11 Best Ping Pong tables 2018

Owning a Ping-Pong table (or a table tennis table) can diversify your leisure time or even lay down a way for sports achievements! Since you are here, you are probably already pursuing one of those goals. Finding a good ping pong table, though, can be tough, but be sure that this article will give you the necessary guidelines to do so! Below, we’ve listed the most amazing ping pong tables out there. Check them out and choose the one you like most.

JOOLA Inside 

JOOLA Inside table tennis table is an excellent choice both for amateurs and professional players. JOOLA company, which is, by the way, an official brand of US Open and US National Championships, generally makes ping pong tables in several variants – each variant differs in thickness of the surface. This table is not an exception! You can choose between 15 mm, 18 mm, and 25 mm. The most optimal variant is 18 mm, but if you want to have an experience compared to none that resembles professional tournaments or something of that kind, then you may get 25 mm. One way or another the table will provide a good ball bounce.

JOOLA Inside is foldable and movable, which makes it perfect for small places. If you don’t want to play the game all the time, you may just move the table to the side or fold it in half, so that it was possible to do other activities in the liberated space. Don’t be concerned about the fact that you’ll have to make a lot of efforts in order to set up this table – it takes only 10 minutes to do so.

joola table

More than that, it is extremely easy to use a playback mode – just leave one side of the table vertical and enjoy playing solo! Last but not least advantage of this table is that you can regulate leg height, which is great if you have kids, for example.

To end up with, this table tennis table is definitely worth consideration. Depending on the thickness you choose, the table may be very well fitted at home, in a community center, or in any other indoor area. It is both safe and convenient. Even children can use it. So… Just go check the price!

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Cornilleau 500M

Cornilleau 500M is both outdoor and indoor tennis table. Its surface is 7mm, but it is laminate which ensures excellent ball bounce. What’s more, it is made so that there was glare reduction, and since the table is outdoor, the surface is waterproof. All in all, the surface is great!

Among other advantages of this table, it is worth noting a durable steel frame that will last for a really long time, adjustable legs, and larger wheels – this detail is crucial if an outdoor area is a bit bumpy and therefore makes it easy to break small poorly constructed wheels.


As you can see, the table is also foldable. The creators claim that it is safe as well, and there is no reason not to trust them – the thing is provided with a lock system, which is designed to keep the players safe. By the way, here you can also play solo using a playback mode.

To sum up, Cornilleau 500M is a great outdoor (and indoor) table for playing ping pong. It might cost a bit more since it is outdoor, but the overall playing experience should be top!

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Butterfly Centerfold 25

Butterfly Centerfold 25 is a professional ping pong table. It is approved by ITTF and USTTA for tournaments play, and, of course, for all the right reasons. First and foremost, this table has a magnificent 1-inch surface. It comes in two colors – green and blue. The surface is scratch proof which guarantees a long usage without deformation.

The table is easy to fold, and the folding position doesn’t take much space. Adjustable feet and other details that can be changed if needed make playing ping pong available to anyone, even to those who use wheelchairs.

butterfly centerfold 25

The overall quality of this tennis table is impeccable! So, if you aim for acquiring a table for professional goals, don’t miss this option! Its price might be staggering, but for those who keen on ping pong, it might be worth it.

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JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade table tennis table is an indoor one. Here, the surface is made of wood which makes it not suitable for playing outside because of the weather, humidity, and other factors. But, as they say, occasionally even an indoor table can be turned into an outdoor one. The surface is not that thick, but enough for a consistent bounce – 5/8 inch or 15 mm.

Legs are made from steel, which basically equals durability. Attaching the legs to the surface takes about 15 minutes. By the way, there are special legs adjusters that let you provide a level playing field.

joola rally TL

As for the other highlights, each corner of the table has a ball holder, which makes playing more convenient. What’s more, the table has two abacus scorers.

In sum, JOOLA Rally is a nice indoor table that is perfect for home or maybe an office. If you are an amateur and want to have a ping-pong table on hand each time you want to play, this is a great option for you!

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JOOLA Tour Professional Grade table for playing tennis is in many ways similar to the table described above. Nevertheless, there are some peculiarities. To start with, this tennis table has a 3/4 inch (18mm) surface, which means that it is thicker. And the thicker the surface, the more durable it is (of course, it also depends on the kind of material used)

Then, it doesn’t have all those frills like scorers or ball holders. Its surface is navy blue, and, well, as for everything else, it is practically the same – height adjusters, playback mode, movability & safety. So, you got to make a choice – what is more important: to have additional details or to have a thicker surface.

joola tour

If the thickness (which ensures a good ball bounce) is a priority to you, then definitely pay a closer attention to JOOLA Tour. All in all, JOOLA Tour is quite a tempting offer!


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JOOLA Midsize Compact

JOOLA Midsize Compact ping pong table is perfect for small places, so if your apartment is cozy and small and you are a big fan of table tennis, this might be the one! It may be not that professional – with a surface thickness of 2/3 inch and no adjustable legs – but it is something. Your kids will love it and you yourself will love it – for such a price!

joola midsize compact

Two halves of the table are easily separated which allows you to use them as pieces of furniture. So, by buying this ping pong table, you do not only get a playing field, you also get two perfectly fine stylish coffee tables. How cool is that?

So, if you don’t take table tennis too seriously and just want to have a good time playing it now and then, definitely check JOOLA Midsize Compact!

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Killerspin MyT-O 

This Killerspin table tennis table is loved by many people, especially in the US (since Killerspin is an American brand). The table depicted below is an outdoor one, but, of course, just like any other outdoor table, it can be used indoors as well. The waterproof surface, as well as weatherproof clip-on net and other details such as big wheels, make it suitable for dealing with under the sky.

MyT-O doesn’t take a lot of time to assemble – just around 15 minutes to fix 8 bolts. If you want to play solo, there is such a possibility as well – all you need to do is to lift up one of the table’s halves.

killerspin table tennis

All in all, this is a pretty standard outdoor table for playing ping pong. Its steel frame and waterproof surface ensure durability under any conditions. So, if you are looking for something simple and durable, don’t forget to check the price!

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STIGA STS520 is an indoor table. The whole STS series made by STIGA are of an excellent quality. They’re designed specially for high, tournaments level performance, so be sure you don’t overpay – you pay a lot for something really great (of course, if you’re aiming for acquiring something really great).

As you can see in the picture down below, the looks of the table are stylish as hell. The locking system that is made for proving secure and safe transportation is working smoothly, without any problems. As for the surface, its thickness is 1 inch, which is perfect for a reliable ball bounce. What’s more, it is silk-screened.

stiga sts 520

As for the other advantages, we can mention steel legs with levelers and ball holders. In a nutshell, this table can be used not only for amateur gatherings but also for professional purposes. So, if you are keen on ping pong, definitely check this one!

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STIGA Advantage

Undoubtedly, STIGA does not only makes super expensive table tennis tables – there are quite reasonable prices as well. For example, this table – STIGA Advantage – definitely falls within the middle priced category. The table is an indoor one with 5/8 inch silk-screened surface. It comes preassembled which means that it won’t take you too many efforts to get the table ready for playing.

The net here is easy to attach and remove. Apart from the already familiar transportation/locking/safety system, it is worth noting that the storage position of this table does not take a lot of space. If you wish, you can even separate the table into two halves. And, by the way, a playback mode is present as well.

stiga advantage

All in all, this option is great for home. It looks good and performs its function well! For further details, check the Amazon link.

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STIGA Optimum 30

Now, STIGA Optimum 30 certainly does not fall within the middle priced category. But it is extremely good! It is provided with optimum bounce technology which includes 30 mm thick top. The construction of the table is stable and secure. Actually, there are a lot of similarities if you compare this one to the first STIGA on this list.


stiga optimum

It would be odd to describe the same features all over again, so we’ll just say that if you are a professional, don’t miss this option! If you are not, choose something more modest – it is hard to notice the difference anyway!

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Kettler Match 5.0

Kettler Match is an ultra-compact indoor/outdoor table of a pretty good quality. It includes almost all the features that are assigned to the tables above – playback mode, durability, locking system, and others. The only drawback is probably the lack of legs adjusters, which can be problematic if the surface is uneven.

kettler match

The table is available just in the US. If you are looking for a good outdoor table for playing ping pong that is not so expensive, it might be the one! Check the price, compare to the other options, and make your decision!

Thank for reading up till the end! We hope this article has helped you to find the desired ping pong table. Stay tuned for more articles of this kind & have fun playing!