5 Best outdoor Ping-Pong tables under 500$

As a popular game all over the world, tennis has gained countless adherents. Love for this sport is explained by the availability of a large selection of equipment. Of course, you can not do without tables, nets, racquets, and balls for those who want to relax with the help of tennis or do it more seriously. All the necessary devices for the game are different for their quality and performance. This mainly depends on the fact that players acquire an inventory of different levels and with opposite goals. Professionals are ready to give decent money for special equipment, and beginners can quite buy an outdoor Ping-Pong table and play in the country. That’s the option we will discuss in this article.

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Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

A Harvil training table is an excellent option for intensive home use. The table is durable, comfortable, easy to fold. The grid is included. The table easily moves, does not take up much space in the assembled state.

This is a compact folding table that has a grid in the kit. The 12-supporting table construction provides a phenomenal stability. The table legs of this model are equipped with a device for horizontal adjustment of the table position in the unfolded state in the range up to 25 mm. Each half of the Harvil Outsider table can be folded and to move separately.

The system of folding is CSS (Compact Storage System). Thanks to this design, 5 Harvil tables in the folded state occupy the same area as 2 tables with a conventional folding system.

The frame consists of metal elbow joints. Each half of the table is equipped with an independent system of wheels. Material — fiberboard.


The construction has a strong frame-profile, semi-automatic supporting frame complete with a quadrangular profile with the polyester coating. The design is mobile, on 3″ wheels on each side; all wheels are maneuverable, two of which are fixed.

CSS (Compact Storage System) — the original system patented by Stiga, which solves the problem of transportation and storage of tables. The table halves are kept tightly to each other, which drastically reduces the area of their storage. Each half of the table is equipped with an independent system of wheels, which simplifies the transportation of the table in parts.

Handle Safety System — a system equipped with a metal bar for easy and safe folding and unfolding of the table. Supplied in disassembled form for easy transportation. Packed in one box. Comes with a net in the set.

FDW Premium

Outdoor tFDW Premium ping pong table — a model for playing outdoors at any time of the year and in any weather. The maneuverable composite table is made taking into account all the standards and requirements of the ETTF (European Table Tennis Federation).

The table has a strong and comfortable design: the playing field is made of light-alloy multilayered composite plastic composite and reinforced with an aluminum pipe, the frame and folding legs consist of a steel profile pipe. The playing field perfectly copes with both humidity and negative ambient temperatures, which makes it possible not only to play but also to store the table in an unheated room in winter.

The table moves easily thanks to the roller wheels mounted on the legs. Design features allow you to fold the table in such a way that it occupies a small space, which makes it easy to store and transport. Another advantage of the FDW Premium tennis table is the ability to play alone with a wall that provides an excellent ball bounce.


The JOOLA company is one of the oldest companies that produce various equipment for playing table tennis. The JOOLA brand has been at the center of the major events in the field of table tennis for more than fifty years: European championships, World Championships, Olympic Games, and table tennis tournaments of various levels all over the world are equipped with JOOLA tools. As JOOLA tables, enjoyed by table tennis stars and tables that you can buy in a sports shop, there is absolutely no difference — it’s the same material, it’s the same technology.

Joola Rally TL – is a modern model of table tennis, which meets all the requirements of safety and quality. Due to the fact that the multi-layer aluminum composite was used for the table top, the table becomes much more wear-resistant. The table has good resistance characteristics against bumps, scratches, and abrasions. This table can be used both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it is excellent for children’s playgrounds and open stadiums. And thanks to a special anti-reflective coating, you can play ping-pong or table tennis on this table even in bright sunny weather and not feel any discomfort.

Tables from the JOOLA company are very reliable, but they are easy to use. It is this quality which distinguishes them from many others. Good game characteristics of this table are achieved due to the thickness of the table top, which greatly improves the rebound of the ball. In addition, for ease of operation, storage, and transportation, this model table is equipped with dual transport rollers, which greatly facilitate the process of moving this table. And an incredibly convenient mechanism for blocking the table top guarantees a reliable and strong fixing of the table tops, so you do not have to worry about the spontaneous unfolding of the table.

Kettler Axos 2

The all-weather tennis table Kettler AXOS OUTDOOR 2 is a combination of high-quality materials and performance, innovative design and proven German quality for years.

Kettler Axos Outdoor 2 is ideal for playing on a hot summer day, and for active entertainment on a frosty winter morning. The table has a unique coating, aimed at eliminating glare at the game, one of the important factors is the availability of a special plate that will leave your tennis table in perfect condition.

You do not have to worry that the cover will crack or lose its former attractiveness. Maneuvering rollers and a folding design allow you to quickly and conveniently move the table. Having combined one half, you can train yourself. It is easy to fold, convenient for transportation and will take up little space even in the closest room.


  1. Unique all-weather slab ALU-TEC.
  2. Anti-reflective coating, triple coloring of the playing surface.
  3. Mesh included.
  4. The transport system with 4 rotary rubberized rollers with a braking device.
  5. Mechanism of folding with a double-acting blocker.

Occupation of such sports on the street has a good effect on the human body. The already active work of the body is supplemented by the consumption of the necessary amount of oxygen. This has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, as well as the respiratory tract. The general tone rises, the nervous system calms down, negative energy comes out. Such an occupation not only makes a person move, but it also gives emotional pleasure, which inevitably affects the mood. You can play together or four. This table does not take a large area in the summer garden or on the lawn behind the house. It is compact and easy to carry.

Outdoor tennis is interesting for adults and children, for owners and visiting guests. That’s why outdoor tennis tables, suitable for placing on the street, are becoming increasingly popular now. Outdoor ping-pong becomes an alternative to passive pastime both on weekdays and on weekends for each family member. So which tables, in this case, are usually used? And what does outdoor mean?

How to make an all-weather tennis table and not only

Outdoor ping-pong table and any other pass several stages of processing. The worktop is done in several steps: processing (preliminary) of chipboard; surface plastering until the surface is perfectly flat; primer; varnish coating. Dimensions of tables (regardless of the type or model) are standard. The frame is made of aluminum, but the surface can be made of various materials. For special durability of outdoor options, a special manufacturing technique is used. On the countertop, special protection is applied — a layer that prevents the damaging effect of ultraviolet radiation. Since it is required that the table is resistant to moisture, plastic is used as a material.

The thickness of the table top is in the range of 12-19 mm. All tables have a matte surface and white marking (it is also applied according to certain rules).

Pros and cons of an outdoor ping-pong table

Even an all-weather table tennis has a certain set of minuses. First, of course, we should say positive things. The advantages of such tables include:

  • the possibility of installing a table on the street, which does not require that every night the inventory is brought into the room (since the table is resistant to changes in temperature and moisture);
  • maximum strength and protection from damage;
  • ease of construction (with low weight the equipment is very easy to move);
  • the presence of special wheels (which also facilitate movement if necessary);
  • the elementary way of assembly.

Thus, an all-weather tennis table is indispensable when playing on the street. However, there are certain disadvantages. For instance, playing on this table, you can experience some inconvenience, as the ball bounce turns out to be rather weak. But these nuances have not stopped lovers spending days with pleasure in the air. If such a tool is not needed for sports, then for an amateur ping-pong it will be just right. The price characteristic of such models usually falls within the scope of five hundred dollars.