11 Best Poker Chip Sets of all time

If you are to play poker or to organize poker events, then a good poker chip set will certainly come in handy. Today there are lots of various poker chip sets on the market. Below, we’ve listed the best ones that can be found and bought online. Check them out, click on Amazon links to find out more and make up your mind on what exactly you wish to acquire! Let’s dive right into the options.

1. Poker Chip Set for Texas Holdem

The first option and I would say one of the greatest options is Poker Chip Set for Texas Holdem. This one is ranked by Amazon as number one, so you can be sure that it is at least worth your attention. The chip set includes not just chips – there are also some other useful playing items, in particular: two decks of cards and three poker buttons (dealer, a little blind and a big blind).

trademark poker

As for the main component, which is chips, there are 500 of them: 200 red, 150 white, 100 green, and 50 black. Some customers complain that the chips do not have any value on them, however it only means that you can choose and give them your own value. It is even more convenient if you think about it.

All the items come is a special aluminum case that looks really chic. With a case like this, you can be sure that no single detail gets lost. Taking everything into consideration and adding to that the fact that the given chip set has a reasonable price, we get quite a good deal. The set is certainly worth checking out! It will serve both as a great addition to your poker nights and an amazing present for those of your friends who are keen on this game of chance.


2. Fat Cat 11.5 Gram Texas Hold ’em Clay Poker Chip Set

Fat Cat poker chip set is in a lot of ways similar to the first item on our list. Its quality has been frequently doubted by the customers, however everybody would agree that the set is quite decent for something worth less than forty bucks. If you want a posh expensive set of chips, then it is better to omit this options, but if you are looking for something just good enough to play the game, it may float your boats.

fat cat gram texas hold chips

The silver aluminum case contains 500 different chips of 5 colors – five is more than four, so this is an advantage for some people! – white, red, blue, green and black. Apart from the chips, the package includes two decks of cards and three buttons – same as in the previous case. Upon the whole, this is an ideal case with chips for those who can handle things carefully. Many reviewers complain that the chips are prone to wearing off quickly. Of course, they would! Any chip set would wear off with the time, especially if you play poker every single night. If you are not too messy though and only want a decent poker chip set, check this one out! After all, it is a pretty good item that is definitely worth the money it costs.

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3. Da Vinci Professional Casino Del Sol Poker Chips Set with Case

Finally! A chip set with chips that have values on them. Da Vinci Professional Casino Del Sol poker chip set is one of the cheapest and yet quite durable sets that rid you of the need to explain to every single person in the room which chip is what value. Everything’s written, so everything’s clear. There are five different denominations: $1 (blue chips), $5 (red), $25 (green), $100 (black), and $500 (gray). Upon the whole, there are 500 chips.

da vinci cheap set

Besides the chips, the case contains cards and poker buttons – all as usual. Plus there are five dice in case you’ll need them in order to differentiate your playing experience. The case itself is not perfect – there are some flaws that make you doubt its reliability. That is not to say about the quality of the chips. Many people say that they are quite heavy and therefore are able to serve for a long period of time. All in all, if you want chips with values, this is a nice option to check out! There are more expensive variants, of course, but this one is dope when it comes to the ratio ‘quality-price’.


4. Bicycle Poker Chips – 100 Count with 3 Colors

bicycle poker chips

Bicycle Poker Chips is a great option for those who don’t really need five hundred chips and will be satisfied with less. This is probably the cheapest item on our list, which is obvious – there is no case and there are no cards (despite the fact that the company that produces this set specializes on cards). Only the chips. And the chips come in three different colors – white, red, and blue.

This is probably not an option for those who are keen on poker and determined to play it every night, but if you are simply an amateur who wants to have some new sort of entertainment at home, then why not to save up some money and instead of buying the whole big chip set buy this one – nice and small that nonetheless serves its purpose?

The only problem with this set is that the cheaps are not heavy at all. The light cheaps are more difficult to deal with, of course, but for such a price it is tolerable!


5. The Greenbacks – American Currency Themed Poker Chips

The Greenbacks is a poker chip set the creation of which was inspired by the USA history and, in particular, currency. The chips have the illustrations of six presidents on them: Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Franklin, McKinley, and Cleveland. There are 200 of them. The values differ and are reflected on the chips. You will be able to find $1 value chips, $5, $20, $100, $500, and even $1000.

the greenbacks

This set is most suitable for children. The chips weigh only 4 grams each. It is not something an advanced poker play would like to deal with. But, once again, for those who love to gamble once in a while, this inexpensive set will be just terrific. Besides the chips, the set includes two decks of cards and a box. The plastic of the chips is of a high quality. The most remarkable feature, as you have probably guessed, is the design. The design really deserves closer attention and appreciation. So, if you are a fan of the history of America or you have friends who are fans of the history of America, this is for you!


6. JPC 500 Piece Crown Casino 13.5g Clay Poker Chips

So far we’ve talked about cheaper versions of poker chip sets. Now it is time to move on to more expensive sets, those that have heavy and durable playing pieces in them. This set is not actually that expensive. At least it costs less than $100. With that, it has 500 heavy pieces of 7 colors – white, red, green, blue, black, purple, and yellow. All of them come with different values that you can see in the picture below.

piece crowm casino case

JPC 500 Piece Crown Casino also has a dealer button, five red dice and two decks of cards. The customers of this set are quite happy with their purchase. After all, what’s not to be happy about? 500 great chips that are absolutely suitable for tournament playing. The case here is also good. It is not as fragile as those that come with the first chip sets on this list. All in all, if things start getting serious in your poker playing experience, think about gaining these poker chips!


7. Brybelly Poker Chip Set in Wooden Carousel Case, 11.5gm

Think about something exotic? Maybe a chip set that comes in a wooden carousel is something that will suit your taste! Brybelly introduces a somewhat unusual way to store playing pieces. The carousel is said to be not so stable though. Many people complain about the weak mount of the bottom part of the construction. There are lots of cases when it had to be mended. The Carousel may not be perfect, but it works! Plus, the chips that it stores are of a very high quality. They are heavy – 11.5 gram each – and this is already a big advantage.

brybelly chip set

The number of tokens or chips is 200. There are five different colors. You can give each token your own value since there is nothing written on the items anyway. Two decks of cards come together with the other details. All in all, just be careful with the bottom of this thing. Apart from that, this is a nice purchase! Don’t hesitate to check it out.


8. Da Vinci 100 11.5 Gram Poker Chips in Las Vegas Gift Box

Da Vinci box with chips is probably the most awesome gift for a poker lover that you can find. First of all, it is not expensive at all. And, secondly, it has pieces of a truly high quality – well-balanced, made out of resin and filled with metal insert for an additional weight. There are three different designs of chips. One of them includes values. Other two designs are just done in different styles. To see each design and choose, follow an Amazon link down below.

casino chips da vinci

The number of chips is 100. There is a fair distribution, so to say – 25 chips of each color. This number – one hundred – is perfect for small companies up to 4 or 5 people. If you are to host more guests, you can just order two of these sets or choose some other option. To sum up, this Da Vinci poker chip set is a real thing! Great quality is guaranteed.


9. Goplus 500 Chips Poker Dice Chip Set

Goplus chip set is not just a chip set. There’s so much more to it. Let’s try to count the details: five red dice, two decks of cards (classic!), three buttons, one case, one instruction, and one fabulous poker table top! Yes, even the poker table top comes with this set. The chips have no denominations on them. There are 500 of them – 100 of each color. This is a drawback actually. The distribution of different colors should not be even. If we are to play with values, then certain chips with a particular value will be more demanded than others.

goplus poker chips

The quality of the chips though is great! They are reasonably heavy, and, for such a price, even deserve to be in higher positions of this top. Definitely check this poker chip set out!


10. Set of 750 Casino Del Sol 11.5 gram Poker Chips

One more chip set by Da Vinci. This Las Vegas chip poker set is amazing for those who are to take the game to the next level! Or for those who usually have lots of people playing. The thing is that there are 750 chips. It is kind of crazy, isn’t it? But in any case, it is better to have more than less. Apart from the chips, the case contains such pieces as dealer buttons, cut cards, dice, and cards.

da vinci 750 chips

The case itself looks chiс, but as always, there are some people who are dissatisfied with it. There is no point in discussing the quality though. It may not be the best, but if you want the best, you will have to spend much more than eighty dollars. The chips are wonderful here – they have denominations and are heavy enough to please even the most experienced players. What’s more to crave? Go to Amazon and find out yourself if this thing is worth your money! My bet is it is.

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11. BICYCLE 100 Poker Chips Casino Colors 50 Ivory

The last option is poker chips made for home play by BICYCLE. There are 100 of them. Three colors: ivory, blue, and red. Everything weighs no more than 0.2 ounces. But, you see, the cost of it all is ridiculous and the style is pretty awesome. If you are not a professional, consider these plastic pieces! They are worse than those made out of clay or with metal insert but kind of do their job.

poker chips ivory

In this article we’ve discovered 11 best poker chip sets. Hopefully, you’ve found at least one that you really want and/or are going to buy. Have fun playing and, as always, stay tuned for new articles!