7 Best Pool Ping Pong Table Combo Reviews 2019

Having a gaming table at home or in office, in a bar or in a fitness center is always cool! What if you want to be able to play different kinds of games but the space available to you is not big enough for having them all? If this is the case, you can always look for transformers – this equipment has become a real game-changer in the sports goods world! A transformer game table is a table that allows you to enjoy several games. Tired of playing a kicker? “By a light movement of your hand”, turn it into a football field or a ping-pong table. Attach a net and start playing! Among the other options, you can find air hockey, chess, or even pool.

The models of transformer tables available on the market have different designs and sets of games, but the essence is the same: one game field can be easily transformed into another. Today, let’s talk about 7 Best Pool Ping Pong Table Combo.

Hathaway Park Avenue

A multifunctional table-transformer Hathaway Park Avenue is a perfect addition to large family celebrations, parties, and conferences. The table’s design consists of straight, precise lines and is done in a rustic style. The product is made of strong MDF material, which is covered with a protective layer of a beautiful black laminate. On the surface, you can see a rich texture with natural imperfections, characteristic of natural wood.

After a festive dinner, you can remove the table top, and the beautiful dining table will be magically turned into a billiard table.

When your guests are bored with billiards, the game surface, the total area of which is 74.75 “L x 36.75” W, can be easily transformed into a table tennis field. The corners of the table are protected by bumpers for safe playing.

In addition, the kit includes matching benches and embedded wardrobes as well as all the required accessories for billiards and ping-pong. The table is quite massive – the total size of is 84 “L x 47” W x 32 “x.

Hathaway Maverick Pool and Table Tennis Multi Game Table

This wonderful table with its stylish design will revitalize the leisure time of any company. It contains two games – table tennis and pool.

A small table size makes it possible to place it even in a city apartment.
Games’ surfaces can be easily changed. Simply choose the desired playing surface and place it on top of the main field. The table is not only easy to transform but also easy to store because all the games’ surfaces are situated in one place – it kind of saves your space. Only high-quality materials are used in this model’s production.

The tennis surface is put above the pool surface and fixed with the help of anti-sliding “pentacles” – they ensure the evenness and stability. The advantage of this double surface is that it does not damage the board while at the same time providing storage for both gaming fields. Everything is easily removable.

Don’t get bored in your leisure time, recharge your batteries to the full with the help of Hathaway Maverick multi-functional game table! If you have this wonderful thing at home, you will always have fun with a friendly company.

Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1

Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 is the best gaming table transformer suitable for people of any age. A beautiful black design immediately attracts everyone’s attention. It’s enough to just turn over the playing surface – and you can start playing! In this table, there are air hockey, table tennis and, of course, billiards. All the necessary equipment is included in the set. Multi Game Table Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 will look great both in a sports club or in a country house. The table has a convenient storage place for all the accessories.

The product is made of high-quality materials – after all, it is produced by a renowned manufacturer. To increase the security level, the producer uses the patented Latching system. Make your choice and start playing!

Billiards (pool) playing field is covered with a green Tetelon tissue. The corners are protected by rubber bumpers.

  • a set of balls for the pool;
  • cue integral – 2 pcs.;
  • chalk – 2 pcs.;
  • plastic triangle – 1 pc.;
  • brush for cleaning cloth – 1 pc.

Air Hockey (powered by electricity):

  • bits – 4 pcs.;
  • washers – 4 pcs.

Table tennis:

  • rackets – 2 pcs.;
  • balls – 2 pcs.

MD Sports Combo Table 

MD Sports Combo Table is an excellent version of a game table which will suit people with different budgets who want to have more than one game at their hands. The table includes two games – billiards and table tennis. The whole construction does not take much space, while at the same time providing great entertainment choices.

The model is light and compact. To switch from one type of activity to another, you just need to change the table top. The billiards table surface is covered with red velvet. It has pockets for balls and rubber angles for better rebound of the ball. The table tennis surface is made of MDF and has a layout. The table as a whole is protected by chrome hoods in the corners to avoid injuries.

Among the advantages of this model, we can highlight the size, simple design, the presence of all the auxiliary equipment needed for playing.

Triumph Sports Phoenix Table

This table model from the Triumph company has proved itself to be a rugged, reliable, and safe table for playing billiards and table tennis. This combo table has a light swivel design that permits you to change the game in a wink. This massive game table can become an indispensable attribute of any cafe, entertainment room, bar, and or even office.

Everything is thoroughly thought through in this model. The built-in levels on the legs will let you create a level playing field for most comfortable playing on any surface. Also, the tennis table top has special protective padding, which protects the billiard surface from scratches. The covering of the table tennis surface is made of a material that can withstand damages. The green covering of the billiard surface in its quality is close to professional.

The combo table from the Triumph company is the right choice for those who want to liven up boring evenings or diversify leisure in a bar or a game room.

Triumph 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table

The Triumph transformer table is an absolutely unique opportunity to get 3 games in one table for home usage and add daily joy from sharing exciting leisure activity to all family members. Compact size and classic style make the transformer an excellent part of the house interior. It will also look good in playing areas of shopping centers, entertainment complexes or cafes. In general, clients are happy to spend their time organizing competitions.

You can choose any of the four games embedded in this table’s package. Set the net and arrange a ping-pong battle with a friend! If you don’t want to move a lot, choose a more peaceful activity. The American pool is ideal for adults who love to show off. Children will most likely prefer a more dynamic game, such as an air hockey or launch football.

An interesting feature of this model is that you can change game fields by flipping over the table. This is how the air hockey zone and the billiard zone are switched change between each other. To play table tennis, you need to stretch the net after the necessary surface is installed. Flip over the table tennis surface, so you could start playing a launch football game. The markup is accessible. All the necessary accessories for the games are there, so you can simply place the table wherever you want to and start the first round of your favorite game.

This strong, durable, “old school” table is incredibly reliable and convinient. The transformer will give you a huge number of unforgettable evenings spent with your whole family.

Hathaway BG1131M Triad 3-In-1 Multi Game Table 

Tables-transformers are designed to provide fantastic leisure time for people of any age and taste. The Hathaway multifunctional gaming table 3-in-1 is so compact that it can be easily situated in a home game room. It can also be installed in clubs, entertainment centers or other crowded places. The table will always attract people who wish to test their strength in various types of board games.

The gaming field can be changed in a few minutes and fans of the pool will replace fans of table football (or tennis) or vice versa. The whole equipment set for each game is included in the table’s package. Don’t forget to keep in mind the fact that you won’t need much space in order to be able to play all of the mentioned games. The tennis balls, in particular, weigh a little more than other accessories. That’s why the cue that comes in the package might be a bit shorter than you expect – this is done so that the whole package had a reasonable weight and price.

The table’s design is in the classical style, so it will fit perfectly into any interior. The quality of all the details will satisfy even the those who have a discerning taste. It is possible to set the table even on uneven surfaces – due to the jacks for legs and the metal cross legs for additional stability.