11 Best Outdoor game tables

Have you got a large outdoor area? Or, maybe, you like to spend time with your friends in nature? Either way, a recreational outdoor table will help you to diversify your leisure time, make it more fun and enjoyable! The list below contains a number of options – foosball tables, pool tables, table tennis tables, etc. – all are suitable for an outdoor use. Choose your favorite and never get bored again!


1. Rene Pierre Tahiti

rene pierre foosball table

Foosball is an extremely popular table game that can turn your evening into a real hot battle. Rene Pierre Tahiti foosball table is one of the best foosball tables on the market. It is good-looking, done in a Fench style and made of dense fiber wood which is extremely durable. The durability makes this table suitable for an outdoor usage, although, of course, indoor storage is possible as well – even preferable.

The table has a lot of nice little details in it, such as abacus scorers at each side to keep the score; hand-painted players on the field, and two single goalkeepers on each side of the field. The playing field itself is made out of linoleum, which contributes to a smooth glide of the ball.

All in all, if you like playing foosball, certainly consider this option! Your family and/or friends will love it!


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2. Garlando G-500

garlando g 500

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Indoor and Outdoor foosball table is an excellent choice for a constant usage outside! All of the materials used for creating this table are durable, washable – in sum, suitable for a fresh air!

There are also abacus scorers. The table looks very decent. You can choose between two colors – navy blue and red. The playing field is made of two materials – marine plywood and plastic laminate. As for all the rest details, they are practically the same for any foosball table. Here, it is just also worth mentioning that the rods are removable, so if you have to wash the table or use for some other activities, it can be easily done.

To sum up, one more great foosball table! The greatest advantage of it is a steady construction suitable for any weather.

3. Garlando Open Air

garlando open air

Garlando Open air is a name that speaks for itself. The table is made for an outdoor use. All the details are anti-rust, weatherproof, and water-resistant. Even the nuts and the screws!

The table is made out of plastic combined with fiberglass. Besides, the playing field is made of plastic laminate. There are special white lines painted on the field, which make the game more good-looking and imaginative. The table itself is good-looking – ivory and navy blue colors make it stand out from other foosball tables.

The legs are done in quite an unusual style, which helps the construction to remain steady, even if there is a strong wind or other nuisances of this kind. In a nutshell, the table will keep you safe! All in all, another amazing option for an outdoor play.



4. Hathaway Park Avenue 7′ pool table tennis combination

hathaway park avenue

We’re moving on towards pool tables! Who doesn’t know how exciting and engaging this game might be? If you don’t, you’ve probably never played it! And it is never too late to try, by the way.

Hathaway Park Avenue 7′ is not just for playing pool. It is a real finding for those who like outdoor games because it combines pool table, table tennis table, and even dining table in it! So, you get 3 in 1 for quite an average price. How cool is that? Moreover, the package also includes storage benches, which is very practical.

The table is made out of sturdy wood which makes it safe and stable. Besides, there are special bumpers which also prevent players from getting hurt. Multifunctionality of the table doesn’t mean that it is difficult to use. On the contrary, all the details, tools, etc. are easy to change.

So, if you are looking for something really special that will keep your guests entertained, this table might be the one! And, well, it is just cool to have such a stylish table, even if just for a dinner under the open sky!

5. Hathaway Fairmont 

hathaway table pool

Hathaway Fairmount portable 6-feet pool table is a bit smaller than the standard pool table’s size. However, this characteristic makes it suitable even for small children, so families will appreciate it! Besides, this size will not only allow you to use the table outdoors but also situate it in a living room or, for example, in a children bedroom.

The table has durable steel legs and a nice-looking blue surface. Since it is portable, it is also preassembled – all you need to do to start playing is unfold the table and put on all the necessary accessories. By the way, the accessories are included in the package, so don’t worry – no additional purchases are required.

Probably, the most unusual accessory here is a nylon carrying bag, which can transport the table safely anywhere you’re going to. To sum up, this portable inside/outside table is great for families and for those who want to save up space (or carrying efforts). Despite the size, it is absolutely able to provide you with cool playing experience. Don’t forget to check the price!

6. GSE Games & Sports Expert 6-Ft Deluxe

gse pool table

This GSE pool table is very similar to the option above. It is also 6 feet, which basically means that it won’t take you much effort to carry it from one place to another. Plus, that same advantage of situating the table indoors. Even the price of this table is practically equal to the price of the table above. So, it is just a matter of taste.

Here, though, you have a choice of three colors – red, blue, and green. So if you’d like to have something other than blue, well, this option is more suitable for you. There are some other slight differences, of course. Like, the top, or the legs, but it is not that crucial.

All in all, if you are to buy a pool table, consider one of these two options! Either way, it would be a great purchase that will hopefully bring you and your friends/relatives lots of joy!

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7. JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table

joola outdoor aluminium

Table tennis is quite an active recreational pastime that is loved and enjoyed by many people all around the world. Why not make this pastime a regular one by buying a ping pong table? JOOLA Outdoor Aluminium Table Tennis table would be an excellent choice! Since the table is outdoor, the materials used for its creation are all suited for a bad weather, so that in case it is raining, snowing, or whatever, nothing is destroyed.

You can place it in the backyard or on a playground – anywhere you want to. Big wheels and adjustable legs, as well as a safety system, will allow you to make all of that quickly and effortlessly. The table comes in the 95% preassembled position, so it is just about 15 minutes to get everything ready for the game.

Besides, you can play alone! Just lift up one side of the table and train anytime you want to. The storage position of this table is compact, so you don’t have to be concerned about the fact that you wouldn’t have enough space to take it away. All in all, this is a very good choice! Don’t forget to check it on Amazon.

8. STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table 

stiga outdoor

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis table is also great for outdoor games! Its surface is made with the use of aluminum which prolongs its durability and makes it suitable even for the gloomiest weather.

The table is easy to assemble. Its legs are adjustable and its wheels are big enough to move it from place to place if needed. Of course, there is a lock system like in any decent table tennis table. As for the other details, you can see them in the picture. By the way, there is also a playback mode – practically all the features are similar to JOOLA’s.

So, this is just one more cool table for playing ping pong outside! If you are to buy a ping pong table, try not to neglect these two options!

9. Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table

kettler table tennis

Kettler ping pong table is great in its own way. It is more compact than the other two tables. But, despite this fact, it is durable. Details such as steel legs only add up to its durability. Needless to say, that the table is waterproof – no weather conditions can damage it drastically.

The producer of the table included a number of accessories in the package – two paddlers, balls, special outdoor cover. All of that is extremely useful if not essential! All in all, this outdoor table is an amazing choice!

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10. Playcraft Extera 9′ Outdoor Shuffleboard Table

playcraft extera

Have you ever played shuffleboard? This game is enthralling! Shuffleboard can be played either on the ground or on the table. Since we are reviewing tables, table version, of course, is what interests us most.

Playcraft Extera 9′ is a huge outdoor table for playing shuffleboard. It has 20” playfield. The construction of the table is extremely steady, made of aluminum. All the necessary details for playing the game are included – even abacus scorers so that it was easy to keep the score!

The table looks awesome! An electric blue surface is what will definitely attract lots of attention. All in all, if you want to try a game that is less widespread or, maybe, if you are keen on shuffleboard, this is a good option!

11. Atomic 9’ Platinum Classic Shuffleboard Table 

anatomic shuffleboard

One more option for those who prefer shuffleboard is Atomic 9′ Platinum table. This one is actually an indoor table, but can definitely be used outdoors if needed. The materials used for its creation are durable, so no worries ‘everything gets spoiled after rain’. The table is steady and, at the same time, adjustable – you can regulate legs length in order to ensure level playing field.

The peculiarity of this table is that it is smaller than the usual shuffleboard tables. However, this feature can be an advantage – for example, in case, you don’t have enough space for a bigger table. Once again, all the playing accessories are included, even a canister of shuffleboard wax.

Shuffleboard table are extremely stylish! To have one of these means not only one way to have fun, but also a great addition to your environment. So, if you enjoy the game, don’t forget to check these tables out on Amazon!


We hope, this article gave you new ideas about outdoor games and tables for them. Be savvy in choosing playing equipment & stay tuned for new articles!