13 Best Multi Game tables 2019

Today multi-game tables are becoming more and more popular. Most people prefer to spend their leisure time with their family and friends in different ways. However, recently there has been formed a negative trend of a “lonely pastime” – due to a large number of different gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones. Computer games also contribute to this trend even though they have certain benefits. Yet, many people still remember the value that the board games hold – they give the opportunity to get together and communicate while playing. Such leisure is useful for children of any age! We have prepared an overview of 13 Best Multi Game tables 2019 for you.

It is worth noting that multi-game tables differ in size and number of games as well as in their type. Multi-game tables of a small size are more suitable for children as they can play on them with comfort. Adults will enjoy playing on larger tables more because it is possible to organize more serious games on them.


Multi game tables for kids

QYBK Deluxe 4 in 1 Folding Top Game Table

This multifunctional table is a transformer 4 in 1. It includes billiards, hockey, table tennis, and foosball. To play the desired game, you need to install a needed game surface on top of the table. The table is made of specially processed MDF; the top is coated with PVC wrap.

In the kit, there are all the necessary accessories for playing the games:

  • tennis – 2 rackets, 2 balls, a grid with the holder;
  • billiards – 2 cues, a set of balls, a triangle, 2 chalk, a brush;
  • football – 2 goals for football, 7 blue players, and 7 reds;
  • hockey – 2 bits, 2 washers.

4-in-1 Multi-Game Table

multi game tableThis multi-game table is an excellent choice for children. The table has an unusual set of included games – there are air hockey, table tennis, basketball, and a dry erase board for writing and drawing. All of the activities that are performed on the mentioned surfaces are quite dynamic and this is what kids like the most!

The table’s dimensions are 25.75″W x 28.75″H x 52.75″D. The weight of the table is 44 pounds. The basis is made of MDF which, as you probably already know, is a pretty good material. 

Accessories included in the package:
Air Hockey: 2 strikers, 2 pucks;
Table tennis: 2 paddles, 2 table tennis balls;
Basketball: 1 basketball ramp/net, 1 rim, 1 basketball pump;
Erase board: 2 board markers.

So, if you want to make the leisure of your child more diverse, check this item out! It is not that expensive but will certainly bring lots of joy to you and your family.

Sunnydaze Decor 10 Combination Multi Game Table

This is an excellent multifunctional table that will allow you to play 10 different games – slide hockey, foosball, billiards, shuffleboard, table tennis, chess, cards, checkers, bowling, and backgammon.

The set includes all the necessary accessories for the games, which rids you of the necessity to make additional purchases. The whole construction doesn’t take up too much space – all the table tops can be put between the football and the billiard surfaces. The model comes with a 1-year warranty.

You and your friends can play classic games for hours without having to change the table. It is unlikely that you’ll lose some of the table’s elements – after all, they are all conveniently stored inside the table. This multi-game table includes both active sports and logical ones.

A small table size allows you to fit it even in a small cozy room. One game can be turned into another with the help of just a few simple movements. This strong, light and stable multi-game table has become quite popular – it can serve as a great gift for any holiday!

MD Sports 12-in-1 Combo Multi Game Table

This fantastic table with stylish design will brighten up the leisure of any company. The table contains 12 different games to every taste – air powered hockey, basketball, bean bag toss, boxing, darts, target shooting, plink shot, bowling, tin can alley, ring toss, cards, and dice. The table is small in size, which allows placing it even in a city apartment. The games are easily interchangeable. To play the desired game, simply place the desired playing surface on top of the main field. Even a child can cope with this!

Thanks a compact size, the table is not only easy to transform but also easy to store because the games are situated all in one place, which saves your space. The table has a stable construction.

Each game comes with a full set of accessories, which means you don’t have to make additional purchases.

MD Sports 4-in-1 Combo Entertainment Game Table

This multifunctional game table contains four games – football, air hockey, table tennis, and billiards. The small size of this table means you can install it in any room – be it a game room in your apartment, a country house, or even in an office – such diverse games will always find their fans. The table is the best gift both for children and their parents.

Do you and your children happen to have the mood for playing the pool or finding out who is stronger in table tennis? Or maybe you want to hold a football match? All of this can be performed with the help of this wonderful table. Despite its modest size, the table will give many joyful minutes to you and your loved ones.

The classic look of the table will decorate any interior. The high-quality gaming characteristics will please even the sophisticated players. Each game comes with a full set of accessories.

The table legs are equipped with jacks for installation on uneven surfaces. Plus, they are connected by metal bars.

Hathaway Matrix 7-in-1 Multi Game Table

Hathaway Matrix 7-in-1 is a gaming multi-functional table-transformer, which includes 7 games: table football (foosball), air hockey, table tennis, billiards, backgammon, checkers, and chess. This is a universal game table, suitable both for a whole family and for a fun company. The games vary from active to intelligent.

The transformer game table Hathaway Matrix 7-in-1 will appeal both to adults and children. Children are usually keen on tennis or hockey, while adults prefer to play backgammon or chess, or maybe to arrange a team foosball tournament! Once again – the table will suit everyone’s taste.

In addition to the unusual design and excellent gaming characteristics, the Hathaway Matrix 7-in-1 game table has such undeniable advantages as versatility and compact size. Due to the compact size, the table can be placed in a small apartment. In the kit, there are accessories for all the included games – cues, rackets, chess pieces, etc.

The multi-functional table Hathaway Matrix 7-in-1 is what can bring you rest and entertainment! A universal gift for all occasions for people of all ages.

Lancaster 54″ 4 in 1 Pool Bowling Hockey Table Tennis Table

lancaster tableLancaster multi-game table is a relatively cheap table that will satisfy both children and adults. The table includes four games – billiards, bowling, hover hockey, and table tennis. These games are enjoyed by lots of people around the world. If you are one of them, definitely take a closer look at this ‘lot’.

The table is 54 Inch in diameter, which is rather small and which is why it is intended to be primarily for children. The construction has internal storage for all the game surfaces and accessories, which are, by the way, included in the shipping package. No worries about buying additional stuff!

One more advantage is that you can easily switch between the games. So, if you are determined to choose the best multi-game table possible, don’t miss this option! It might be the one.

Hathaway Playmaker 3-in-1 Multi-Game Table 

If you are a lucky owner of this model, you can play amazingly entertaining games with your children for hours! Playing foosball, you can hammer the ball with your foot into the gate. Playing hockey, you can show off your accuracy by gaining as many points as you can. Each game develops body coordination and, most importantly, brings great pleasure!

The products of the introduced company comply with the generally accepted norms and standards, which guarantees reliability and long-term use. High-quality PVC is used for the production of the tables. All the required inventory is included.

The small size of this model makes it desirable for every family home. Kids will surely appreciate it.


Multi Game tables for adults

Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Multi Game Table

This is a very cool transformer gaming table 3-in-1 for any age. The beautiful black design immediately attracts attention. It’s enough to turn the playing surface and you can start playing a new game. In addition to the unusual design and excellent playing qualities, this table has an important advantage – a choice of games.

Depending on your mood, you can choose to play pool or compete with your friend in a game of air hockey. It is very easy to switch between the games – just turn the table and fix the surface you need. The model will also satisfy the fans of table tennis. You can easily play a couple of sets in ping-pong by installing the necessary playing surface.

All the necessary accessories are included in the set. The Multi Game Table Fat Cat 3-in-1 can be easily installed in a sports club or in a country house. The product is made of high-quality materials – be sure of it: Fat Cat keeps up its standards!

Hathaway Monte Carlo 4-In-1 Multi Game Casino Table

Adult leisure can be interesting and useful! The multifunctional gaming table-transformer Hathaway Monte Carlo was created exactly for these purposes. The playing surface of the table can be easily changed, so the three games included in the set can be all played in one evening.

Older people can have lots of fun using this set. It is not just about having fun, however – it is also about getting certain benefits from playing. Regularly playing will develop your tactical thinking and logic.
If you like excitement and want to try your strengths, then this table is what you need.

This transformer table is compact enough, so you can set it in your own home to entertain guests. It will also look great in a bar or a living room. The stylish design, reliable construction, anti-scratch coating, adjustable legs are the main advantages of this model. Adults will certainly love to pass their evenings playing blackjack, roulette or craps. When you cover the table with a table top, the transformer table turns into a convenient and functional coffee table.

The table set includes game surfaces and a complete set of accessories for the games. It will always find its fans!

Giantex Multi Game Table 3 in 1

giantex multi game tableNow, this table is great for adults. But it is also great for kids. The size of it is quite average. The included games are loved by lots of fans around the world! There are billiards, hover hockey, and foosball. The set includes all the necessary accessories for each game.

The construction of the table is quite sturdy and stable. It is made of such materials as MDF, Metal, and PVC. There are 4 leg levelers, which lets you place the table even on uneven bumpy surfaces. There is one little disadvantage through – you will need to make certain efforts to install this thing – lots of screws and bolts won’t find their places by themselves! But you can turn it all into a fun challenge.

Accessories included: a ball set, cues, a triangle, a soccer ball, glide hockey pushers, hover pucks. So, to wrap up, the table is good! Check the price and see if it work out for you.

Atomic 2-in-1 Flip Table

This multi-game table from the Atomic company is created for the whole family. You have a great opportunity to combine two favorite games without taking up a lot of space in your game room. Thanks to the easy and convenient mechanism, the transformation of the “billiard – air hockey table” does not take much time and effort. It is enough just to turn and fix the playing surface.

This model is specially created for dynamic games at home. The frame is made of high-strength MDF. The billiard top is covered with a red nylon fabric. The air hockey game is carried out using a 110V charger. A powerful compressor ensures the maximum speed of the washer and the absence of “dead zones” on the surface of the table.

Installed at home or in an institution, this beautiful table will bring many joyful moments to you and your guests.

The model is popular in the US market – the name of its manufacturer speaks for itself. All the necessary accessories for the games are included in the package. The supports are made of high-quality materials. This product has a perfect price-quality ratio!

Hathaway Park Avenue Combination Table with Dining Top

This multifunctional gaming table will serve as a great gift for a family whose members are not indifferent to table games but cannot afford to find lots of free space for a gaming area. In addition to 2 playing surfaces for sports battles, this table also has a dining table surface.

A strict design and strong frame will be fit perfectly into the interior of any house or gaming center. This table is enough to satisfy the desires of fans of different games. When the table tennis battle is over, put off the top and you will be able to play billiards. It is worth noting that the cloth on this gaming surface is of the highest quality.

For fans of ping-pong, there are balls, rackets and a grid. The multifunctional table is easy to handle and it is quite reliable. The presence of 2 games will appeal to people who like modesty – when there is not too much and not too little.

The main advantage of multi-game tables is that you can choose a game by the mood at any time. Billiards or air hockey? Everything depends on the specific preferences of the owners. These neat tables have a nice design and quite a compact size. You can set a unit in any room. It is not difficult to use a multi-game table: if you want to change the game, you just need to turn the tabletop over to the other side or simply change it.

The versatility of multi-game tables (transformers)

Transformers continue to gain popularity among children and adults. Their main advantage is universality. The tables’ settings and dimensions allow them to simultaneously contain various board games: billiards, mini billiards, pool, air hockey, tennis, backgammon, and many others. You will never get bored with such tables! They are made with consideration of such requirements as the quality of cloth, the dimensions, the presence of all accessories.

Most consumers will be glad to save up some cash and choose the most reasonable option. When you look for a multi-game table, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Functionality – the table includes several games. Some models have two games but you can find gaming tables, on which you can play simultaneously foosball, hockey, billiards, etc.
  2. Features of the design – as a rule, table top has a two- or three-side coating and functions on the “flip-flop” principle. There are also sliding and multi-level gaming table designs. Thanks to the presence of simple adjustments, you can quickly change the playing surface.
  3. The playing field is made of MDF and covered with laminate, PVC film, other waterproof and durable materials. The surface is thoroughly sanded and leveled to achieve comfort and maximum playing quality. The field is additionally protected from accidental shocks.
  4. Use – tables-transformers are created for home and commercial use. For the former case, compact and simple models are suitable. For entertaining establishments, it is best to choose stable and big constructions.
  5. The quality of gaming accessories – figures of football players, hockey players, pucks, control levers, and other elements should be durable but easily replaceable. The design of the playing field is also important, but here it is all up to you!

When you choose a multi-game table for small children, give preference to simple models – those that include foosball and hockey will be enough. Teenagers will enjoy air hockey and table tennis. For commercial use, it is better to choose models with a more diversified functionality.