air compressor, which creates a powerful airflow, which ensures smooth movement of the washer over the playing field and its high speed. The air hockey compressor operates on batteries.


Goplus 48″ Air Powered Hockey Table

A small, beautiful Goplus air hockey game table is designed for home use. This air table is ideal for children of younger and older age.

The field of the air hockey table is made of laminated MDF, it has a classic marking, a smooth wear-resistant perforated surface, high beads, and standard gates. On the end, panels are installed mechanical scores of heads. Also, it equipped with LED electronic scorer. The legs are equipped with wide struts, which make it possible to avoid loosening the structure. The fan operates from the mains. The kit includes everything you need to play the game.


Playcraft Sport Breakaway Air Hockey Table

Playcraft Sport Breakaway game table is a large smooth surface for playing two players. To prevent the puck from falling, there are small bumpers on the edges of the table. The gates play the role of the gates, which are located at the edge of the table. Return of the puck occurs through the holes that are behind the gate. To reduce friction and increase the speed of the game on the playing surface are small holes through which the air goes.

The air hockey table has dimensions of 42 “L x 24” W x 9 “H. The sides and supports are made of laminated MDF, a laminated MDF field with a special coating, reinforced support structure.


Triumph Fire ‘n Ice

This colorful table with LED backlight will give you a lot of impressions. The Red team is fighting against the blue! The tables will make the game comfortable not only for children but also for teenage players. This design has an electronic LED score meter and a mechanical one. This facilitates the process of maintaining the account.

Strong legs perfectly hold the structure. They provide the table with stability and immobility. To the table stood exactly on any surface, the legs are provided with levelers.


EA Sports

EA Sports hockey is a guaranteed pleasure and excitement for the whole family. A high-quality table is made of certified MDF and has a scratch-resistant surface. This model has such functions as independent foot levelers, a powerful fan motor for smooth play, an electronic counter with a timer and an automatic reset of the washer.

Stylish and functional EA Sports 60 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table will provide endless hours of entertainment for you and your family. The set contains 2 bits and 2 washers.


Simtec PowerBand Air Hockey Tabletop

An attractive gaming frame will provide you with an intense game without batteries or electricity. Its compact design will allow you to install the game surface anywhere, without taking up much space.

The quick-flip goalie mallet and carpet puck are uniquely designed for play on both carpet and hard surfaces with a smooth plastic side to glide on carpet, and a soft protective side for hard floors or tabletops.


Triumph Sports

The Triumph Sports model is not just a game in air hockey, but also a good physical training. A convenient folding mechanism saves your space. The Triumph Sports air hockey has optimal small dimensions and can be used safely in small rooms.
For the safety of young hockey players, the corners of the game table are rounded and have additional pads.

The model has an indispensable mechanical counter scored goals, which clearly demonstrates who is the favorite in the game. Optimally calculated balancing provides reliable stability and helps to fully focus on the match!

The above models are designed for home use. This article presents models that can be played by both adults and children. Also, some tables are classified as folding. Thanks to the convenient folding mechanism, such air hockey tables will not take up much space, even in confined spaces.